No Standing O

[VillageVoice] Which male designer bizarrely motioned for his London fashion-show audience to stand after the presentation, only to find them resolutely sitting there, blank-faced?

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12 comments to No Standing O

  • Up the Coast

    I have no idea…but that’s FUNNY! I hate forced “standing O’s”…they do that all the time, nowadays, and many times it feels uncomfortable.

  • Mermaid


  • PrincessTRex

    Karl Lagerfeld

  • lexybaby76

    paul costelloe

  • bananas

    How about Phillipe Plein or whatever his name was who had the photoshoot/fling with Lilo.

  • YesMaam

    Galliano’s out of commission at the moment due to that awful anti-semetic rant last year. I believe he was let go from Dior last year.
    Aside from their money, not that he needs them. He’s quite a fabulous designer on his own.

  • KittyKate

    Gareth Pugh is my guess. He was an industry darling for being an unknown talent but say one bad thing about Anna and you get your balls chopped off.

  • ilike2smize

    It is absolutely TOM FORD. He is an American designer, but his design office and recent presentations were in London. His collection was panned by the press. He was so used to standing ovations from prior collections that he thought they’d automatically give him another for a collection the press deemed as old Gucci samples from the late 90s. He is a NOTORIOUS EGOMANIAC.

  • MoeschaB

    Chris Scoriano? I dont know if he has the ego to force a standing O but just throwing it in the mix but i dont know if he showed in London. Tom Ford a solid guess