• up2trouble says

      My guess too. Paris is not really a socialite. She is more of a celebu-lite with an emphasis on “lite”.

      • Singapore Slang says

        I grew up in NYC and Paris IS considered a socialite. She went to school in NY and CT in her late teens and used to hang in the Hamptons alot. Before she got really famous the NYC local news papers always had stuff about her and Nicky in the gossip columns and referred to them as socialites. She was known in our area for being a Hilton heiress long before she became famous for her misdeeds.

    • PinkFlamingo says

      Agreed. Besides, this item came from the Village Voice, which would imply that this person is New York-based.

      • madelinefate says

        I don’t think anyone said 30 was ancient. The blind referred to the socialite as being “thirtysomething”. The poster was just pointing out that Paris fits that qualification.

  1. michaelboston80 says

    I’d assume it has to be Paris… thought all the coke would keep her weight off, but I guess not!

  2. meowingloudly says

    How old are those racing heir slags?

    Hmm .. Well Nicole did have a problem with her weight once, and it’s pretty unusual to be overweight then suddenly stay so stick thin for so long without fluctuating.. Could be her..

    Then again Paris is alot thicker now then she was in her 20s she’s by no means fat, but she definitely a size or two up from years ago, she was probably a size 0 years ago, now a size 4.. But then again Kim k claims to be a size 4 and there’s no way Paris is kims size..
    It’s hard with USA sizing cause in Australia size 0 is a bloody childrens size, over here Paris would be an 8, Kim would be probably a 10, and super skinny models wouod be a 4-6.

    Nicky Hilton has noticably been losing weight lately but I don’t know if she’s in her 30s.

    Could really be any socialite, since one of the biggest priorities of being a socialite is to be thin as paper

  3. somethingoriginal says

    just got denied by my own doctor. something something heart attacks something something. whatevs. i still have a dress size to drop! maybe thirtysomething blonde socialite can help a sister out?

  4. Serena van der Woodsen says

    No idea but this woman seems to be the only one on the planet who is able to loose weight with diet pills. They never worked for me. never.

  5. YesMaam says

    Good morning BG! Or, as I like to call you: “Gossip Doesn’t Take A Holiday.”

    Hopefully you’re post-GG hangovers are in order!

    Tinsley Mortimer was the FIRST woman to come to mind. :O
    Perhaps because she’s my fave! :)

    But, sad, sad if true. :(

  6. kitteekat says

    I agree with dee123, Kimberly Stewart. Especially since she just had a baby and would be desperate to be thin!

  7. sonnyvega says

    Coming from the Village Voice, along with the use of the term socialite, suggests a New Yorker. Tinsley Mortimer would be the most logical choice. She’s thin and a self proclaimed blue blood which goes with the clue of the model in the picture standing in front of a blue wall.

  8. amagod121 says

    Sounds like any and all of them, judging by the looks of them.

    And her doc is nuts for renewing the prescription. (Paging Dr. Murray.)

  9. shannonhumphreys says

    Tinsley is the only one who makes sense. NY based, in her 30’s, actual socialite… but I hope it’s not her. I LIKE her. :(