1. scoobydoo says

    My guess is that NFl owner- cant remember his name- he was all over yahoo for dissing the fans supposedly.

  2. michaelboston80 says

    The only sheik I know is WWF’s Iron Sheik, who will ‘pound you in the a__h__!’
    But seriously, he’s quite messed up and this could be him.

  3. RedScience says

    Um really? What about the Hippocratic Oath? If this happened the MD should easily lose the right to practice. Just sayin…

    • PinkFlamingo says

      I think you are confusing the Hippocratic Oath with HIPAA. The Hippocratic Oath is the oath doctors take “to do no harm”, etc. HIPAA is an acronym for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”, which protects privacy of patient’s medical information, etc.

    • kim444 says

      Yeah, this doctor sounds completely unethical. First of all not disclosing a condition to your patient and then violating confidentiality. Nice.

    • amagod121 says

      Maybe they don’t have that oath in the country where this occurred?

      And judging by how fond they seem to be of women, I’m guessing this is a HUGE problem for said sheik.

    • Hawgtied says

      If a doctor should lose his right to practice medicine for talking about a patient, we would not have many left. Almost all offices have one loose lipped employee, whether the MD, a nurse, an assistant,scheduling clerk, etc. If you don’t believe me, step into an elevator with them and physicians themselves are JUST as guilty as their staff.

  4. meowingloudly says

    I thought hulk hogan cause the pic reminds me of him and hulks body is strange like he is developing breasts or something… Has too much estrogen..

    What an unprofessional doctor though, can’t believe someone trained in medical health could be so immature about a health problem. Sickening.
    No wonder why so many people die after a doctor tells them their health is fine, they really don’t seem to give a flying ef about their patients, doctrs like that should lose their license.

    What’s a sheik ?

  5. YesMaam says

    I read “Middlemarch” by Jeffery Euginedes (It’s a celebrated book by a celebrated best-selling author, BG. Not a plug!)where the character had a similar discovery, though not by a doctor. Great book.
    I find this so fascinating, and sad, especially later in life.

    Could it be someone from the Saudi Royal Family? I’m familiar with SRF as they’re as famous-though not as screwed up-as the British RF.

    Other than that…drawing a *BLANK

  6. Nobodysfool24 says

    Sheik has so many meanings:
    1) A masterful man who women are attracted to.
    2) A religious leader. Tebow
    3) A man who is much concerned about his dress.
    4) A man who succeeds his father. The new North Korean dictator.