Hunk’s Mom Pays A Surprise Visit

[NationalEnquirer] Which former teen-star-turned-hunk had to do some quick thinking when his mom called to say she was driving over to tidy up his Hollywood home? The mama’s boy, who was heading out of town when he received the last-minute call, quickly dialed his manager to go wake up and get rid of two naked girls who were fast asleep in his bed!

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      • YesMaam says


        *Climbing the Empire State Building, ready to jump*


        Liberache, you are BLASPHEMOUS! XD

      • Singapore Slang says

        Supposedly he’s straight and besides, there was a blind the other day about an actor bearding for a lesbian actress. Gosling and Mendes were the popular guess for that one.

      • ThatOneGuy says

        I’m guessing Gosling and Mendes are “dating” to promote The Place Beyond the Pines.

      • PrettyB says

        Where are the receipts that proves that Ryan is gay? The two women were probably Mendes and her female lover.

  1. bubbajane says

    Taylor was the popular guess on another site, and when I saw that I almost spit my beverage all over my laptop!

  2. Lisa says

    It’s not Taylor Lautner because from what I know, he still lives with his parents. Maybe Shia or Ryan Gosling??

    • Pooperscooper says

      I could see Miley too, but his Mum would have a looooooong way to go to pop over and tidy up his unit, his family live in Victoria, Australia.

      • sarahbear says

        Hahaha. Guess I was just thinking he was one of the only really hot pieces in the young male category these days. Especially with GIRLS in their bed.

      • Pooperscooper says

        LOL it feels like that some days – “ok could those of you that are actually hetero please put up your hands”.

  3. Sunflower says

    Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s an only child & a mama’s boy.

    Or is he supposed to be gay too? I can’t keep up with who’s in the closet!

  4. YesMaam says

    Notorious MBs:

    Ryan (but it’s okay, because we love him. also, this woman raised TWO kids on her own, so bloody KUDOS!)

    My guess: SHIA (mom still makes his bed?)

    Leo (whose mother apparently doesn’t like him to date Blacks…:O)

    Jakey G.
    Kanye :(
    Usher (she HATED his last wife)
    Ryan Seacrest

    Other than Ryan & George, I don’t consider the rest of these dudes “hunks,” just very annoying & VERY lucky to have careers.

    I date an MB a few years ago. No joke: he used to call me “Mommy” when we b*nged. He also couldn’t keep his PICKLE crisp, if you get my drift…Worst Sex EVER. I could’ve humped a pillow.

  5. Tru Tru2 says

    is Justin T, still a hunk??
    isn’t Liam, he and Miley have lived together during their relationship at one point..he lived w/her and her parents.

    I guess, I’ll go w/Ryan?

    • sarahbear says

      Yeah, I re-read the item, Liam wouldn’t need to call his manager to get her out. Unless she was high! Lol

  6. RangerOne says

    I could see this being Joe Jonas. No idea though. Certainly not Lautner. They’d be naked guys not girls.

  7. cocobeannns says

    The Timberlake guess sounds good. Everyone knows he’s a momma’s boy and he was a teen pop star.

    This is not Gosling. There’s nothing gay about that man. I’ll direct your memories to the acceptance award he and McAdams shared during the MTV Movie Awards some years ago… There’s no denying that sexual chemistry.

    • cocobeannns says

      Whoops. I meant this COULD be Gosling. He has been acting for a while, and I believe he was a teen while he was on the MMC.

  8. glen says

    I’ll say Shia. Well known momma’s boy, and not totally unbelievable that he’d actually have a girl or two in his bed.

  9. sweeeeet says

    Definitely Leo. He is a mamas boy (only child raised by his mama) and he lives in Hollywood. And he’s a former teen idol turned hunk. Gosling? Not a hunk so much. Timerlake’s mom lives in Tennessee, Joe Jonas’s mom lives in Texas

  10. PandoraWolf says

    Would Shia LeBoeuf’s mom care if he had two passed out chicks in his bed? Methinks not!

  11. GyThanksGd says

    Taylor Lautner was a “teen star” for the first Twilight movie and then became a “hunk” for the second Twilight movie onwards, so he really does not fit this blind item.

    It think the other blog is filled with delusional fangirls who would rather have Taylor be a player than be gay.


  12. sarahbear says

    I’m not buying the Shia guesses. He’s been head over heels with a girl for a bit. He seems too jealous to have anyone else pawing at a girl he actually loves.