Delicious Locker Room Talk

[Gawker] Which famous fitness buff has been engaging in some serious locker room talk about one of his recent celebrity conquests? He’s been confirming for pals that she’s as delicious in the sack (especially in a certain area of expertise) as the rumors say.

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  1. Ralphie says

    Is Jack LaLanne bragging up in Heaven?

    I think fitness buff doesn’t necessarily refer to a trainer. Could be a celeb who is known for working out/clean living etc.

    How about A Roid? Always at gym and shown running/working out. Totally in agreement about Giada.

  2. whitecrow says

    Bob Greene & Rachael Ray? Well, okay it’s a long shot but then I don’t buy Miss Pollyanna’s act, either.

  3. Cuddlebutt says

    Gawd, can’t you just hear her pronounce fel**tio and cun*****gus in that g*d-awful pretentious accent?
    I can and I can’t get it out of my head…ugh.

  4. dirtyblonde says

    It’s definitely not Shaun T. He’s had a boyfriend for quite some time.

    This is my first time posting – I loveloveloooove this site and everyone who posts on it!

  5. dypny3 says

    I agree with your answer of Mario Lopez after reviewing and answering the related blind posted on January 6, 2012.