Singer Checked In Thrice This Month

[CDAN] This former A list female singer who has had a very crazy year has checked into reh*b on three separate occasions this month. She has also checked herself out the very next day each time because she is afraid she will lose her current job if her current bosses find out.

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    • TruthOrDare says

      Not so sure. She was a huge mess before the first season of The Voice. After The Voice she is doing pretty well. She is still fat and messy but I don’t remember any incidents in last few months. Btw she is taping second season since late october so if there were some drunk stories we’d know about it.

      Whithey – she is doing some movie,
      Paula – X Factor,
      Fergie – Avon,
      Gwen – L’oreal?

      • Stackhouse says

        She has gained quite a bit, but calling her fat is stretching it – no pun intended. She suffers from eating disorders as well, so I wouldn’t beat her up about it.

      • cincinnatikate says

        Do ya’ll realize, We have 2 terms in this country. Skinny or Fat. Can we please, united, as notfat and notskinny, come up with a term for indamiddle???

        I am just regular.

        I have been seen fat next to a 22 year old wearing size 00
        I have been seen extra skinny standing next to my 200lb Lacrosse coach that is 9 inches taller than me…

        Christina is not fat, but I would call her not skinny at all.

  1. SnowyHeights says

    Was that country singer who kidnapped her child ever A-list? I think it was Mindy Mc something…I’ve never heard of her until this year. Or maybe Paula Abdul? Otherwise I’ve got nothing.

  2. randijane says

    Christina Aguilera needs some rehab! But I’m sure the producers at The Voice wouldn’t be too happy if they had to suspend production for the diva….

  3. smd1004p says

    come to think of it- it IS whitney…she is working on a new project [the remake of the 1976 movie “sparkle”]

  4. librarygirl says

    I bet everyone else’s comments are the same, but it seems everyone is in moderation. It HAS to be Christina A.!!!!!!

  5. AnMaSt says

    I’m guessing everyone is in moderation for some reason but…

    This sounds like Xtina. The Voice would be difficult to tape if she were in rehab. Also she’s gotten divorced, had lots of drunken debacles, and major weight gain this year.

  6. Pinkie says

    Toss up between Paula Abdul and Christina Aguilera. j/king Abdul isn’t a singer. So definitely Aguilera.

    • ivyleaguer says

      Paula was biggest singer on the planet in the late 80’s early 90’s and i mean the biggest. Bigger than Janet probably bigger than Madonna too at the time. And just a few years ago she released “Dance like there’s tomorrow” on Randy Jackson’s CD. Frankly of the two she is the only who acts like they are on drugs. So I am on the Paula bandwagon.

      • ethel skinner says

        No she wasn’t! Maybe in America but in the UK she had like 2 or 3 mediocre hits and certainly was never close to Janet Jackson or Madonna… not even as popular as Kylie!

      • Pinkie says

        I’d call Paula a performer, not a singer. Even she doesn’t call herself a singer, she calls herself a superstar, and I’m not even kidding. And bigger than Madonna? Hardly. Bigger than Janet. Not even. Paula was a dancer/choreographer, and she was getting a lot of press for choreographing Janet’s music videos and she was so cute that they marketed the cr@p out of her and turned her into a brand. NOT a singer, but an auto-tuned brand. Augilera – now she’s a singer.

    • WindyLAX says

      Really good point. What a difference a Conservatorship makes, not to mention a decent significant other.

  7. slimfast10 says

    Changing my guess to Christina, didn’t even think of her, but this makes even more sense than Mariah Carey.

  8. Deeva E says

    Poor Christina…talented singers are rare nowadays and she’s wasting it away. Hope she finds the stregnth to commit to rehab.

  9. malkatz says

    Christina, Adele or Britney. Either way, it is sad she can’t get the help she needs out of fear of punishment.

  10. LeedsLass says

    Former A List. I don’t think this quite yet applies to Christina Aguilera considering her role this year on The Voice and her #1 collaboration with Maroon 5. And while she has divorced this year and what?… maybe forgotten the words to a national anthem… I wouldn’t really consider this a “crazy year” in Hollyweird. Even an arrest for public intoxication is really quite minor when you consider drug charges and DUIs.

    I find Whitney Houston much more accurate.

    Crazy year – daughter has been having some issues with alleged drug use (if reports are false she’s having issues with her growing profile as Whitney’s daughter). Whitney has already been to rehab this year, was banned from Prince concerts and almost thrown off a plane in October because of crazy behaviour.

    Sparkle is currently filming.

    • NomiMalone says

      agree, Christina has been taping The Voice this past month…why and how would she check into rehab (THREE times) when she’s currently WORKING? How would she film The Voice while in rehab? Makes no sense. It has to be a job this person hasn’t STARTED yet? Mark Burnett said when he signed on to produce the show, Christina was his absolute first choice and would do everything he could to get her to do the show. she’s the highest paid on the show. She was basically marketed and brought in as the main draw for it too. I think Mark would help her “get help” before canning her, JMO. I still consider her A List too. If she’s going to slip under A list I don’t think it’s happened yet…

      Whitney was my guess because isn’t she desperate to be a part of the Waiting To Exhale sequel? But she had to be clean. I also consider Whitney A list too though, so I guess I’m just stumped again

      • Serena van der Woodsen says

        she checked in one one day and checked out the next day – that’s TWO days. I don’t think she works 7 days a week.

      • NomiMalone says

        what are you talking about? the blind says “checked in on three seperate occasions this month”. what does “TWO days” have to do with any of it…if she was working and required to show up to film however many days a week, how could she enter rehab? You think someone is going to go to rehab on their day off and be cured and sober in 2 days? I don’t see what you’re getting at.

  11. nosyrosie says

    i think this one’s christina-making the one who bought her own disappointing christmas presents jlo