Boyfriend Didn’t Buy The Appointed Gift


[CDAN] This former almost A list female singer who does not do too badly for herself in her other endeavors now, gave her boyfriend a certain amount of money she wanted him to spend on her for Christmas. She even told him what she wanted and when she was planning on displaying it on public. Not only did the boyfriend not get what she wanted him to get, he apparently pocketed about 85% of the funds she gave him for the present and says he should get it as a bonus for his efforts this year.


It’s Jessica Simpson! Source: CDAN

Jessica Simpson became engaged to Eric Johnson after dating for six months. Simpson was formerly married to singer Nick Lachey. Johnson, a former NFL player, is currently unemployed.

Simpson and Johnson were engaged one month after Johnson received a divorce from his first wife. Simpson is currently 10 months pregnant with their first child. Girl is ready to pop.

Everybody got this right, starting with Stolidog! Congratulations!

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64 comments to Boyfriend Didn’t Buy The Appointed Gift

  • stolidog

    i know this is jessica simpson, BUT…oh, the humanity that she could ever have been considered “almost A list”….the world is ending.

    • Okayeah

      I’m with you on that last sentiment in particular! Ugh. But if you’re handing your boyfriend cash to get you presents, you’re kind of looking to be scr*wed over anyway…

    • wee niknak

      jessica simpsons parter is her fiance not her boyfriend,,,,,serioulsy this is jlo…..she would be vain enough to want the world to know her toy boy buys her speciak expensive gifts…personally dnt think jessica simpson would care, shes never really craved the lime light as desperately as most celebs

      • HappilyEverAfter

        JLo is A list. not former almost A list. She’s totally out in the limelight now.

      • amagod121

        I’m leaning your way. Jessica is probably all worried about baby items right now, not personal stuff. JLo, on the other hand, has to prove this new guy’s “worth.” Weren’t they seen around a jewelry store recently? Maybe he was supposed to buy a ring for her but didn’t. And also, he seriously pings my gaydar. So maybe it IS an effort for him to be with her. That last sentence in the article above makes it sound like the fellow is in a contracted arrangement, not anything else.

        But still, DUMP THE CREEP! (Seriously hope it isn’t Jessica, she seems too nice for this treatment.)

      • CollegeGirl

        I’m with you on JLO

    • amagod121

      Not to be impolite, but HOW HOW HOW could she almost be A-list, except in name recognition? (I’m panicking at the thought of her truly qualifying for this, due to the ‘almost A-list’ designation.)

      • LolaVee

        It says “former almost A-list”, and she definitely qualifies. Musically she hasn’t done much lately, but she was everywhere 6-8 years ago.

  • meowingloudly

    Xtina for’s obvious that sponge is just hanging around for the mo eu..he looks completely bored by her.

    Could also be JLo

    Looking for any A list singers with non famous boyfriends basically.. Though j really think it’s xtina

  • NinjaBunny

    Jessica Simpson

  • Lorelei927

    Jessica Simpson?

  • dedhamguy

    Jessica Simpson

  • Amanda

    Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

  • Ralphie

    Jessica Simpson. Poor stupid girl.

  • Mermaid

    Jessica Simpson and her freeloader. His “efforts” being getting her pregnant and accompanying her everywhere. Jessica’s other endeavors being her clothing line, TV show etc. WHY is she with that user? It’s so sad. She’s going to end up paying for his whole life. Terrible.

    • Mermaid

      A lot of these freeloaders … they freeload and then treat their meal-ticket badly for trying to “buy” them. For basically giving them what they want. That’s why you can’t ask for respect, you must demand it. And if you don’t get it, dump the creep. But for that Jessica would have to respect herself and grow a backbone.

    • Katmandu

      Oh, boo hoo hoo hoo hooo. With her BILLION a year coming in, yeah, she can damn well buy herself a guy, or a hundred. Only thing is, the almost A-list part…I don’t know of a single song she has ever done.

  • Marina

    Jessica Simpson – Eric Johnson

  • Spanx101

    Jessica Simpson

  • mocha2009

    Jessica Simpson!!

  • lily123

    :( Jessica Simpson

  • sandybull

    Hmmm, Jessica Simpson?

  • Jordan Joelle

    Madonna? She is/ was Alist though. Thought of JLO but she is still singing. Can’t think of anyone else, that has other endeavors.

  • jeannie

    Sounds like Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend.

  • ATLMama

    Christina A. or J.Lo?

  • MrsPatrickBateman

    The future Mr. Jessica Simpson. For some reason I have a soft spot for her, I wish she wouldn’t settle and get someone good for her who really loves her and not her bank account. I guess Nick being engaged and her biological clock was ticking to loud to hear anything else though.

  • Miss Chernobyl 2011

    I can only think of Jessica Simpson but I really hope this isn’t her.

  • Quanah

    Is this Christina Aguilera again?

  • Tia Gordita

    Jessica Simpson, though I don’t agree with “almost A list singer”. She has been successful in other ventures.

  • ASBO5ive

    Christina Aguilera, who needs to dump that freeloader.

  • EvaDiva

    Christina Aguilera? Nah, was a solid A.

    What about Jessica Simpson? Perhaps they used “boyfriend” because fiance would be too obvious?

  • AuntieM

    Hmmm, moderation. Everyone must be guessing J. Lo :-)

  • SayItAintSo

    How about Christina!

  • Pixiechick

    Jessica Simpson

  • CrazyInAlabama

    I’m going with Jessica Simpson…

  • winona

    Jessica Simpson, I think… and I feel badly for her if this is the case. Bad choices in men!

  • sweetcheeks

    Xtina for sure- I’d say Jess & her man, but they’re engaged.

  • iammeme

    Jess Simpson… What’s-his-face is keeping the money as a stud fee!

  • cindy67

    Christina Aguilera and that Matt guy she dates.

  • Bobolots

    Madonna’s boyfriend

  • foofoogirl

    Sounds like J.Simpson, poor girl. Hope she does not actually marry the smarmy guy so he can take half her ugly shoe money!

  • DutchOven

    Jessica Simpson and her loser boyfriend whatever his name is.

    If so that’s made doubly sad if his “efforts” this year are getting her pregnant.

    She can do better.

  • HotTeacher88

    Jennifer Hudson and her Punk boyfriend.

  • Up the Coast

    I hope this isn’t Britney.

  • hotel57

    Surely this isn’t Jessica Simpson.

  • Up the Coast

    Xtina maybe?

  • CountessLurkula

    Xtina FTW. Xtina has been careful not to give Matt anything (it’s always her car, house, etc… Her exhusband is making sure Matt gets nothing.)

    Jessica Simpson is engaged, plus it’s public knowledge Eric already draws a substantial salary/allowance since he can’t play ball or hold down a job & still be her arm candy/buttboy.

  • curlygurly

    How do you get a job being a celebrity’s significant other/freeloader? Sign me up!

  • bernergirl

    I’m gonna go with JLo!

  • dee123

    Jessica Simpson.

  • SnowyHeights

    Has to be Jessica Simpson. Christina’s not as prominent as she was a few years ago, but there was nothing “almost A list” about her. She was definitely a solid A-list singer in the mid 2000s around her Back to Basics era; she was everywhere at that time. Jessica’s boyfriend is rumored to be a bit of a leech too and she seems naive enough to let him take advantage of her like this.

  • sweeeeet

    Its got to be Jessica, she’s into other endeavors, Christina really isn’t.

  • Bromance1979

    This sounds like J-Lo. It sounds like something that J-Lo’s boytoy would do – I don’t think he’s in it for true love and looks like the type of person who would pocket her cash while he still can. Also, she would definitely be considered almost A-list and is very materialistic. I don’t see her as the type of person who would trust her boytoy to buy a good enough gift for her. She’d never wear anything he could actually afford. She’s also done well outside of singing with clothing, acting and TV.

    Jessica Simpson is solid C/B-list and she has a fiance, not a boyfriend.

    Could be Christina as well, since her boyfriend doesn’t seem like a great guy, but I don’t think she’s almost A-list.

    It wouldn’t be Britney, because her fiance has a lot of money and seems like a genuine person.

    • Mermaid

      Really? Does Trawick have a lot of money? I am genuinely curious because I had no idea he was wealthy. How much to managers make?

      But, he does seem like a decent and genuine person. Apparently Britney made the first move in that relationship too.

      Funny, I remember how Xtina was laughing and trashing Britney for so long and especially when she married Kevin who was using Britney … saying Brit had to pay for her own engagement ring while she, Xtina, had a great guy in Jordan Bratman, etc. Even if this isn’t Xtina —> Oh how the tables have turned!! Her man is not a good guy at all. While Brit is engaged and they seem to really be a good fit (her & Trawick).

      • Bromance1979

        I definitely don’t think he has the kind of money Britney has, but I don’t think he’s unable to purchase her a gift. He likely does well, at least compared to most of us – definitely well enough to not have to pocket his girlfriend’s cash. Plus, their relationship seems completely genuine and the blind sounds like a very fake relationship, like J-Lo’s.

  • nixah18

    JLo all the way. Her midlife crisis is gastly.

  • petunya

    Christina Aguilera definately

  • greygoose125

    Has to be Christina Aguilera – the guy she’s with looks like he has his hand out looking for a monetary contribution for his services.

  • ImThinking

    nicole scherzinger and steve jones because of that pocket full of money.

  • tanya6798

    just for the complementation of your “solved” cases, CDAN revealed this item yesterday/today

    see ya

  • LolaVee

    “Simpson is currently 10 months pregnant…”