1. Sleuth says

    Sanaa Lathan. Said to be one of Kobe’s many indiscretions, however she is black and his type is more Latina.

    • redtom says

      Not the right shade! You mean she’s hot enough to sleep with but not to be seen in public with?
      Kobe sucks!

      • Lozza2 says

        This makes me sad. She’s a stunning and intelligent woman (Yale and Berkeley educated) and yet she seems to be a professional mistress.

      • Stackhouse says

        I also read a blind about her which claimed that she had a woman she got with in between men. That means, a woman she would use when she didn’t have a man.

  2. greygoose125 says

    I agree with Sanaa Lathan – she was once rumored to be Denzel Washington’s sidepiece but after this current rumor started – she tweeted that she wasn’t Kobe Bryant’s type.

  3. Arcadia says

    Sanaa Lathan with “another married man” being the hint. Previously involved with very married Denzel Washington.

  4. itssunnyoutside says

    Rumor has it Kobe has kept a black mistress for years and Vanessa didn’t believe it because she believed kobe only had eyes for the latina’s.

    • akajenb says

      Yea, Kobe will sleep with anyone whether they are the right shade or not.It’s all about image when he dates latin

  5. cataroo says

    Gabrielle Union and dirty Kobe! She’s off and on with D.Wade but she’s always been connected to married men.

  6. SnowyHeights says

    It’s definitely Sanaa Lathan and Kobe Bryant. She addressed the rumors recently on her Twitter and said “Anybody who pays attention knows I’m not his type.”

    First-time poster, longtime lurker! This site is great :)

  7. vivasa says

    Sanaa Lathan and Kobe Bryant. She can do a lot better than him anyway. She’s so out of his league especially when it comes to formal education. If she wanted to, she could marry a professor or a doctor.