Churlish Celeb Chastizes Charity

[BuzzFoto] While at a charity event in the last two weeks, this C list celebrity from a celebrity food network was eating dinner with a table of other celebrities. They thought it would be an appropriate time to criticize the food and called over the waiter and demanded he bring out the head cook. When he did, the C lister berated him in front of the whole table for fifteen minutes about what he did wrong with the meal. When the chef pointed out the food was for charity, the C lister said he didn’t care and it was no excuse for serving ‘garbage.’ The entire table spent the time laughing at the poor chef who left the event in tears. Our source claims that after the chef left the table, the C list celebrity said, “Ah, I was just kidding, but thought I’d give him a hard time. It seems the guy can’t take a joke. 676

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  1. apple martini says

    I think it reads like both the mean person and the chef getting chewed out are male.