Churlish Celeb Chastizes Charity

[BuzzFoto] While at a charity event in the last two weeks, this C list celebrity from a celebrity food network was eating dinner with a table of other celebrities. They thought it would be an appropriate time to criticize the food and called over the waiter and demanded he bring out the head cook. When he did, the C lister berated him in front of the whole table for fifteen minutes about what he did wrong with the meal. When the chef pointed out the food was for charity, the C lister said he didn’t care and it was no excuse for serving ‘garbage.’ The entire table spent the time laughing at the poor chef who left the event in tears. Our source claims that after the chef left the table, the C list celebrity said, “Ah, I was just kidding, but thought I’d give him a hard time. It seems the guy can’t take a joke. 676

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64 comments to Churlish Celeb Chastizes Charity

  • KlatschHund

    Gordon ramsay

  • LolaVee

    What is a “celebrity food network”?

  • Beatrixie

    My guess is Guy Fieri maybe.

    • PoniTayl

      I’m with you on Guy Fieri, celebrity cook-off, why he was sitting with “celebs”

    • Stinkweed

      My hubs has worked with Fieri, and despite his d* look, he’s a heck of a nice guy. I doubt this was him.

      • LolaVee

        I hope you’re right. I can’t see Guy Fieri doing something like this.

      • geauxtee

        Guy Fieri was hitting up the bar scene in New Orleans recently, and there were reports of him being very d* and crass.

      • irishmarty

        His own producer said he was a misogynist, homophobe!

      • Stinkweed

        Well, I can only say that he treats the crew of shows nicely – which is a heck of a lot more than most of the “talent” does (most of which can’t be bothered to even look at them, much less talk and joke around with them).

      • leshabe

        Um I beg to differ. He was in my town showcasing a few restaurants and stayed at a hotel one of my in laws worked at. Apparently he was so rude, the entire staff of the hotel couldn’t wait for him to leave! With that and the latest news coming out that he’s a HUGE homophobe, it’s hard to call that bleached porker in a button down a “nice guy”!
        okay, I’m done being mean :3

  • Beatrixie

    Actually, Bobby Flay is more churlish… but C list? I’m not sure.

    • Stinkweed

      Flay might be a jerk, but as far as celeb chefs go, he’s got to be one of the A listers – multiple shows, multiple restaurants, Iron Chef, cookbooks, and tons of products.

  • KWDragon

    What a jerk! I know perennial C-lister Steve O threw a fit at a diabetes fundraiser (and stormed out) because they served meat, which he felt was inappropriate. Has he been on a food channel?

    The blind insists that the C-lister is a celebrity and makes no mention of that celebrity being a chef (except in the headline). Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food?

  • kim444

    My guess is Scott Conant. He seems kind like kind of a jerk on Chopped. But I’m not sure what a “celebrity food network” means either.

  • amagod121

    I truly hope this is a bogus item. I’d hate to think of someone treating a hard-working person in this manner as a “joke.”

  • goldieb

    The BI never says the berater is a chef himself.

    Could be Ted Allen.

    • goldieb

      IOW, the headline here is inconsistent with the actual BI.

    • jeannie

      You’re right, it doesn’t say the C-lister is a chef per se, but it does say they’re from a celebrity food network, so they’re at least associated with a cooking show and I can’t think of anyone on a cooking show/food network that’s not a chef.

      • Layale

        What about Alton Brown? He is most definitely associated with Iron Chef America, as well as Good Eats, but I am not sure if he is actually a chef. I hope it’s not him, though. Oh, and what about that latest winner of Next Food Network Star? The Sandwich King guy–not sure if he’s a real chef or not, but I don’t think he is.

      • up2trouble

        He a producer, but did get a degree in culinary arts so he good produce a better food show. The degree qualifies him as a chef.

      • goldieb

        You’ve never seen Alton Brown’s own cooking shows?

      • PinkFlamingo

        I’m on board with the Alton Brown guess. A friend of mine saw him at a book signing and she said he was INCREDIBLY rude and condescending to his fans and made all kinds of uncalled-for snarky comments to people. I agree, I think the clues point toward this not being an actual “celebrity chef”, per se, but someone associated with the Food Network in the capacity of a host or a judge on one of the shows.

        I do agree with the posts below that this absolutely IS NOT Anthony Bourdain. I’ve read everything he has ever written, and knowing how he came up the ranks in the restaurant world, and how he’s always on the side of the kitchen staff, I don’t believe he would EVER behave in this manner. Besides, he’s always said that he’s not all that great of a chef himself. He is mostly known for his writings and his observations, not his food.

      • Layale

        I’ve never seen Alton Brown in person, but I have gotten that vibe off him just from watching him on shows like “Next Food Network Star.” I would hate it, because I admit I love the science-y type stuff he does; but I would believe it if this turned out to be him.

      • goldieb

        Ted Allen, host of “Chopped”.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    I can totally see Anthony Bourdain doing this.

  • stolidog

    Guy Fietti…Definitely.

    ps. Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Fley are way above C in the food world.

  • Ralphie

    I think the title of the blind is a clue…maybe an alliterative name? I also think this celeb is specifically not called a chef, therefore it could be a host or other participant.

    The only alliterative host I could find was Chris Kimball of Test Kitchen.

    Sadly Rachael Ray is too high to be C list.

  • Arcadia

    Mario Batali

  • yinyang

    cannot see him doing it but i’ll say Jeff Z(the pic looks like him) He just won iron chef title.

  • Syd Wishes

    If the alliteration is a clue, it’s got to be that tool Guy Fieri, from ‘Triple D.”

    • HotTeacher88

      You have a great point, Syd. Thanks for using “alliteration” in a sentence. I’ve told my English students that these words they study come in handy in real life. Anyhoo, I’m a big fan of Guy’s, and he jokes a lot. I could see him going this far for a joke and to be the life of the party, especially with a bit of liquor in him.

  • gingersnappped

    i’m gonna say jaime laurita, brother of caroline and dina manzo from rhonj. he’s a celeb chef, been on tv, and the fact that “garbage” is in quotes reminds of the housewives screaming “you’re garbage” at each other.

  • Dynamos

    My guess is Tom Colicchio from Top Chef on Bravo.

    Long-time reader & first time poster. Love love love this site!

  • ItsSoColdinTheD

    The picture looks like Gordon Ramsey, and it sounds like something he would do, but is the a cable cooking channel? If so it must b the host of one of those.

    I love you BG you r my daily comedy! An all the posters here are soooo hilarious!

  • sweeeeet

    Emeril Lagasse

  • Beachlover

    I’m guessing Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible. He’s always critical of everyone on that show. And he doesn’t seem very nice.

    • goldieb

      He’s “critical” because that is why he is there! The restaurants and owners are failures he has to save!

  • Rosario Scarsci

    I highly doubt this is Guy Fieri. He seems like he’d be pretty cool in real life. I know tv is tv but you can just tell when someone is down to earth or pretending.

    I like the Robert Irvine guess.

  • sockets

    All the Cs make me think of Cat Cora.

  • meowingloudly

    Ugh celebrities and their big egos. Least this other chef is actually dooing something for charity, what a dooche. I hate celebrities because they are all arrogant with massive egos, some just have better PR teams to cover it up then others.

    This head chef shouldn’t be upset, he should be very proud of himself for putting on a charity function, they have to make hundreds of meals at absolute lowest cost, I bet bigshot chef would be NOTHING without his money to buy top wuaility ingredients and tools..speaking of tools wow he sounds like one, and what a bunch of yesmen laughing with him, it’s clearly not funny, some people are disgusting cruel creatures who simply want to look like a ” big man” in front of their guests, at someone else’s expense of course.

  • grnraven

    If the alliteration is a clue, then I go for Chef Ford of Ford’s Filling Station. He helped write the menu so I could see him being able to rip it apparat. Only thing that doesn’t fit is the Tv. I can only find one reference to tv and that was an appearance on Iron Chef American.

    Event: Feed the Homeless st the LA Mission, December 26.

    First time poster.

  • librarygirl

    I know it’s a man in the photo, but the blind doesn’t refer to the chef’s sex. I bet it’s Alex Guarnaschelli. She is always such a B*** in any of the shows she’s on and acts like she is an amazing chef, when from what I hear, her restaurants suck.