1. raslebol says

    i thought that the Tijuana Donkey Show(sex show with woman and donkey at Tijuana)were an urban legend

    • Scorpio13 says

      Me too! I had friends who went down to TJ looking for the show’s and no one knew about them.

    • Okayeah says

      My sister-in-law said she saw one…she’s a little nuts though, so not sure if it’s true. LOL

  2. hooldoog says

    Kellan Lutz?

    And no, they are for real. An ex of mine went to one when he was pledging a frat. :-\

    • luvprue1 says

      Great guess. The clue says not much to say here, and silent Bob never speak,or say very little.

    • ZigZagZoey says

      HAS to be! They have a donkey show right in the movie Clerks 2! But it does seem like they would have called him a director also…..

  3. tkw1955 says

    ewwww! and yet I have a guess. The franchise does not have to be movies. It could be TV. How about David Caruso from CSI: Miami? His character is described as having “deliberately slow speech patterns”(not much to say). Besides, I’m not really a fan of his so I’m ok with this guess!

  4. GyThanksGd says

    Based on Hollywood’s messed up standards, as long as it is a woman and a male donkey, it is more ‘acceptable’ than two consenting adult actors together!