Wild Performer Has Been Diagnosed

[NewYorkPost] Which performer announced to his record label that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder after going on a tear of unpredictable, smashing-up-equipment backstage rampages?

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55 comments to Wild Performer Has Been Diagnosed

  • MissOlivia

    Chris Brown?

    • up2trouble

      I’m on board with this answer!

    • Stackhouse

      I don’t think this is Brown. Brown has several traits of APD, and albeit comorbidity is quite common, I do not believe Bipolar Disorder is present. It’s possible, but I don’t find it probable.

      • RedScience

        Are we supposed to know what APD is?

      • La Llorona

        I’m guessing it’s Anti-social Personality Disorder? Unless I’m wrong…

      • Stackhouse

        (Antisocial*) Correct. Psychology is a huge part of my daily life, apparently to the point where I at times forget that it’s not “common knowledge”. Hence, the use of the abbreviations. Sorry about the confusion. ^^

      • meowingloudly

        Aggressive personality disorder?

      • Stackhouse

        Haha! Good one, Meow. There’s no Aggressive PD, there’s Passive-aggressive PD, and we all know Brown is anything but passive. Llorona’s guess is correct, APD is an abbreviation for Antisocial Personality Disorder. Aggressiveness and irritability are some of the traits.

  • AuntieM

    That’s a picture of Dave Mustaine of Megadeath, other than that I have nothing.

  • tawse57

    Bipolar is very fashionable amongst celebs isn’t it? I am amazed there is not a ribbon or a wristband for it yet. “Look at me! Look at me!”

    What happened to the days when miserable, unhappy, unsociable, nasty pieces of work simply were known for being miserable, unhappy, unsociable, nasty pieces of work?

    Smashing up equipment doesn’t sound like bipolar.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it is one of the Smurfs.

    Papa Smurf? He always looked a miserable Smurf to me.

    • gingersnappped

      Actually, as someone who works with people who have bipolar on a daily basis, smashing equipment sounds exactly like something a person who is manic might do.

      i’m going with chris brown.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        You captured my first thoughts re: this being an untempered manic phase AND your guess as to who fits the blind best.

    • phoenix

      Tawse, smashing up sh*t sounds exactly bipolar, BPD type 1, actually. I dated a woman for years and she took a crowbar to her own car because she was ticked off. Poor car, it didn’t deserve that. I could go on and on about the lack of impulse control, hypers*xuality, alcohol and dr*g dependence, tendency towards violence, etc… It’s a serious issue and it destroys multiple lives. So it may not sounds “bipolar” to you, but try living it for a while. It’s very familiar to some of us.

      That said, celebrities may well be using it as an excuse for bad behavior, which is sad. But if it’s a real issue for them, I feel for their families, cuz they’re the ones bearing the brunt of an unmedicated person acting out.

    • liberache

      Smashing up equipment doesn’t sound like bipolar.

      Really? Are you kidding? For 10 years I have been a care-cordinator for individuals unfortunate enough to have this brain disorder (Bipolar Affective Disorder Type one) and rampages are frequent, generally involving severe manic episodes with dangerous behavior and suicidal ideation. Sometimes psychotic symptoms too, such as hallucinations or delusions.

      Smashing equipment? Meh.

      • itssunnyoutside

        @ gingersnapped It sounds to me like liberache knows what she/he is talking about.

      • Mermaid

        yes, and without having consulted Wikipedia. Imagine!

      • gingersnappped

        yeah, i was agreeing with liberache. i was disagreeing with tawse. see my original post.

      • tawse57

        I am happy to bow to all the above’s personal knowledge of bipolar people – but aren’t you talking about borderline personality disorder and not bipolar?

        Maybe there is a difference between the US and UK determination?

        There are numerous UK celebs who have been diagnosed with bipolar who have talked openly and frankly about their illness – whilst all talk about dramatic mood swings between feeling incredibly happy and incredibly depressed none, that I am aware of, has ever mentioned the need to destroy things. In fact, several UK celebs who are open about their bipolar are amongst the most placid of people that you will meet.

        Perhaps, as I say, bipolar in the US means something to what it means in the UK.

      • Stackhouse

        Although it’s often easy for me to distinguish the two, I do understand the confusion. Disorders often overlap, and as I mentioned above, comorbidity is quite common. Bipolar Disorder and BPD can seem quite similar to some, thus many often get them confused. BPD and bipolar are often misdiagnosed as each other, but are categorized differently (personality and clinical syndromes, respectively). There are ways to distinguish bipolar disorder from borderline personality disorder, as there are several distinctive differences.

        Bipolar Disorder is the same thing in the US as it is in the UK. In both DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10, “bipolar disorder is conceptualized as a spectrum of disorders occurring on a continuum.”

        Completely off topic; I love the UK, and I miss London heaps. Thought it would be a nice thing to share with you, mate. Merry Christmas. 😀

      • Stackhouse

        With Bipolar Disorder comes both beautiful things and horrible things, but those I know who have this diagnosis would never change it if they could. And I understand them perfectly.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        I have a couple friends that have bipolar and though they’re very bright and extremely creative – in part because of their disorder – both would trade it just to feel as if they’re normal and can lead a normal life. They’re both on medication and function fairly well with others but because they were diagnosed late in the game, it’s taken its toll within, with others and in their respective careers.
        I agree that they both have a tendency to experience a heightened sense of what is beautiful but the pain that’s partnered with it has been significant.
        And even when balanced by being regulated, they suffer from a looming sense of depression and self doubt.
        I suppose people fall into different categories depending on their personality type, temperament and environmental circumstances. Some look at it as a gift and others as a curse.
        I think you’re fortunate to know others that build on their illness and accept themselves for all of who they are.

      • mcwmomma

        Absolutely. As someone WITH Bipolar, I agree with you. I’d give away my appendages just to feel “normal” like others. Was diagnosed several years ago, tried all types of meds, therapy, etc. Still have more bad days than good. Best of luck to whoever this celeb is, it’s not the most pleasant to live with.

    • jeannie

      Wow. As someone who suffers from mental illness (depression, anxiety and PTSD, but was earlier misdiagnosed as bipolar) what you’ve said is extremely offensive. It’s not surprising that many celebrities suffer from bipolar disorder, about %5 of the general population lives with this disorder. And creative people (such as actors, artists, singers, etc) are often more likely to have it. There’s a significant correlation between creativity and mental illness. This is a real disease, not something that celebrities pretend to have so that people will pay attention to them.

      “Smashing up equipment doesn’t like bipolar” – I don’t know what you know about bipolar disorder, but apparently you don’t know very much and what you do “know” is very misguided. People suffering from bipolar disorder often alternate between depressed and manic stages, and during mania it is not uncommon to throw things, destroy things, etc. Mania is a very scary emotional state in which anything can happen.

      And then later you claim that perhaps the reason why people aren’t pleased with your comments is because “bipolar” must mean something different in the US and perhaps we’re thinking of “borderline. Bipolar disorder is the same in the UK and the US, as is borderline personality disorder.

    • PurpleTurtle

      Bipolar is not “fashionable”, it’s really not something you’d want to have. I know someone who has bipolar, literally one minute he’ll be fine and the next he’ll go into a rage about how the world is supposedly against him. It’s not pleasant.

      • ethel skinner

        ..but jumping to the defence of tawse57, I would like to agree that – particularly here in the UK – there has been a spate of celebs (and zelebs) who are all, very suddenly, claiming to be bipolar. I don’t doubt AT ALL that some of them genuinely do suffer from this tragic illness, but it is blatantly obvious that some of the reality show types are jumping on the bandwagon to justify behaving badly. Please don’t think I’m trying to minimize the impact on lives of those who really do suffer from this, and their families, just pointing out that it is very difficult to disprove when somebody is just a bit of an @rse

      • La Llorona

        Okay but that has nothing to do with this blind item. This musician was DIAGNOSED by a professional for BPD, which isn’t the same thing as people claiming to have depression to be “fashionable” (and when has anyone ever done this and why would they want the stigma that comes attached with being diagnosed a disorder?) It’s really not that hard to believe that people (yes, even people on scripted reality shows) can act a certain way because they’re sick. And I really think that playing armchair psychology is so besides the point.

      • Stackhouse

        I agree with you on this, Ethel. It’s not only in the UK, but also in the States. A lot of celebrities who have, to put it mildly, a history of bad behaviour, will after a period of time come forward with some sort of psychological explanation for their behaviour. And albeit there certainly *is* a psychological explanation for their behaviour, their explanation often seems to be what’s more “forgiving”, than what’s true. Sex addiction and Bipolar Disorder for instance, are often used.

        I don’t doubt that it’s prevalent in Celebrity World, but I’ve often seen several people claim that they have this, while their traits doesn’t fit or does not meet the criteria for the disorder. Bipolar Disorder is seemingly not as stigmatised as BPD, APD/ASPD, NPD and HPD (look it up), which are just as – if not more – prevalent in CW. In fact, I’ve seen these traits much more often than traits of Bipolar Disorder, which is logical considering the industry and everything that comes with it. It’s interesting how some of the celebrities who actually have many of the traits of Bipolar Disorder, either have kept quiet or denied it.

        And lastly, there are many wonderful people out there with this disorder, Stephen Fry is an excellent example of this. An extraordinary, brilliant and empathetic man. And he’s not great despite of his disorder, he’s great because of everything he is. In my opinion, of course. I admire him, greatly.

  • Brittany920

    I want to say chris brown too but it seems too easy

    I typed in backstage temper tantrums on google, and saw an article for Gary Barlow. he threw a fit backstage at x-factor….

    there was no real good explanation given as to why he would do so…. maybe this isn’t a first.

    I just don’t want to go with chris brown, even though I think it is :-)

  • Pinxxy

    If the pic is Dave Mustaine, he used to be part of Metallica…So I’m gonna go for James Hetfield. He has known anger issues & I believe has talked about suffering depression in the past.

  • marillion

    could it be Zakk Wylde?

    • leshabe

      good guess! I thought maybe Sebastian Bach too, since the pic is of a metal head and “wild” could be a reference to a Skid Row song (“Youth Gone Wild”)

      • next please

        OOOPS, I meant for my response to go here. I think this could be Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Their last album released in 2010 is called Teargarden (tear of smashing equipment).

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    Just like personalities in general, BiPolar I Mania can vary quite a bit. It can be just intense or full out insane. (Type II, not so much.) Un-medicated in in the throes of a full-on manic episode, it can trigger or exacerbate other situations like anger and aggression issues and claustrophobia. Fight or flight kicks in and you have just the type of behavior attributed to Chris Brown. Yep, I am on board there. While I don’t care for him, I am glad for a diagnosis and for him to get help.

  • malkatz

    Interesting that they use “performer” instead of a specific job/title… maybe it’s a comedian, or a singer-actor?

  • CanaryCry

    For something different, I’ll say Jared Leto, since he has a successful rock band.

  • rosiedoes

    I sort of feel like the picture is a clue, and we’re talking more about someone of a different niche to Chris Brown.

    Can’t think of anyone who stands out, though; I’ve seen so many musicians smash up equipment over the years, it could be any of them, really.

  • GingieSnap


  • amagod121

    For something different, how about Kayne West?

  • raslebol

    trent reznor 15 years ago?
    lady gaga if the rumor that she was a transexual was true?

  • next please

    This has to be Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Their last album, Teargarden was released in 2010……..(tear of smashing equipment)

  • dee123

    Like the Corgan guess.

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    All this biopolar talk and NO ONE mentioned the name of a certain blonde pop icon I’m impressed!

  • UrbanFox

    My first thought was James Hetfield.

  • Stardust

    Axl Rose.

  • rmp1017

    I’m actually going to go with Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon.
    He was having some serious breakdowns onstage and saying crazy stuff to fans, and one night he just walked off. I think one of the band members even admitted that there were some issues they needed to address that they had been ignoring for a while.
    Then again, I always thought alcohol was his issue, but maybe it’s both.

  • dorothea

    I am with the guess on Axle Rose. The pic reminds me of Slash in the band, and the comment smash rhymes with Slash so that is my guess.