Drama At His First Christmas Party

[BuzzFoto] This young star just got a place of his own and is super excited to host his first Christmas party. He invited a long list of guests, and his ex-girlfriend is on the list. She’s still bitter about the breakup and has decided to bring her new boyfriend to the party, even though he wasn’t invited. The holiday drama should be interesting. 671

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45 comments to Drama At His First Christmas Party

  • Up the Coast

    Justin Bieber?

  • afredorap

    Joe Jonas?

  • bananas

    Yup..one of them.

  • riddlemethis

    I’m thinking a Jonas too

  • Alison

    I can’t find anything that says Justin Bieber has his own house (just a condo) so, I guess a Jonas brother.

  • Camembert

    Idiot. You don’t invite your bitter ex without expecting drama. This particular ex is a * for deciding to attend, but she has the right to bring her own plus-one. IDIOTS.

  • Up the Coast

    Joe Jonas has alot of ex girlfriends….so it’s probably him.

    • WickedWhitney

      I’m pretty sure all of Joe’s exes were bearding for him so not sure why they would be bitter? Unless one of the girls’ contracts ended earlier than planned?

      In saying that, the photo reminds me a little of Taylor Swift with Selena Gomez lips.

      • RangerOne

        LOL Joe Jonas isn’t gay, believe it or not. A friend of mine dated him for a few months a couple years ago and still talks to him once in a while. People think that because he has had so many celebrity gf’s that they all must be beards, but they’re not. He’s actually had way more gf’s that no one knows about. That said…there is a gay Jonas Brother. It’s just not Joe.

  • redtape09

    Zac Efron?

  • Outlineboy

    Okay… just so I’m straight on this. Buzzfoto knows what this woman is doing but the guy hosting the party doesn’t?

    • dee123

      Buzz is bull. Duh.

    • La Llorona

      Yeah seriously, how do they know about this? What are their leads? Also, notice how there’s absolutely NO clues here whatsoever. So this could be just about anyone, since jilted exes in Hollywood are a dime a dozen.

    • LolaVee

      My assumption would be that the source is connected to the ex-gf, not the guy.

      Why waste your time on this site if you think they’re all bull?

      • ethel skinner

        Lola – you misunderstood – BlindGossip is The Best gossip site; they trawl all the lesser sites and report it back to us, with occasional gems of their own. Never, ever diss BG for passing it on though! Love, Et x

      • LolaVee

        Wow, seriously? You might want to check a mirror, you have a little brown on your nose.

        I didn’t say anything bad about BG. I just said that it’s perfectly plausible that the source for this blind is an acquaintance of the ex-gf, not the guy, which would explain why he doesn’t know she’s bringing her new boyfriend to his Christmas party.

      • dee123

        Not all blinds. Just Buzz occasionally.

        Like the star who didn’t know MJ was dead or the sibling of a singer who’s going to sabotage Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Iman14992

    I’m guessing Joe Jonas as the young star with the new place and Demi Lovato as the slightly bitter ex? I’m assuming she’d bring Wilmer Valderrama with her as her date.

    • Iman14992

      or nick jonas with the bitter ex being selena and the date being justin?

      • PinkFlamingo

        Ding-ding-ding! I think you nailed it!

      • PinkFlamingo

        I think this answer is correct because, by the way it is worded, it sounds as if “the new boyfriend” would have some reason/standing to have been invited on his own, not simply as the ex-girlfriend’s date. The LesBeaver certainly fills that bill.

      • Iman14992

        My thoughts exactly! Plus Nick did just buy a new house at the start of the summer so it could definitely be him. Wish I could be a fly on the wall at this event!

  • MissOlivia

    It could be Justin Bieber the bitter ex can be Jasmine Villegas and her boyfriend Jinsu who made a diss video about Bieber. ever since the break up shes been tweeting bitter things about Bieber and Selena.

    • luvprue1

      I agree. However I have not heard rumors of Justin getting his own place. He’s only 16 ,so I do not think his mom would let him.

  • RangerOne

    I think they are trying to make this Joe Jonas, but it doesn’t quite make sense. He’s had a place of his own for a couple years now, and did have a Christmas party the first year. He did just buy a house, as opposed to the other 2 places he’s lived that he was renting, but he’s only moving in now. He is also going away for the holidays with his family. So unless this party is this coming week at the new house before he goes on vacation, it’s not Joe. If the “bitter” ex is supposed to be Demi, she has no place being bitter at all. She treated Joe like garbage yet publicly played the victim. Ashley Greene might be bitter because he wouldnt take her back after she lied to him. Nick Jonas did move out on his own a few months ago for the first time. Could be him and Selena is the bitter ex. She’s made it pretty clear that she’s happier with Bieber. Not sure what they mean by “young star”. It’s relative I guess. How young is young? Nick is only 19.

    • iammeme

      Wow! Are you a Jonas cousin or something??

      Not a dis, just feeling old b/c I have only a teeny grasp as to which Jonas is which.

    • sarahbella246

      LOL at DEMI treating JOE like garbage. I love Joe, but he definitely treated her wrongly.

  • lindengroves

    Can’t be Zac Efron. He didn’t just get a house, he bought it in 2009. Ashley Tisdale was just seen visiting him there this week.

  • ClueMeIn

    I was thinking Nick Jonas. I thought he recently bought a new place. He invites Miley, who is still bitter, and she brings her bf (Liam?) along. I thought Joe has had he’s own place for awhile. I could be wrong.

    Edit: Now that I read it again, it says “new” bf, so I’ll go with Joe, Demi, and the new bf being creepy Wilmer.

    • RangerOne

      Depends on what you consider “new”. Demi has been with Wilmer since she and Joe split up, and actually cheated on Joe with him.

  • LovelyGal22

    Anybody familiar with Evan Peters from American Horror Story? His ex is Alexandra Breckenridge, who’s also on the show. She tweeted a picture of them when they dated back in 2008 a couple of weeks ago, seems like she’s not entirely over him…

    • CheshireKitty

      This makes much more sense to me. Why a) invite an ex who’s full of drama and b) why would the ex accept? But in this case, if Evan invites all of the cast, Alexandra not showing would be pretty obvious.

  • ldnfrk

    Im thinking Efron or Jonas

  • PlayItAgain

    Why not Rob Pattinson? He was seen out shopping for furniture before BD1 was released and the rumor is he has his own place now in LA. It’s also rumored that he & Kstew are on the rocks (assuming they were ever really going out). Not sure who her new guy would be though. Garrett Hedlund?

    • petunya

      I like Rob for this too. He has recently gotten his own place. And I’m not sure on the ex gf, Nikki Reed just got married..although the recent non scandle thing with Sarah Roemer that picture above does kinda look like her.

  • LaVieDetoile

    Is that Shannon Tweed in the photo? If so, I’d say Nicolas Tweed-Simmons.

  • rimbaud

    Joe Jonas or Efron

  • heelsoverhead

    Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus?

  • morgause25

    Joe Jonas hosted his first Christmas party two years ago. It has been anounced by them that the whole Jonas family will travel during the holidays. So, I doubt it was about any of them.
    Any advice…don’t believe in Demi posing hurt or bitter upon Joe…Between them the truth could be no longer what we see.
    Its hollyweird..Remember?

  • yepimbored

    Joe Jonas has a small one bedroom pad in New York. He gave a tour on his ustream. This is probably Nick.

  • sweetcheeks

    What about Daniel Radcliffe,or maybe Taylor Lautner/ Taylor Swift, or Taylor Lautner/ Lily Collins? You generally only invite exes when you’re still on decent terms. One may not have been happy to be a beard, though, and wouldve been quite miffed to know it wasn’t real. In that case I’ll say Chace Crawford/ Lauren Conrad.