This Actor Is Totally Getting Fired

[CDAN] This now B list television actress on a very hit network comedy is accusing one of her co-stars of sexual as*ault. She says that he is constantly taking advantage of their closeness in scenes to constantly grope her breasts and other parts of her body. She has complained to the producers and threatened to walk off the show if the guy is not fired. Look for his replacement soon. I wonder how they will get rid of his character since he is prominently featured.



TV Show:

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35 comments to This Actor Is Totally Getting Fired

  • kitteekat

    I hope this is not:
    Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen

    • LolaVee

      Ughhhh, me too! They are the only ones that fit from Modern Family (Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara’s characters hardly ever touch).

      Maybe somebody from The Office or 30 Rock?? I don’t watch those shows so I’m not sure which characters would have touchy-feely scenes.

    • WickedWhitney

      Agreed! Please please don’t let it be Clive Bixby and Julianna!

  • cocobeannns

    Kat Dennings and Nick Zano who plays Johnny on Two Broke Girls? Their characters WERE getting closer, and now there seems to be nothing going on between them.

    • Layale

      I don’t know if this is right, but I sure wondered why they went from 60 to zero in a nanosecond with that story. Does make me go hummmmmm.

      • LolaVee

        I hope this is right. Mainly because I don’t want it to be anybody from Modern Family. Also, Nick Zano did just split from the Duff sister. Maybe he’s a philanderer?

    • SouthJerseyGirl

      I like this guess. He’s disappeared from the show.

      • WickedWhitney

        Yeah, this seems like a good guess….Johnny has disappeared from the show but the blind says “Look for his replacement soon. I wonder how they will get rid of his character since he is prominently featured”. Does this mean they are replacing the actor who plays Johnny or they’re getting rid of Johnny altogether?? CDAN blinds, always juicy but very confusing wording.

        So i doubt this is Ty Burrell, they can’t really get rid of his character, unless he and Claire divorce?

    • Seanx40

      Not that is right, but I understand wanting to grope those breasts. He is just an a%&hole for acting like that.

    • anglonoir

      And if this is the answer, I TRULY have no clue about this A-List, B-List thing. I have no clue who she even is.

      • CheshireKitty

        Really? Kat Dennings was in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Thor, ER, 40 Year-Old Virgin… I’d say that with the success of this show, she’s B-list for sure. I love Kat!

    • afredorap

      I was on board with this but i just heard on thefrisky that Kat Dennings and Nick Zano are dating in real life.

  • Scorpio13

    Oh god I hope it’s no one from New Girl, Modern Family or Happy Endings.

  • CindyBman

    What about Big Bang Theory?

    • AdiosContaminos

      I can see this, Kayley Couco and maybe the guy that plays Raj? I am going on the basis that Jim Parsons & Johnny Galeki are not too interested in grabbing her boobs…

      • lindseyann

        But.. Penny and Raj have only been “together” once, right? The blind sounds like the actors both have had multiple scenes were this could happen.

      • eldridek

        He’s getting married in a few days, and I don’t see it as being him. PLUS he’s actually dated Kaley for two years. And he previously dated Sara Gilbert too.

      • eldridek

        *PLUS Galecki

      • Okayeah

        You mean Johnny Galecki, right? Not “Raj”.

      • eldridek

        Raj is getting married, and Galecki dated Sara and Kaley

      • GyThanksGd


        Johnny dated Sara Gilbert, how long ago?

        She has been openly lesbian since before The Big Bang Theory started!

      • eldridek

        It was when they were teenagers… I was kind of surprised at first too because of the openly gay part. But I guess it was a short relationship.

        He secretly dated Kaley for two years… it wasn’t made public until after it’d ended.

  • stolidog

    Martha Plimpton
    Garret Dillahunt
    Raising Hope

  • malkatz

    Maybe SNL’s Abbey Elliot and Fred Armisen, who used to date? His “prominent character” being Obama.

  • Tracy511

    Whitney?? 😉

  • CWilliams

    Kat Dennings/Jonathan Kite of Two Broke Girls.