She’ll Become More Tim Tebow


[BlindGossip] This television girl has never been known for being very religious. In fact, many of the activities in which she has engaged might be considered the exact opposite of godly. However, look for her to start sprinkling her language with religious references in the near future. It’s a calculated move to both differentiate her from her colleagues as well as to help her fit in with new people who don’t look kindly on those who sin and blaspheme.


It’s Kim Kardashian! Source:

Kim Kardashian was genuinely shocked – shocked! – when public sentiment turned against her in the Kris Humphries 15-minute marriage debacle. Khloe was especially worried that the folks in her new home of Texas wouldn’t be welcoming of a member of such a controversial family.

Since Tim Tebow was at the height of his popularity at the same time, the Kardashian Kopykats decided that a great way for Kim to redeem herself would be to feign interest in that ol’ timey religion! Only it wasn’t real religion, folks. It was Kardashian religion. In January 2012, JanetCharlton summed it up this way:


Kim Kardashian continues to try everything to make you like her. Her attempts to show her “charitable“ side came under question when everything she did – at the downtown mission or in Haiti – was photographed, and she was in full makeup. It turns out her charitable eBay store that sells her used glamorous apparel only donates 10 % of the proceeds to charity – the rest goes into her pocket. Kim has bragged that she donates 10 % of her vast income to “the church,” but it’s the Life Change Community Church in Calabasas, founded by her mother. On Sunday she tweeted that she was on her way to church – to make sure photographers caught the special event.

Kim and Khloe jumped on Twitter and started making lots of references to religion, like “God is great!” and “We’re so blessed!” She even told followers in February that she wanted to start her own bible-study group. And in case you don’t still don’t believe how godly and religious she is, a couple of days ago she compared herself to The Virgin Mary. From Fox News:

Kim Kardashian compares herself to Virgin Mary

Kim Kardashian said there’s a way she could be considered like the Virgin Mary.

No, really.

The reality star made famous by a graphic sex tape with the singer Ray J outlined on Monday night’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” the scenario in which she and Jesus’ mom could be comparable.

“I think if I’m 40, and I don’t have any kids,and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated,” she said. “I would feel like Mary, like Jesus is my baby.”

Just another steaming, self-serving, pile of Kardashian krap.

Lots of you got this one right. Sourpatchdoll was first!



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59 comments to She’ll Become More Tim Tebow

  • sourpatchdoll

    Kim Kardashian AKA Her Haitian Holiness

    • aeduko

      By golly, I think you’ve got it!

    • Sweetie Pie

      Totally. With “sprinkling” being a reference to her sex tape, which I promise I have not watched! Further, Khloe has been tweeting Bible verses regarding Lamar’s move to Dallas, so this could be the entire family’s gameplan.

      • cincinnatikate

        Had you watched it, you would know by now, she wasn’t peed on. yes she gave her boyfriend of 2 years a * job while he video taped her. Its a very tame ametuer p*rn video. I don’t get it..this happens everyday, why is she hated for it?

      • istillhavesarcasm

        She’s hated for it because this is the first REAL thing that got her famous, while 1/3 of American children go to bed hungry at night and she laughs her * to the bank.

      • Deeva E

        because she “leaked” the video and tied to pass herself off as an innocent girl who made a “bad decision” when she made amatuer p*rn to make herself famous..she’s fake and she’s a fraud. I have more respect for real p*rn stars.

      • sourpatchdoll

        I love you Deeva E! Your reply is spot on. Kim’s always trying to pretend like she was a star in the making at the time of the sex time… BS. The sex tape predates the entire Kardashian media circus. She’s a demonstrable, pathological liar.

      • SilverOnyx

        Just because that scene didn’t make the final cut doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It was verified when they originally shopped the tape. She HAD to sign off on it for the final release so if there was something she didn’t want shown she could have negotiated it out. Either way, I’d rather watch ray j pee on her than watch any of her bs e! show and this blind fits her to a tee. Barf.

      • YourMother

        She actually WAS peed on in the original, uncut version. If you look hard enough, you maybe be able to still find a clip of it. I’ve seen it. She signed off on the final version that was for sale and made $$…obviously she had that part cut out.

    • riddlemethis

      Absolutely – if you watched the show they already make references to church and this is how she will rehabilitate herself.

    • Alison

      Agreed it’s Kim Kardashian and it’s starting now as evidenced by this article:

  • farawayplaces

    Could it be one of the gals from The Talk to try to model the format from The View and Elizabeth Hasselbeck? How about Julie Chen?

  • kangaroov

    Holly Madison?

  • whatbssaid

    Kat Dennings? She’s been open about being Jewish, but never put alot of emphasis on it. She had a nude photo leak a while back… Also, the line “sprinkling her language” could be a reference to the cupcake company on her show Two Broke Girls..

  • Furfle

    Erin Andrews

  • blessedjess226

    kristin cavallari

  • Mermaid

    Guiliana DiPandi

  • Brittany920

    can’t think of anyone, but I will go with Kim Kardashian. the reference to football… she loves them sports men. and her marriage is a mockery of our country’s christian views on marriage. not to mention the sex tape.

    btw I hate tebow.

    • Outlineboy

      Why do you hate Tebow? He’s not hurting anybody. If the Broncos are your team’s rival I can understand that.

  • Beans345

    kristin cavalari? the nfl is all about maintaining their image of the good old american past time. and now that kristin is marrying an nfl quarterback, maybe she will try to distance herself from her “reality tv” past. im not sure who would be considered her colleagues right now though. is she working?

    • KatarinaJ

      that IS Jay Cutler in the pic right? But HE is such a tool! Telling off grannies, yo-yoing with her in the press. Would it matter of Kristin suddenly finds G_d when the guy playing in the NFL is still a d-bag?

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    I don’t know who this is but is she going to be working on the 700 show or something like that? Sounds like it might be someone who works on a morning TV show or a news show. Anyone new going to GMA or Today?

  • Pixiechick

    Khloe Kardashian

    • KWDragon

      She did just send out that weird tweet paraphrasing the Bible. And she needs to distance herself from her family because they are a sinking ship of poor public opinion. I think you might be onto something, Pixiechick.

    • Rocket McZoom

      Yep, I’m on board with Khloe.

      Lately she’s been all “Gd is good” on Twitter and has definitely been peppering her recent tweets with religious references.

      Plus, there was that blind about her being very resentful because she was lied to for so many years about Robert Kardashian not being her father…and with Kris for basically outing this fact in her book for publicity. (Why else?) 😉

      Plus she’s allegedly irate with Kim about the whole fake wedding backlash…not to mention the longstanding tension she and Kim have with each other.

      She also seemed snarky and detached during last nights Barbara Walters interview.

      Can’t say I blame her for wanting to distance herself. Though not a Khloe fan per se, she seems like the only real one in the family.

      And can I just say how vile it is that all the girls know that Kim is Kris’ favorite daughter?? That woman is appalling and should be ashamed!

      • wykkyd

        “…And can I just say how vile it is that all the girls know that Kim is Kris’ favorite daughter??…”

        I didn’t watch the special, but the notion of Kim being the favorite daughter might be very fresh, at the moment, for the remaining Kardashian women. Sometime during the 1st year of Khloe’s marriage to Lamar, another site was reporting, in a blind item, that Khloe desperately wanted out of her marriage. However, Kris was adamant that she remain in it, for the sake of the franchise. Yet, Kim, obviously, didn’t meet with much, if any, resistance from Kris in ending her fake marriage.

        So, it would appear that Khloe toed the party line and got the crap end of the stick and maybe now she’s looking to make waves at ye olde “Chikken Ranch”.

    • amagod121

      My first thought! She can “use” religion to differentiate herself, since Mama spilled the beans about her being fathered by a non-Kardashian. So now she can get some great PR from the gossip. Also, she’ll be moving to Texas, and this will fit in perfectly with the theme there.

      It’s sad that people choose to use religion simply to make even more money. The Kardashians have no shame.

  • cincytreats

    Kim Kardashian after the fake marriage.


    Easy! Khloe Kardashian…”God is Great” tweets and everything. Don’t mess with the God fearing folk in Texas, and go to Church every Sunday. Distancing herself from that train wreck of a sister. Barbara Walters was fantastic–calling out Kim’s porn tape. It’s always there Kim and it always will be.

  • easter

    Nicole Sherzinger – last night on the X Factor she was wearing her “librarian look” and giving shout outs that “God is Good.” I’m sure she’s looking to regain some fans after the Rachel Crow mess. It reeks of insincerity.

    • amagod121

      Nicole is probably calling on God right now because she’s afraid some crazed Rachel fan will go after her.

    • PandoraWolf

      I was wondering about that too. I don’t think God would approve of that utterly horrific dress, though. I hope Simon fires her and brings back Cheryl.

    • Outlineboy

      Nicole has always been devoutly religious her whole life. It’s nothing new for her. She comes from a very conservative religious family.

      • easter

        She certainly didn’t seem very religious strutting around on stage in her panties with the Pussycat Dolls & sleeping with the married head of Innerscope Records, Jimmy Iovine to get her solo deal. Whether or not she comes from a religious family, she fits the blind item & her recent shout outs to the big man upstairs certainly did come out of the blue & correspond with the public turning against her.

      • Welcome, Mrs. Iovine! Love, BG

      • Outlineboy

        I don’t anything about her supposedly sleeping with Jimmy Iovine but in any interview or story on her you can hear about her upbringing and her religious convictions. I’m not making it up. Being religious is nothing new to her. I remember thinking when I first heard it how it didn’t jibe with her time in PCD but it works for her, so who are we to say?

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    Colleagues usually means the people she works with. The Khloe Green Giant works? Since Talk Shows were not mentioned, I am going with Guiliana Rancic.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      I can’t imagine BG would refer to the popular guess, the Kardashian sisters as “colleagues”. That said, what activities has Rancic participated in that would be considered the exact opposite of godly? Plus, she’s extremely well known already and with her best cancer and her upcoming double mastectomy, there’s no need to further differentiate herself from the pack. And she seems to be a good woman and rightfully, has great public sympathy and support.

  • ButterflyLove

    Paris Hilton, she’s doing just about anything to be famous again.

  • jeannie

    Khloe Kardashian, trying to distance herself from Kim and trying to fit in with the new Dallas crowd.

  • cincytreats

    I’m changing my guess to Khloe.

  • stolidog

    Taylor Momsen

  • chicky

    I was first going to guess Kristin Cavallari, but the Kardashian answers make more sense. It does make sense about Khloe since she’s moving to Texas, but the “opposite of godly” activities make me think Kim is more likely. I can’t really think of anything scandalous that Khloe has done.

    Also, there are all these rumors about opening a dash store in Dallas, so Kim will probably be spending some time there too…

  • ILoveGlitter

    I’m going with Khloe. Dallas is right in the middle of the “bible belt”.. She may not have sex tapes and whatnot, but getting a DUI could be considered ungodly to some.

    • amagod121

      Hanging out with and making money off of the Kardashians could also be considered ungodly, I guess.

      • ILoveGlitter

        agreed. i wouldn’t hang out with them under any circumstances, but that’s just me. maybe i would hang out with bruce.

  • malkatz

    I was thinking one of the Glee kids- a nod to her vicey colleagues.

  • ChattyCathy

    ….”many of the activities in which she has engaged might be considered the exact opposite of godly”

    I gotta go with the porn star Kim Kardashian. Her PR people have prolly told her to find “Jesus” or sum such ~

  • iknowitall89

    Khloe Kardashian

  • masque

    Demi Lovato