Under The Big Tent

[CDAN] This one kind of blew me away because I did not know this actress was into charity. She is all movie all the time. B list, but I think it is more for her looks than any real acting talent. She stays extremely popular despite the fact she really does not make that many movies and seems to just stay in our eye by pap photos. Anyway, she read an article about homeless people and was fully prepared to go spend her Thanksgiving with her husband feeding homeless at the Los Angeles Mission. When she started exploring it more though she decided she wanted to give people more of a home feel for the holiday. So, she arranged to have 50 homeless families come to her place where she had set up a big tent and fed them all there and during the meal had televisions playing holiday movies and even made sure that each parent was given a gift they could give to their child on Christmas. Not too shabby.

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  1. PolarBear99 says

    For some reason, Catherine Zeta Jones came to mind. I wasn’t sure if Michael Douglas would have been healthy enough to volunteer at the LA Mission, but since he was just in Miami for Art Basel, I guess he could be.

    • La Llorona says

      Yup, I think this is totally her. It fits the bill too, hasn’t really done many movie roles besides “The Dictator” (her last major studio release was Jonah Hex), B list actress known for her looks, but she’s constantly being photographed shopping and walking around LA by paps.

  2. KWDragon says

    Hmmm…I would be surprised to hear that Jessica Alba was charitable (and not just publicly dour), but didn’t she do a TV series in the wayback? Otherwise, I might like her for this surprise. She’s pretty, but she sure can’t act.

  3. ButterflyLove says

    reese witherspoono, she just got married. She is pretty but she also has talent so!!!:/ maybe not but it’s worth a shot

  4. LolaVee says

    Every single movie actor/actress has done television at some point, but I’m going to say Jessica Alba for this one. She pretty much left television after Dark Angel (10 years ago), and she’s photographed a lot more than Megan Fox.

  5. Quinnie88 says

    I don’t know why but i thought of Kate Beckinsale. She hasn’t done ALOT of movies…but is known for her roles. ..like van helsing ? I think that’s the name?she’s deff more known for being attractive…… had she done tv though?

  6. Up the Coast says

    Well…whoever it was, it sounds like she did a beautiful thing for 50 homeless families 😥 Bless her heart!

    • Rowena says

      Campbell is mainly known for her TV work in the past.
      Brewster is C list (or D) and was also on TV in the past and from personal experience, not that nice of a person.

  7. Scorpio13 says

    It was a selfless, thoughtful and kind act whoever the actress is. I love to hear stories like that instead of douchie/selfish acts we hear about actors/actresses.

    • vandra says

      I really like this guess too! There was a profile on her in the New Yorker (I think?) and it mentioned how she does all sorts of nice things. Like calling those “how’s my driving” numbers to compliments truck drivers etc. For some reason that part stuck out and made me laugh.

    • clementineiv says

      i want this to be her, i love her!
      however, she was on friends, entourage, and has done voice work on king of the hill. :/

    • gippercat says

      I actually think she’s talented. Saw The House Bunny on TV a few weeks ago, which is pretty much a terrible movie, but she was a convincing comic lead and can pull all kinds of faces.

  8. The Neurotic One says

    Blinds like this should be revealed. This is a good deed, many other celebrities would do well to do things like this.

    I would like to think it was Jessica Alba, she gets a lot of bad press, but I’m not sure she’s criticized that much on her acting, I think it’s more her interview style.

    Megan Fox can’t be B List, right? I’ve just seen her husband for the first time . . . had no idea. -__- I guess this could be her after all. She just seems so . . . scary.

  9. lindseyann says

    “This one kind of blew me away because I did not know this actress was into charity.”

    This line makes me think that the actress isn’t known as a “nice” or “giving” person.. for some reason.

    • Ralphie says

      Actually I thought the same at first, and then as I reread it and Anna Faris jumped to mind, I thought it might mean bc of the roles she plays she comes across dopey and giggly and thus you don’t think of her as charitable

  10. CosmicZipper says

    First time poster!

    How about Jennifer Garner? She’s always in the tabloids but not doing much lately.

  11. timesink says

    I love this idea of being Jessica Alba or Megan Fox, as I think they are both cool, and beautiful. And they both seem really humble as well as challenging the Hwood status quo. But I guess the money would be more on Jessica as she seems more in the press than Megan.

  12. Bromance1979 says

    Megan Fox… other actresses mentioned, I wouldn’t be shocked that they were into charity.