Her Entire Wardrobe Every Year

[BuzzFoto] Once a year, every year since her first spouse di*d, this actress remembers the day of his de*th by donating her entire wardrobe to charity (because he was dedicated to many good causes). After that, she spends the following few weeks buying herself new clothing. It helps give her something to do and to think about new beginnings. 669


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36 comments to Her Entire Wardrobe Every Year

  • LolaVee

    Joanne Woodward.

    • hiya71

      I like this guess. Whose more charitable than Paul Newman!

      • smellyoulater

        Joanne never remarried after Paul died, though. She doesn’t fit the blind.

      • LolaVee

        If you want to be technical, it never actually says that she re-married, and Paul Newman was – in fact – her first husband.

        “First husband” could either be a red herring or a clue to rule out somebody who was widowed by a man who was not her first husband.

  • justjinx

    Katie Couric?

  • yinyang

    No clue! But they show all maxi dresses, not sure if that’s anything? I wish it was my client! Have this woman call me!!

  • smd1004p

    katie is not an actress first of all- i get the feeling the actress was married again since it says her “first husband died”

  • Seanx40

    This is kind of weird. First, it is good that she makes a large charitable contribution. Of course, she could just donate the cash.

    Second, is she just using it as an excuse to go shopping?

    Third,it is nice she remembers her late husband, and continues his charity. Assuming her reasons are good.

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges

      Maybe she would be a whole new wardrobe regardless and then donates her clothes instead of trying to resell them.


      I agree. Sounds like someone letting slip about their “good deed” when it is just an excuse to go buy new stuff? I am not overly impressed. What I am is confused in regards to why saying the word “died” has to get starred out?

  • msp96302

    Natascha McElhone

  • smd1004p

    but i don’t think natascha remarried but that was my first guess if she did…
    maybe something obscure like kathryn crosby [bing’s widow}…she did remarry

  • Quanah

    I wanna say Nicole Richie, but I wouldn’t say she’s an actress and she wasn’t married to DJ AM. Who else wears maxi’s a lot?

  • MasterShake

    michelle Williams

  • farawayplaces

    I was thinking Amy Yasbeck, the wife of the late John Ritter. By all accounts he was a great guy who was involved with doing good. But I’m struck by the whole “first husband” phrase. I don’t think she has remarried.

  • CindyBman

    I don’t know but the first person to pop into my mind was Candace Bergen. Her first husband was french director Louis Malle and he died in 1995. However, I don’t know if he did a lot of charitable work, etc.

    Ms. Bergen’s current husband (since 2000) is Marshall Rose.

  • louise

    Paul Newmans widow?

  • Stackhouse

    Poor woman.

  • riddlemethis

    I think it’s Liza Minnelli – Her first husband was Peter Allen who died of AIDS. Even though they divorced I think they always had a good relationship.

  • leshabe

    I like this guess!

  • AliMac

    Marcia Cross

  • kristiner

    Definitely Cher!

    The actress part isn’t an *only* and Cher is a singer/actress. She’s won an Oscar so she’s a bona fide actress just as much as a singer.

    Her wardrobe over the decades is donate worthy considering how outlandish it is. People would pay HUGE for Cher’s crazy clothes.

    And she took his death really hard. She married him so young so it’s natural

  • kristiner

    Also, Sonny was responsible for bringing public attention to the Salton Sea in California. He was a pioneer environmentalist. That’s considered a good cause.

  • HollyGirl

    I can’t believe you guys haven’t got this: it’s Candy Spelling. It’s even been in the gossip columns this week…..

  • CanaryCry

    Another vote for Cher.

  • tkw1955

    According to IMDB, Aaron Spelling was her second husband.

  • tkw1955

    I agree that this is Cher. I’ve read that she does donate her clothes. Sonny was her first husband. She is known for her gowns – the neckline on the one in the middle on the above picture definitely reminds me of Cher!

  • tawse57

    Is this tax deductible in some way for an actress or TV presenter?

    If they donate their clothes within 12 months of buying can they somehow write off their purchase against their taxes.

    I have no idea about the US but in the UK I know that the taxman allows certain TV presenters/actresses who have to have a large expensive wardrobe to write off a percentage of the cost against tax.

    Sorry to make what sounds like a lovely charitable donation to be something mercenary. But are we talking about some off the peg dresses here that cost normal prices or designer dresses costing thousands of dollar each?