BG12345: Toy Tuesday

Dear Blinders,

How’s your holiday shopping going? To make today a bit easier, here’s a BG12345… with no checkout lines!

BG’s focus is on the kids this week, with multiple requests for Nerf guns and Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and Moxie Girls.

If you’re having trouble finding a certain toy, Amazon seems to be the only place that is really well-stocked with the most popular toys.

Next up? Finding out the difference between a Xia Xia and a Zhu Zhu. Apparently, it’s very important.

What’s hot on your kids’ wish list this year?

Love, BG


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12 comments to BG12345: Toy Tuesday

  • ILoveDlisted

    Nintendo 3DS and BARBIES! lol

  • ethel skinner

    My 10yr old specifically asked Father Christmas for “some washing line and a coat hanger”. Why? To build an aerial runway in the garden like Shaun the Sheep has… Weird request – but affordable! (Poor, disillusioned child)

  • Katmandu

    Mine’s grown, more’s the pity. :-(

    Now she wants a gas card. And a Sephora card.

  • MamaCat

    Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and Lalaloopsy Silly Hair doll. And now I’m thumbing my nose at everyone who laughed at me for buying them in October when they were all over the place and are now scrambling for theirs. 😛

  • NotoriousDiG

    I spent several hours going between 3 Targets tracking down all the animals to go with the Little People Zoo Talkers set – luckily they were buy one, get one 50% off so it was definitely worth my while! The only elusive one is the zebra…which is of course my favorite animal…

  • KWDragon

    Tight holiday season this year, BG. The kids understand. Our girls (both teenagers) are asking for art supplies and clothes. They will both be very pleased when they open their gifts! Hoping your holidays are merry and bright. Have a Cool Yule, BG!

  • wubbzy

    Well, we have 5 kids… yeah it varies between a TV, clothes, Barbies, a clock to hang in their bedroom(?), and video games. Me? I just can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he opens his gift – me with a bow…lol j/k. I wish BG had t-shirts that said, “I <3 BG" and on the back it could say, "because it reminds me that my life is better than some celebrity."

  • luvci75

    Mario race tracks, barbie dolls and Dora the Explorer. But I’m sure no one will enjoy their gift as much as we enjoy this BG12345! Merry Christmas and thank you for encouraging my procrastination in 2011!