Hit Series Is Packing Up


[TVLine] As any TV expert will tell you, the success or failure of any series comes down to the three L’s: Location, location, location!

OK, that mantra actually applies more to real estate than reel estate, but one should never underestimate the importance of choosing the right setting for a TV show.

Which brings us to our latest blind item…

Rumor has it that a hit freshman drama series is packing its bags and heading to a new hood in Season 2.

And not just any hood — the biggest hood in the world: New York City!

The move would herald a dramatic (and spoilery) storytelling shift for the show in question, which is why we’re withholding the title… for now.

Which show do you think will be mailing out a change of address card ahead of Season 2?


It’s American Horror Story! Source: BlindGossip and Everywhere

While the first season of American Horror Story took place in southern California, the hit series is packing up and moving to a mental institution on the East  Coast for Season 2.

We’re glad that actors Zachary Quinto and Jessica Lange are coming back (although in different roles from the first season). And Adam Levine is joining the cast!

By the way, we noticed that the domain AmericanHorrorStory.com is being sold at GoDaddy.com. It’s really cheap for the title of a hit TV show. Anybody want to go in on it with us?

Anyway, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

‘American Horror Story':

Season 2 Locale Revealed

American Horror Story’s second season is beginning to come into focus as co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed where — and when — the sophomore year of FX’s horror anthology series will take place.

After its freshman season ended with the deaths of lead characters played by Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott, the drama will be completely rebooted as an anthology series and feature a new cast, location and premise. While Season 1 cast members Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe will return, they’ll be playing the opposite of the characters they embodied in the first year of the FX series.

“[Season 2] is set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica,” Murphy said Wednesday during a panel promoting the series at the TV Academy in North Hollywood.

Murphy previously had teased that a clue to the second-season location could be found in AHS’ “Birth” episode, and he confirmed Wednesday that the hint was “something that Sarah Paulson’s character, Billie Dean, says to Jessica and Taissa [Farmiga] as she’s sage-ing the house and talking about places where evil collects: We talk about institutions and prisons and things like that. That was the clue.”

Paulson told The Hollywood Reporter at PaleyFest last month that the telling scene featured her character, medium Billie Dean, who, in the episode in question, explained to Violet (Farmiga) that the house had a paramagnetic grip — like a battery, with negative energy that feeds on trauma and draws things to it. Pressed at the time about whether the scene involved the energy that’s often found in prisons or asylums, Paulson added, “I can’t say the answer to that, but I think you’re warm.”

The second season also will find the cast in a new era, Murphy said. “It’s a completely different world and has nothing to do with Season 1; there’s not a mention of Season 1,” he noted. “The second season is set in a completely different time period.”

In addition to the five returning cast members, Murphy teased that there also could be more familiar faces from Season 1 set to take on new characters when the series returns in the fall, with a few possibly in attendance Wednesday. “The idea is to work with actors that you love and are excited by,” he said. “The second season, everybody who was announced, there will be other people up on this stage who are not announced who will also be in it but are playing the polar opposite of what they were in the first season in every way.”

Murphy was joined onstage by cast members including Britton (Vivien), McDermott (Ben), Alexandra Breckenridge (Moira), Denis O’Hare (Larry), Peters (Tate), Quinto (Chad), Lange (Constance), Rabe (Nora) and co-creator Brad Falchuk and exec producer Dante Di Loreto.

The producers were also tight-lipped on whether Quinto could play one of the criminally insane, only saying “maybe,” while the Star Trek actor — who was sporting Spock eyebrows — embraced the opportunity to do something new. “The notion of coming back and playing something totally different and in a totally different world with many of the same actors, it’s probably one of the more exciting things that has come across my plate in recent years,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

As for new cast member Adam Levine, Murphy revealed that The Voice judge signed on immediately after hearing of the role. “He’s a sexy guy, so he needs to play a sexy guy — but the guy that is different than who you think he would play,” he said. “I pitched him the part and he listened, slack-jawed, and simply said, ‘I’m in.’ The second season is fun, sexy and baroque. It has a lot of meat to it; it’s a really gritty part. He’s with a girl, and they play characters called The Lovers.”

More details — including whether French actress Lizzie Brochere will play a nemesis to Lange’s character — could emerge soon as producers are set to present their vision for Season 2 to FX next week.

American Horror Story will return in the fall on FX.

Congrats to those of who who got this one right. Julio2 was first!

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48 comments to Hit Series Is Packing Up

  • jacqueline

    Revenge? Currently set in the Hamptons, which is very prominent to the show.

  • yourbrwneyedgirl

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Revenge. It takes place in the Hamptons, and the move would make sense because New Yorkers use the Hamptons as the place for their summer homes, and the first season is set between Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend.

    • Argyle

      Agreed! Was thinking the same thing. Conrad and Lydia already have a place in NYC so it would be an easy transition.

  • julio2

    American Horror Story?

    • LooLoo

      That would be interesting. How would they get around the house, though? The house is what is supposed to be powerful enough to keep everyone around.

      Also, I just have to say it- New York is by no means the “biggest hood in the world.” Not by population or by square miles.

    • jeannie

      I was thinking of AHS as well, but only if they plan on each season being a completely different cast in a new house. I know there was talk of each season focusing on a different family but I was under the impression it would still be set in the same house.

    • luvprue1

      I do not think it’s American horror story. That would mean getting rid of the entire cast,since most of the cast are stuck in the house. It really wouldn’t make sense at all. While I can see Ben moving back to New York, I can’t see no reason for the rest of the cast to follow him. I also do not think they would have introduce all of the ghost (Re:Chad, Tate, Hugo,Moria, Nora) and than start all over in a new state.

      It’s likely Revenge,or maybe The Lying Game,or “Switch at birth”. A show were the location really doesn’t matter, and does not impact the show.

    • lindseyann

      I wouldn’t doubt it. Ryan Murphy can’t make up his damn mind when it comes to his shows.

      ALSO! The house from the show just went up for sale!

      • luvprue1

        Your right about Ryan now being able to make up his mind. I think he did a similar move like this with the show Nip/Tuck. When Nip/Tuck first started they were base in Miami , than he moved them to Hollywood, than he moved them back to Miami.

    • luvprue1

      It’s now been confirm by Ryan Murphy that American Horror story is moving. Season two will feature a whole location ,and apparently a whole new cast. We will still see Constance and baby Michael however, but we will not see the house. I wonder if that means the end of Tate, Violet and Moria?

  • InTheMix

    Just because of the wording in blind item I keep thinking Once Upon A Time… I have no idea how they’d do that.

    • Layale

      I was thinking that, too. But some of the other guesses seem good, as well. Can’t decide. But this did cross my mind.

  • royal eduardo

    I’m thinking Revenge because the exec producer mentioned that it won’t always take place in The Hamptons I believe.

  • Quanah

    Revenge. The Hamptons are only for summers. It would be cool to go to a new location every season.

  • Canyda

    Hawaii Five-0, natch.

  • kcnmcn

    It’s Revenge.. Moving to NYC

  • ericad20

    Revenge….. but it seems to obvious blah!

  • wubbzy

    Hawaii 5-0? lol

  • Tracy511

    I was thinking Revenge, but it seems too easy…

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Yeah, that second to last sentence really makes it sound like Once Upon a Time, which is very spoilery since the plot revolves around the setting.

  • ivyleaguer

    It could only be Revenge. only poor people are in the Hamptons past labor day. LOL!

  • Meglet

    First post and I made an account just so I could post this.

    The American Horror Story house is for sale:

    So I would go with American Horror Story. That seems like an obvious choice to me.

  • KatarinaJ

    HOW could it be AHS when the biggest character IS the location aka the HOUSE? WTH would the plot be if they leave the very haunted house almost the entire cast is trapped in or connected to? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • luvprue1

      I doubt it AHS. The Harmons move From New York to get away from the big city. Beside by changing the setting, they stand to lose Jessica Lange,and Even Peters who are both fan’s favorite.

  • Pinkie

    Don’t watch Revenge, but from what you all are saying it’s a good guess. But since it has the ‘storytelling’ angle and you’re all thinking Once About A Time, then what about Grimm?

    • luvprue1

      I like the Grime guess. It make a lot of sense , since he’s a grime,and he will be going after whatever you call those things. A change of setting will not affect the show.

  • dee123

    Between Revenge & AHS.

  • dallasJAC

    I don’t know if it is a “hit”, per se… But what about “Hart of Dixie”? Dr. Hart, Rachel Bilson, is from NYC and George Tucker was a lawyer in NYC?
    All I’ve got….

    • pinky

      That’s what I was thinking, too. It would make sense, because Dr Hart was supposed to go back to NYC after a year. I’m not sure how they’d deal with all the rest of the characters, though. And the town of Blubell is kind of a character, too, because of the big role it plays. I can see them doing it for a few episodes, but the whole season?

  • Elle and Bee

    ah i was gonna say “the walking dead”.. but they are on season 2.

    i got nothin’

    • luvprue1

      I was think that too. The walking Dead changing their setting to New York would be interesting,and scary.

      However I think it might be a show like “Up all Night”.

  • Hampton

    To Ivy League
    Poor people in the winter in the Hamptons what will they think of next. Soon sunday nights at Nick and Toni’s you might see really poor people like Ron Perleman,jane Rose, Penn Marshall, Billy Joel, the Patricoffs, the Bruce Wassermans,Calvin Klein, Sarah Jessica and Matthew,Steven and Kate Spielberg,Vered, Jerry Della Femina etc.Not everyone spends every weekend in NYC in the winter. And yes Revenge is probably moving.

  • AdiosContaminos

    Homeland would be interesting. After last nights episode it makes it look like Carrie is out of the CIA, or they could flash back to NYC in 2001?

  • stanton

    Two Broke Girls Rumor has it that it was to switch to a single camera show

  • cutieswift13

    Hart Of Dixie!!!

  • justjenn

    With regards to Revenge – what will the deal be with Jack and Declan then? Their bar is out there and they’re broke – how can they afford to be in NYC? I don’t see how that would work.

    • hautepj

      Actually, that would be the PERFECT chance to get rid of Declan! His character is pretty unpopular with the fans. He has that weird accent like he can’t decide if he’s from Maine, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island and his acting is pretty bad. I’d hate to see Jack go, but my guess is the show is Revenge.

  • jeannie

    File this one under solved! It’s American Horror Story. Here’s an interview with creator Ryan Murphy from Entertainment Weekly confirming the show is moving locations for season 2.


  • newbatgirl

    This is Revenge. Both Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp mentioned in early interviews that the plan for the show was for it to shift from the Hamptons to NYC.