The Hunk’s Private Love Life

[EOnline] Brucey Huskers is a gorgeous star. Brucey’s hot. Brucey has a super-b*tchin’, manly body. Brucey hangs with other equally luscious-lookin’ Tinseltown (and Blind Vice star) celebrities, who he’s gotten mucho intimate with.

So, why is Brucey having trouble getting some lovin’ lately?

Oh, wait. That rumor that he’s not getting any since his big Hollywood split turns out to be…

Just that, a rumor!

“Don’t you realize that this explains everything a little bit more clearly?” said one of the dudes who hangs thisclose alongside the humpy celebrity, who’s gone back to getting it on with guys (something he did before his latest sexy starlet romance), since his latest publicized romance went sour.

“Ever stop to think why these ‘relationships’ of his don’t last,” asked Brucey’s equally handsome bud, rhetorically. “Only a guy who’s into guys would go out with the women this guy’s gone out with,” bitched the Huskers hanger-on.

Now, if you’re able to follow the logic here, it pretty much makes sense: Brucey hooks up with Hollywood gals who are gorgeous but who he knows he has zilcho in common with. Everyone’s shocked when it doesn’t work out, as both parties are almost always super hot! Leaving the public breathless and waiting for the next hetero hook-up.

So, what gives?

Just that Brucey wants to keep getting in on with the guys even though he tells even himself it’s the chickers he’s really wanting.

Uh, so not the case.

But, Brucey will be the last to know this.

AND IT AIN’T: Ashton Kutcher, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen

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87 comments to The Hunk’s Private Love Life

  • LolaVee

    Leo was the first one to come to mind (recent break-up, seemingly incompatible girlfriends). Though I’m usually quickly shot down on the Ted C. blinds by people telling me that my guess already has a blind vice moniker.

    • Lozza2

      Awww. I think he does already have a BV though. And his body does not fit the description.

    • luvprue1

      I think it’s Leo too. He hot,and always have date hot girls, yet he doesn’t come across as being all that interested,or invested in a relationship with girls. I say it’s Leo.

    • RedScience

      Do people really consider Leo’s bones to be a ‘super b*tchin manly body?’ Ick.

      • RedScience

        Sounds more like Ryan Reynolds to me. Even up close, in person, with no makeup or lighting he is DREAMY (sigh).

  • LydiaVance

    I’m thinking Dicaprio…..

  • Yabby

    Bradley Cooper

    • GingerNaps

      Good one, Yabby. This is Bradley Cooper.

      For those who say that Bradley already has a Vice name (Steve McBeve or something), Ted has indicated that peeps can have more than one Vicey nickname. Clues: ‘hangs’ used twice = The Hangover. Two paragraphs start with ‘Just’ plus the BI uses the phrase ‘into guys’ = He’s Just Not Into You. The phrase ‘so not the case’ = Case 39 (a movie from a couple of years ago). Brucey = Bradley.

      • Mermaid

        Which Ted are you talking about? Ted C. of EOnline has stated time & again that his blind vicers only have ONE nickname ever. Unless they are revealed (i.e. a blind vice reveal), in which case he gives them another one if they vice again.

        Can’t be Leo D as he is rumored to be King Shlong. Sorry LolaVee :(

      • Mermaid

        Also can’t be Bradley Cooper if he already has a vice nickname that hasn’t been revealed. Although I wouldn’t know if the does as Coop kinda bores me so I don’t follow him.

      • jeannie

        Ted has stated many many times people cannot have two blind vice names. They can, however, appear in multiple blinds as an unnamed participant. I’m fairly certain Bradley Cooper was confirmed to be a vice long before this one, so if that’s the case, this one is not him.

      • Megley

        Peeps can have more than one name IF they’ve already been revealed. FOr instance, Teri Hatcher was revealed to be Myrtle DeathMint. But if she warrants it, Ted will give her a new vice name. Cooper has a vice previously, and has not been revealed. He’s one or the other; he’s not both. Ted just answered this the other day about Kutcher, saying he’s either Smoky Shooter OR Pussy Gabor–he’s NOT both.

    • GingerNaps

      ‘Huskers’ is the symbol for Nebraska. Bradley was in ‘Yes Man,’ set in Nebraska, which may be why he said in his ‘sexy People’ article that he hopes one day to have a daughter named Nebraska.

      (By the way, if you didn’t catch S Colbert on Cooper as the Sexiest Man Alive, it’s really worth Googling!)

    • raslebol

      but Cooper ‘s blind vice is yet about he’s gay

  • msp96302

    Leo doesnt have a great body. Not by any stretch.

    Going with Ryan Gosling.

  • malkatz

    People are guessing Ryan Reynolds.

  • ally cat

    Leo does not have a super b’tchn body!

  • ally cat

    Or even a manly body……

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    I’m going with Ryan Reynolds. He’s got a really nice body.

  • Camembert

    The guy is in denial about being gay?!? Ryan Reynolds

  • liberache

    Guys … this is definitely Ryan Gosling. Ssuper b’tchn body! Quiet strolls and intimate dinner dates in Paris with … wait for it … Eva Mendes??!! What’s that all about? What does this guy have in common with Eva Mendes? I mean … really?

    • Camembert

      Lol. I love hating on Eva Mendes.

      • EmeraldCity

        About the RGos guess…I really tried *NOT* to believe my friend when he told me this story, but now its making sense…my good gay friend lived in LA when he was 20-21 years old (He’s 31 now, so that’s about the year 2000-2001.) He worked at the Banana Republic in the beverly center and his friend that worked with him was also gay. He tells me that he knows for a fact this guy was dating/fooling around with RGos, and that he wasn’t that big on hiding it, he would come by the store to pick him up and they would *hang* out I have asked him to re-tell me this story SEVERAL times and i always ask him “are you SURE it was ryan gosling??” and he says he’s POSITIVE and that he saw him come into the store twice and he knew they were dating/fooling around…it is still SO hard for me to believe but my friend had NO reason to make that up…and he wouldn’t have been nearly as famous in 2000-2001

      • luvprue1

        Me to. I don’t know why. I just do.

  • escape2

    Probably a Ryan..but which one?

  • smokey7

    Jake Gyllenhaal

  • ChattyCathy

    George Clooooooney?!?!?

  • amagod121

    I’ll go with the Cloonster for $800, please, Alex.

  • amagod121

    Ha ha, pretty funny to put Sheen’s picture on a BI about a sexy hunk. He hasn’t been one in soooo many years.

  • Okayeah

    DiCaprio, Cooper, Gyllenhaal and Clooney ALL have BV monikers already. Gosling seems like a good fit.

    • michaelboston80

      What are their monikers, I think I may have missed out? I know JG is Toothy Tile, but what of the others?

      • apple martini

        Leo is King Schl*ong. Cooper is No-Beave Steve. I don’t know Clooney’s.

      • Okayeah

        Hoo boy, let’s see if I can do this! Leo D. might be King Schlong. Jake G. is Toothy, Bradley C. is supposed to be Topher Hairy-Tuchus and George C. I can’t for the life of me think of it but Ted has confirmed he has a BV in the past.

    • the great chrysanthemum

      I think Clooney was ‘Slick Brick’

  • TheOtherIan

    Gosling sounds good to me, but, it’s probably just wish fulfillment on my part. Besides, what was his big HW breakup? Ryan Reynolds might fit too. He has the breakup with Scarjo and a fab set of ab’s, but doesn’t he have a BV moniker already? Leo d is a good guess, except he sure doesn’t have the rocking bod, and he already has a BV moniker. This would fit Jake G too, except he’s toothy. Who else had a big HW split and had a famously hard body? Chris Evans?

  • callmedave

    Shot in the dark, but I will say Chord Overstreet. The famous beards being Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts. The clues in this don’t seem too specific, so I think Ted C wants it to be a little tricky?

    • Mermaid

      I like this guess the best out of the rest right now. Chord also dated Rumer Willis. And rumor is mentioned twice in this blind via

      “That rumor that he’s not getting any since his big Hollywood split turns out to be…

      Just that, a rumor!”

      But he really doesn’t fit with the AIAs. And Ted leaves clues all over the place so … I don’t know.

  • Stardust

    Howzabout Gerard Butler?

  • sweeeeet

    Joe Jonas

    • luvprue1

      Joe Jonas do not have a great body. He still have a boys body. Plus, I doubt if many people consider him a hunk,or that he dated a lot of women.

  • heather99

    First time posting!! :)

    This has got to be Ryan Reynolds-dating girls guys would never go for=Alanis Morisette. Big Hollywood break up-ScarJo and now someone younger Blake Lively.

  • itssunnyoutside

    It’s Ryan Reynolds. In person he is a tall, skinny, nerdy type and he sounds gay when he speaks.

  • mrkitty

    I really think Gerard – he does the loreal ads so he clearly appeals to both sexes. Does Ted ever give actual clues? It all seems a bit stream of consciousness style writing to me….

    • Furfle

      I don’t think Gerard had a big HW breakup. I’m guessing one of the Ryans and leaning towards Reynolds. Alanis. Scarjo Sandra Blake. Interesting how both Ryans dates Sandra though. Hmmm

  • azura1

    George Clooney?

  • sarahc0608

    First time poster! Thanks BG for a great site. You eliminate the need to check every website for the blind vices! Thank you!

    What strikes me about this post is that it doesn’t say he is an actor. Could it possibly be a “star” from a reality show? To me, this screams Derek Hough of DWTS. He has a great body, he’s hot, and he always is involved in these “hearsay” romances, the last being Lauren Conrad. Granted, the isn’ts really don’t have a connection with him, but he is supposedly single right now. Thoughts?

  • danneka

    i think it could be any of them above but these kind of blinds are never revealed so it’s hard to know who it could be.

  • danneka

    show the love please BG – i go on here often and i feel like you treat me like a 2nd class citizen and i’m not a trouble maker so i don’t know what the deal is but you threw out my two comments which had nothing bad in them. can you let me know what i’m doing wrong because i don’t get it?! lol

  • Mermaid

    How can this be Ryan Reynolds when the blind clearly says

    “That rumor that he’s not getting any since his big Hollywood split turns out to be…

    Just that, a rumor!”

    This means the guy is currently not in a relationship or dating a woman at all right now, right? But both Ryans (Gosling & Reynolds) are. So it can’t be them.

    So back to the drawing board.

    Clues here are: “breathless” & “rumor” among others probably.

    • Mermaid

      Okay, maybe he IS dating someone right now as per “(something he did before his latest sexy starlet romance)” — does this mean he IS dating someone right now or is it referring to the past publicized break-up?

      No matter, it can’t be Ryan Reynolds since he and Bullock had/have a lot in common. As did Gosling & Rachel (both Canadian, both laid back, etc)

  • mrkitty

    Can anyone join the AIA’s? Sean has a temper, Charlie is insane and Ashton?

  • apple martini

    I like the Ryan Gosling guess. Or Reynolds. One of the Ryans. The other guesses (Leo, Cooper, etc.) are all already linked to BVs that Ted hasn’t revealed yet (meaning they wouldn’t have second ones yet).

    • GingerNaps

      But if they haven’t been revealed, wouldn’t it be simply speculation that the Vice name is in fact Leo or Bradley? Just a thought.

  • Chosen

    Derek Hough. He recently ”broke up” with Lauren Conrad and was in a fake relationship with Cheryl Cole and Shannon Elizabeth before that. He is currently in New York with Lauren Conrad, or wa last week.

  • lilmarie

    gotta go with George Clooney.

  • SarahW

    A. Skarsgard

  • Stackhouse

    I’m guessing Bradley Cooper as well.

  • marsci

    First time poster!
    What I noticed about the AIA’s is that they have all been on Two and Half Men. Not sure if that is a clue or not but some of the guest stars from this show have been Chris O’Donnell and John Stamos.

  • Katester

    I think we’re all missing the point here: BIG breakup and then not seeing ANYONE.

    I’m doubtful that, having printed pictures of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Ted is referring to him.
    I’m equally doubtful that, having documented all the women Ryan Gosling takes to Disneyland, Ted is referring to him. (Ted has stated in one of his Mail-backs that Gosling is straight)

    Unfortunately, this isn’t Bradley Cooper because he has a STANDING B-V moniker. Stars only get one WORKING moniker; once it’s revealed, then Ted will reassign.

    This is someone less obvious.

    Is this Penn Badgley? Chad Michael Murray? Ed Westwick?

  • Guestimate

    Based on previous comments and other discoveries, I can’t help but think that this is Bradley Cooper too.

    First, Sexiest Man Alive title in November.

    Let’s look at his love life over the last few years. Links to Jennifer Esposito, Isabella Brewster and Jennifer Lopez could explain the comment about “who he’s gotten MUCHO intimate with”.

    He’s also been rumored to spend time with Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Wilde (latest starlet?).

    Dating Denise Richards in 2009 would qualify the pic of Charlie Sheen along with “The Hangover”.

  • alwaysguessing

    A Rod? it just says “star” doesn’t state in what venue… ALL his conquests including his ex wife… if they dont start out “manly” in figure, end up becoming obsessed with muscle tone(and or or in K.hudsons case buying some boobs to go along with the braun). He gets the ladies, has a killer bod and all his women that last for any length of time end up all “roidy” or “veiny” looking.

    • Guestimate

      I can actually see where A-Rod would fit in with this description, but he’s been dating his personal trainer for the last couple of months and not a “starlet”. I wouldn’t consider Cameron Diaz a starlet either as she’s a full fledged “star”. But you’re right about A-Rod liking very athletic women.

  • dorothea

    I am also going with A Rod. When it says it isnt Charlie, and Sean and Ashton I think that is the clue.
    When I think of Charlie I think of baseball. Ashton punked A Rod on his show Punked and he (A Rod) dated Madonna supposedly which is the link to Sean Penn. And Madonna always stated she would never date a man who hadnt had another mans tongue in his mouth. So, thats my take on it.

  • phyllis

    A-Fraud. That’s what the Yankees called him. And he was OBSESSED with Jeter. I like this guess.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Kris Humphries.

    There’s another of Ted’s blinds (Carmelita Sausage-Climber) that’s pretty obviously Kim K.

    You can read the Kim K. blind here:

  • stolidog

    So, Ryan Reynolds finally has a blind

  • UptightCitizensBrigade

    Colin Farrell? Lainey seems obsessed with his singlehood today!

    • UptightCitizensBrigade

      He wasn’t on Two and a Half Men (AIAs were, I understand) but was one of the ‘famous friends’ who visited Sheen during his meltdown earlier this year.

  • Argyle

    Jessie James? Wouldn’t that be a gem! :-) haha!

  • Argyle

    Jessie James? Wouldn’t that be a gem! :-) haha!

  • DHK101

    I am leaning toward this being a sports star. Maybe, Derek Jeter?. He has a long list of actresses and models he has been linked with and he did break up with Minka Kelly recently.

    • Furfle

      While I initially thought Reynolds, Teds new clue leads me to believe it might be Jeter or A-Rod. There is a longstanding rumour about Jeter and his personal trainer and A-Rod certainly has a type.

  • DHK101

    The only other person i can link to the AIA’s and kind of fits in to this is John Stamous. He did make a guest appearance on Three and half Men once.

  • DHK101

    And was rumored to replace Charlie sheen and i think even visited him during his meltdown.

  • danneka

    aw THANKS BG i feel alot better now <3

  • jets4274

    Bradley Cooper, definitely