She’s A Bear Down There

[PopBitch] Which actress – known for her wild, untamed hair – has cuffs which match the collar? A West End dresser claims hers is the hairiest m*nge she’s ever seen, describing it as looking like “a bear pelt”.

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  1. Beatrixie says

    Helena Bonham Carter sounds like a good fit, especially with the term ‘m*nge’, which is mostly used in England.


      Mane of hair is Julia Roberts I agree, and I bet she loves her MANE of pubic hair

  2. kristiner says

    West End as in London. Gotta be Helena Bonham Carter. Plus her hair is dark dark dark brown and almost black. Dark haired women with this hair tend to have very dark hair down below. And this is a dresser not a waxer and Helena doesn’t seem like a waxing type of women but more natural. Look at Tim Burton. He doesn’t look like he minds a forest.

  3. malkatz says

    Definitely agree with the Helena guess. My first instinct was Amy Winehouse… unfortunately, this is obviously not about her.

  4. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Yeah, it has to be HBC. Her hair always looks crazy whenever she does red carpet events. Even her initials spell hairy bear cooch. LOL

  5. amagod121 says

    HBC is more of the generation to go natural there. For people my age, it seems weird to bare all down there.

    • Stackhouse says

      I’m 24 and I find a bald v*gina both weird and disturbing, as it’s too childlike in appearance. As the saying goes, you can trim the hedges, but don’t burn the field.

      • magnolia says

        @stackhouse really not trying to be argumentative, but by that logic aren’t bare legs and armpits childlike too??

        in any event – i think everyone has a hairless v*gina – it would be quite unusual to have hair there as the v*gina is the internal genitalia. think you mean the v*lva.

      • Stackhouse says

        I think you *are* trying to be argumentative. My closest friends study medicine, which is also a huge interest of mine alongside what I’m studying myself, so I’m perfectly aware of the fact that the v*lva consists of the external genital organs. That said, albeit it might not be used correctly, v*gina is the most commonly used term for the female genitalia by laymen, thus my choice of word. Had I known it would be this confusing to you, and not apparent that it’s indeed the external parts with hair I was referring to, then I would have chosen v*lva instead.

        And no, that’s not following “that logic” as there are ethnic groups with little to no leg and axillary hair, but who still have visible p*bic hair.

        I hope that answers your questions, Magnolia. Merry Christmas to you too.

      • Mermaid says

        If I may interject:

        You are actually both correct. For 2 reasons.

        (1) I’ve met women who have very little noticeable hair on their legs & under their arms (sadly, not I) but my mom, for e.g., is one of them. And I’ve met many others. But they ALL have noticeable hair on their v*lvas. Or so they say since I haven’t checked them personally LOL. So p*bic hair is definitely an adult thing, but not always hair on the legs and underarms.

        (2) It’s a question of social conditioning. People have been conditioned in North America to view hair on legs and under arms of adult women with distaste. And, too much hair on adult men’s chests with distaste as well. But hairless v*lvas are relatively new and still recall childhood for many, including myself..

        HOWEVER, you are correct in that my esthetician informs me that the trend now is approaching hairless EVERYWHERE except on the head for both men & women. She has men coming in to get rid of their chest hair and p*bic hair – and more & more each year. But it’s going to take a while, assuming the trend catches on, to socially condition the “child view” out of it. IMO, it’s childish and all of the adult guys I have known who like it (always & not just as a novelty) … well, they had a thing for underage girls (around 12 -17 years old) … generally they preferred teens to women & married women who looked very young & had them wear very girlish clothing. Honestly, I found it very disturbing as a guy I dated was like that and that’s why I broke up with him. As the trend becomes more commonplace, maybe it will change, but honestly that’s been my experience.

        Oh, also, what else is infantilizing? Platinum blonde hair on adults. True platinum blonde hair is never found on adults in nature, only on children. But that has become socially accepted now and no one thinks of that anymore.

        Anyway, JMO.

      • jokerjim65 says

        I feel completely left out on this argument. I can not imagine how it is an issue one way of the other, body hair that is. 30 years ago and prior this was never even a discussion, today it seems to be an obsession to many, especially the young. I think it is a shame that so much emphasis is placed on such trivial matters. Would be nice to see intelligence, humility and self-confidence become a trend. Society would be far better off for it.
        Also, in regards to platinum blond on adults, I am in my 40s and am platinum blond. I most certainly do NOT dye, treat or do anything else to my hair.

  6. danneka says

    i think bonham is a good guess. i worked at a hotel she stayed at and she was totally gross when i had to drop off something for her in her room chewing gum and smoking gum and she looked really dirty.

    • CoCoJoe says

      What does chewing gum, smoking and looking “dirty” have to do with perfectly normal choices in grooming your private parts? Helena is not 30, I’ll bet most women over 45 do not wax. Are there any legitimate statistics?

  7. apple martini says

    This is a UK-based site and the West End refers to London theater, obviously. HBC has done theater before, but nothing lately. It could be a dresser remembering something that isn’t recent. Or it’s not HBC.

  8. MyCatLovesTV says

    This sort of post makes me think of the old photo of Demi Moore from the natural and non-waxed 80’s. Referred to as a “fur bikini” by the comic, Daniel Tosh. Some things you can’t un-see.

  9. uberkaten says

    Alex Kingston! She was the first person that came to mind for me. I love her and her wild hair.
    I’m a first time poster, I had to get a username just because no other poster had given her name.

  10. Chosen says

    Julia Roberts based solely on the ”armpit” incident. If she can’t take care of her armpits, she won’t be taking care of other areas.

  11. Shouldbeworking says

    HBC and Alex Kingston are both good guesses. This is all British slang, “West End” and “dresser” both mean British theatre, and European women aren’t nearly so obsessed with making themselves look like bald twelve-year-olds. Mature, natural sexiness FTW!

  12. MissAndrea says

    A dresser is someone who takes care of the costumes for a theatrical production and aids in dressing the actors.