She Is Meeting Men Online

[BuzzFoto] This once B list (now on her way to D list) star is currently meeting men online for random hookups. She doesn’t ask for payment, but is usually rewarded in dr*gs at the end of the evening. 665

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40 comments to She Is Meeting Men Online

  • combatbaby

    La Lohan

  • PoniTayl

    Mischa Barton

  • Dee Lyter

    Tara Reid. Mischa was my second choice.

  • brainy

    Agree w/Dee, Tara Reid

  • Outlineboy

    Are there any clues here?

  • Mermaid

    All great guesses!

  • MissOlivia

    Lindsay Lohan?

  • super sleuth

    I’d say that Tara Reid is already D list, not on her way, and Hohan was once A, so I’ll go with Mischa.

    • Katmandu

      Blohan “was once A”? For WHAT??? She was in a couple of crap kiddy movies and everyone carries on as if she was Meryl Streep. I wouldn’t put it past her, but I can’t see her bothering to search out drug buddies online, so I’ll say Tara Reid.

  • CanaryCry

    Mischa Barton.

  • amagod121

    Lindsay? I sincerely hope it’s not Mischa or Tara. It’s sad to think of someone that far down who isn’t already there.

    • Mermaid

      For some reason, Mischa really gets my sympathy going. She just seems so lost. As does her sister. The whole family seems so lost.

    • alexxa

      I agree with you and Mermaid. But I don’t understand why you would hope it’s Lindsay over Mischa and Tara. The three of them seem equally lost and confused.

      • amagod121

        It’s just that Lindsay is already known for being this lost. I’d hate to think of someone else being that

      • amagod121

        far along. And Lindsay is harder to sympathize with. When I look at her, I see Dina or Michael Lohan. The attitude is just so bad. But yeah, you make a good point, thank you.

      • Mermaid

        I actually think ( & this is JMO) that Lindsay has a personality disorder i.e. narcissism. She seems (to me) to be very self-entitled. There’s been a lot of press about her victimizing others (e.g. stealing her friends’ clothes, stealing others’ jackets because she wants it, jewelry, saying her suitcase was stolen with tons of borrowed jewelry, etc) that makes me believe this.

        Because Lindsay has victimized so many others (if those stories are to be believed), its very very difficult to have any sympathy for her (IMO). I generally don’t sympathize and cannot empathize with self-entitled, narcissistic people. That type of “lost” doesn’t elicit my sympathy.

        Mischa, OTOH, doesn’t seem like that. Mischa seems like she made a ton of bad choices in life & has been used & abused by the Lindsay’s & Nicole’s & Paris’s & Brandon’s. Sad.

        Tara? Weird chick. I have no opinion on her.

  • Furfle

    Natasha Lyonne?

  • kitnkabood

    Kristen Johnston – 3rd Rock From The Sun.

  • juliebear75

    Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  • sweeeeet

    My first initial guess was Tara Reid. Second guess was Courtney Love.

    • meowingloudly

      Seconded the courtney love guess.

      She always used to put photos up of random guys that looked like bums on her twitter.
      Bet she would scour websites for very obvious looking drug addicts then message them.

  • heather99

    Tara Reid- she has landed back in the U.S. and looked a hot mess and has been on the down low ever since. Mischa wouldn’t do an online hook-up, she has a thing against computers and emails. The only other person I can think of would be Shannon Elizabeth although saying B list is overly generous but she does seem shady and would not be immediately recongizable to these losers she is seeking

  • alwaysguessing

    First time poster, long time follower (luv BG) … I say Ashlee Simpson?
    I know the photo means nothing unless its a BG item… But the chin and the hair in the pic looks like the haircut she has been sporting, minus the ponytail.
    In my opinion she used to be on the radar enough to be considered B list and get in the tabloids… but since her split from Pete Wentz, personal and professional failures/embarrasments, and present relevence… not so much hanging on to any list!! Family name should secure a solid “D” though.
    It also hints “financial” not being an issue, but drugs being the key…
    She had a mini “Heidi Montag” prior to snagging Pete from Michelle T. and having Bronx (i know not relevent)…. therefor the low self esteme is being stroked hooking up with “who ever” and utilizing her prior relevence and family $$$ while getting her drugs and ego stroked under the radar?

  • mrkitty

    Courtney love – she is meant to be broke so can’t afford her drugs

  • jerzeyshark

    Tara Reid just got married.

  • Dee Lyter

    The marriage wasn’t legal and they are not together anymore. Her reps even announced that she had married a different guy and found out the mistake when she tweeted about the wedding. She supposedly has a thing for dating “businessmen”. Also, money wise, she is the LOWEST paid of the new American Pie movie by a wide margin. I read somewhere that the producers felt she would take any amount just to be in the film.

    Natasha Lyonne and Robin something Kelly from That 70s show also come to mind for this too.

  • Outlineboy

    This is yet another of the many many blinds that makes me think that if it’s true and the woman is of any reknown at all it would make it out to more mainstream sources. So it’s gotta be someone really on the low low side of fame. If it were someone like Courtney Love or Ashlee Simpson or even Tara Reid, someone would take notice.