Married Film Stars Don’t Sleep Together

[CDAN] This A list movie actress married to a B list movie actor was overheard saying, “I have not slept in the same bedroom as my husband for years.” The foreign born B list movie actress married to a B+ television actor on a hit network show replied, “I wish for that everyday, but he keeps figuring out how to unlock my bedroom door.”

First Couple:

Second Couple:

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35 comments to Married Film Stars Don’t Sleep Together

  • julio2

    Well the Second Couple sounds to me like Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.
    I have no clue for the First Couple.

  • scoobydoo

    streisand/ brolin -couple one

  • Recyclechick

    Couple one – SJP and Broderick? Hi BG, long time lurker but first time poster! Love this site! x

  • whatahoot

    Couple 1 – Matthew Broderick and SJP
    Couple 2 – Not sure, but liked the Blunt/Krasinski guess.

  • EaterOfWorlds

    Geeze, whoever it is that unlocks the door shows an utter lack of respect for their partner. There’s nothing wrong with separate bedrooms, if you do it for better sleep. Locking the door to keep your partner out is not a good sign of a happy marriage.

    • Camembert

      It sounds like the foreign-born actress was joking–it was fairly funny–nevertheless the Blunt/Krasinski marriage has been rumored to be unhappy.

    • smartiep

      Sounds like dry British humour to me, and it’s a type of humour that we use here but is often missed abroad. It also makes it sound even more like Emily Blunt could be the right guess.

  • Ralphie

    I’m on board with the SJP/Broderick and Blunt/Krasinski guesses, being overhead at the recent Muppet premiere.

    • demandah

      On what planet is SJP an A list movie actress? Matthew Broderick is mainly a stage actor – B list or otherwise. That said, no clue who it might be but it’s safe to say they certainly aren’t the only married couples who don’t have sex anymore – with each other!

      • whatahoot

        Because of Sex and the City, SJP is A-list. I don’t think she should be either, but ask around, she’s still considered A. Broderick is a solid B for movies namely for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

      • amagod121

        Whatahoot and co. – agree.

      • Megley

        Broderick will always be A in my book on the strength of Election and The Freshman. And Bueller.

      • stolidog

        If Kate Hudson is A, SJP is A.

      • smellyoulater

        SJP was a movie star LONG before Carrie Bradshaw came along. She is definitely a solid A-lister.

      • Outlineboy

        I wouldn’t call her a movie “star” on her best day. I don’t think she’s an “A” at all. Her last movie she headlined bombed. People went to the SITC movies not so much for her but for the franchise. To someone of my generation, Broderick is always going to be the “A-lister” of that couple.

        I don’t think couple #1 is them… like someone said, he’s more theatre now.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I agree with the others. SJP is recognized internationally because of SITC and can definitely open a movie on her own. A-list stars are not immune to having their films bomb (Nicole Kidman in that movie Australia, for one). Heck, Jennifer Aniston is considered A-list even though her movies are consistently yawn-worthy!

      • Outlineboy

        Okay, I see your point about SJP. But for the other reasons, I don’t believe they are couple #1.

      • apple martini

        But she IS the franchise. Carrie Bradshaw IS Sex and the City. I’m not particularly fond of her, nor do I think she deserves to be A list. But she is, based on Sex and the City.

        (It’s AND the City, not IN the City.)

  • fparker

    Matthew Broderick, I think, is also considered A list. No? Dont like this couple for this.

  • mommalovesapuzzle

    How about Jennifer Connelly (A List/Oscar winner) and Paul Bettany as couple one? Just because they don’t sleep in the same bedroom doesn’t mean they don’t fool around (and have kids).

  • DutchOven

    I like the Blunt/Krasinski guess for the second couple. They were my first and only thought because they seem to fit the blind so well.

    While I agree that SJP is A-list I don’t think that it would have listed her as an A-list “movie actress” I think if it were her it would have said something like “former television star who now focuses on movies” because although she has done movies before and after S&TC I believe that the franchise is what made her truly A list. As for Broderick, he’s more theatre A lister than movie B lister if you ask me.

    That being said, it seems like a widely known fact that SJP and MB have a sexless marriage (I can think of a few not so blind items posted about them here before) but I just don’t think the clues fit in this case.

  • sweeeeet

    Annette Benning and Warren Beatty

    • Outlineboy

      uh uh….. Warren will be A-list for the rest of his life even if he never makes another movie. Conversely, she’s not an A. Not anymore at least. Actually, I hate these letter grades – they so arbitrary, to be honest.

  • sinamin

    Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas!

    • 4sixx2

      Melanie Griffith “A” list??? Not for AT LEAST two decades! (Nothing against you, sin, just against the thought of an A list Melanie…

  • mrkitty

    If he snores like my husband, good for her!!!!!

  • gippercat

    Is Maggie Gyllenhaal A list to anyone? Somehow I don’t think so but maybe her and Peter Sarsgaard. Yes she’s pregnant but the blind doesn’t say the couple isn’t fornicating.

  • apple martini

    SJP and Broderick were the popular guess for a blind a few weeks ago about a couple that hadn’t had sex in five years. She’s A list because of Sex and the City (AND, people, not IN) and he’ll always be at least B because of Ferris Bueller, even though he hasn’t done as much lately.
    And Blunt and Krasinski make sense for the second couple. I agree though that it’s probably dry English humor and not to be taken too literally.