My Husband’s New Assistant

[Bossip] Basketball Wives may have a reputation for drama, but this NFL wife puts them all to shame. She’s been known to pitch a hissy fit if her baller hubby has to do business with any attractive woman. So publicists and assistants beware, because heads will roll! Her husband doesn’t have the cleanest slate off the field, but his skills on the field have made him very coveted. Too bad his wife watches over him like a a prison warden. We wonder why she’s so insecure, given she’s stepped out on him more than once.

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29 comments to My Husband’s New Assistant

  • Ralphie

    That pic is high-larious!

    Holier than thou Gisele and Tom Brady? I would love this to be them given her snooty attitude and his past of cheating on Bridget Moynihan while she was pregnant. I can’t connect the other dots though. Brady is talented but I wouldn’t call him coveted since he’s most likely a Patriot for life. By the pic I’m assuming a white player, but there aren’t too many higher profile ones who are married with reputations.

    I’ll stick with Horseface and Tom.

    • KWDragon

      No, I agree with Ralphie on this. Her attitude is legendary and, although her body is amazing, her face is nothing special. Before you come back and question my looks, I don’t get paid to be pretty, so it’s not really a valid comparison.

    • Ralphie

      That’s all good and fine. I’m entitled to my opinion and I stand by it.

      Go to any celeb blog and see what most people think of Gisele. There are many who share my opinion that she is snooty, especially in regards to herself as a mother. She’s made comments about losing baby weight, eating and nursing that are offensive to regular moms. And it’s documented she was stalking the Pats locker room when Brady was still with Moynihan. I know people within that organization. I’m not a Pats fan but respect Brady as a QB and athlete. As a person, I think his personal behavior is his business. But I don’t have to like it.

      I’m quite content with my own life, thank you very much.

      Wow, BG, between this and my Cutler rant, my soapbox is getting warn out this week!

  • AdiosContaminos

    I’m assuming the sentence with the “on and off the field” is written backwards accidentally…should it say he sucks on the field but has some good moves off the field instead?

    If so I say Hank & Kendra because he had a huge mistake in a playoff game a few years ago and I can see Kendra being jealous and cheat herself.

    • LolaVee

      No, I think it’s written correctly. I think it’s simply saying that he’s got a shady reputation off the field, but he’s very skilled as a football player.

    • Seanx40

      Hank is unemployed. I doubt he needs an assistant. I am sure he can change the TV channel all by himself.

  • I would just love it if it’s Gisele. She apparently comes from a remote country place in Brazil, too. This photo cracks me up.

  • CoCoJoe

    What’s the picture all about?

  • Tracy511

    Pilar Sanders

  • 4sixx2

    Well because the post uses “wives” and “drama” I’m going to have to go with…

    Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. He has a decent career and she’s totally insecure. I believe her stepping out more than once would have been prior to her pregnancy. And I can see her being VERY worried about keeping him!!!

    Although… seems like “prison ward” could be a clue about someone doing time…

  • kc from tx


  • dedhamguy

    Hope it’s not Tom & Giselle…Love them both!!

  • smokey7

    Tony Romo & Candice Crawford. The picture solved it for me. She’s a cowgirl… he’s the QB for the Cowboys.

    • LolaVee

      They’ve only been married a few months though, and she got pregnant practically right away (not much time for her to cheat). I could be wrong, but I’m guessing a couple that has been married a little longer.

  • Tru Tru2

    yeah, I’ll go with Tom Brady and the horseface model with the nice body, who I have seen myself almost sneer at female fans.

    she knows when to turn on the niceness, TRUST me, she is not always nice to Tom’s fans.

    Tom could have done better.

  • brittypie

    Considering this blind came from Bossip, which mostly covers African American rumors and news I highly doubt it’s Tom and Giselle.

    • smokey7

      I agree with you. I wouldn’t call Tom Brady a ‘baller.’ The picture made me think Tony Romo, but I’m going to go with Plaxico Burriss and his wife Tiffany instead. He definitely doesn’t have a clean slate off the field.

    • Ralphie

      I thought about that britty! But I couldn’t reconcile that with the pic.

      Unless the pic alludes to a retired Cowboy player?

      If so, then maybe it is Deion/Pilar Sanders or Michael Irvin. Both would still need assistants in their lives.

  • PolarBear99

    Agree with Brittypie…
    I actually think it’s Kim Z and Kroy. Although they are both Caucasian, most of the Real Housewives Atlanta cast is African-American.

  • Seanx40

    I don’t think it is Gisele either. It seems more like the opposite is true. That she cares little for Tom, and what he does. They are rarely together during the season. Gisele is photographed all over the world, usually with that cute kid. Rarely in Boston, where Tom spends July-January every year.

  • nosyrosie

    Basketball Wives is capitalized. That’s a different show, but maybe hints at RHA?

  • NYtoLA

    Chad ocho cinco and evelyn…. she was on basketball wives (still is) but is w this footballer… can see her being cray.

  • YourNameHere

    Ha ha my gosh you could use the person in the photos teeth as a bottle opener!