Broke Housewife Puts Her Daughter To Work

[NationalEnquirer] Which Bravo “Housewife” has everyone thinking she’s super rich, but her recent financial failings have forced her to put her daughter to work at the family business? This reality star’s offspring is so embarrassed that she uses a fake accent.

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33 comments to Broke Housewife Puts Her Daughter To Work

  • karlos

    Lisa Vanderpump

  • karlos

    Jill Zarin

  • EaterOfWorlds

    Jill Zarin and her daughter Allison (or however it’s spelled)

    • 4sixx2

      Nah, Ally has been on the show too many times to be able to use a fake accent and not have people recognize her.

      Without reading thru the rest of the guesses, I’m saying Vicki Gunvalson. She the Type “A” personality, who would “put her daughter to work”, her business is Insurance, which has hit the crapper along with the economy, AND she’s getting divorced. No?

      Her daughter Briana is last said to be “working at a prestigious hospital” on Vicki’s Bravo Bio, which I’m sure Vicki wrote, but it doesn’t say in what capacity Briana works. The same bio also says that Vicki’s married. So it’s an OLD bio because Vicki’s no longer married to Donn. I’m guessing that Briana answers the phone in the office and uses an accent so no one recognizes her.

  • alulubug

    Don’t know who is it but it’s sad that the girl would feel embarrassed to work. Does she believe that she is so entitled that she doesn’t think that she should work? No wonder mom’s has financial problems.

  • rhchapin

    Lisa Vanderpump. Pandora is probably speaking with an American accent.

    Or it could be Jill Zarin and Allie is using a British accent.

    • enelso32

      I’m confused, I read that as the mother using an accent and the daughter, her offspring, being embarassed by it…

      • zicca1

        Lisa Vanderpump’s accent is a horrific train wreck of an elocution classes fake accent (and hilarious on the occasions she slips up & lets her true accent out….) Has to be her embarrassing Pandora.

      • MissFaye

        So what’s her real accent? Cockney? Because that would be funny.

  • amagod121

    How about Jacqueline Laurita from RHoNJ? Her daughter Ashley is a major brat and would definitely do the accent thing to distance herself from her family and the family business.

  • dedguy

    Jill Zarin. Recent “financial failings” being that God awful book she “wrote” and getting fired from RHONY. Don’t think her underwear line is doing all that well either!

  • tracking

    Vicki from RHOBH?

  • TheArtistFormerlyKnownasJim

    The family buisness??? Is that a roundabout way of saying she is pimping her daughter out??

  • UncleEntity

    Lisa Vanderpump…did you ever notice that Pandora already has a very weird British accent? Lisa, Ken, and the brother don’t have the same accent that Pandora does.

    • ClueMeIn

      I agree 100%. I always thought there was something off about her accent.

      • TPeeves

        Her accent is that she grew up mostly in America, so hers is more a mixed accent. Ken and Lisa lived in the UK longer and therefore have a more established accent. The son barely speaks and he was adopted.

  • enelso32

    This sounds like the “Countess” Luann, to me. Her phony accent is so obnoxious. Unsure of what family business it would be though…

  • Tracy511

    Hhhhmmmm…I guess Ramona is my guess. I was inclined to say the Countess, but I doubt she is “broke.”

  • 10acmelbelle

    Longtime reader, first post! Love, love this sight!
    Maybe it’s not Jill Zarin–her daughter recently transferred to a prestigious university located in Nashville. Then again, the tuition is pricey.

  • EaterOfWorlds

    If the daughter is faking an accent, it means she’s answering phones and not seeing customers face to face. They’ve beeen on TV before, they would be identified by sight. I don’t see Vanderpump’s business being run that way (don’t they just own a couple of restaurants now and live off that and investments?). I don’t see where Pandora could be used to answer phones and not bee seen. However, Jill Zarin did make her daughter work at her fabric company before, for at least a day, answering phones. No one is going to see the kid there. Heck, Zarin even prank called her kid using an accent when she was working.

  • PolarBear99

    I’m thinking that the daughter still has to be in high school. Anyone older would not be embarrassed to work. Jill Zarin’s daughter is in college now, so maybe this is LuAnn or Ramona,

  • mymysmama

    ramona or luann….

  • Furfle

    Ramona. Who buys her tacky jewelry and pinot???

  • yinyang

    My guess is Jill due to pic of woman w red hair& girl resembles Ali… I don’t understand it as I thought they were loaded?! But who knows! I know she wears tags on her clothes so she can return them! Hate that! Gross! Makes you a FAKE! Worked in high end retail& things woman do are disgusting! Does not matter if people have money or not! As Luann said Money doesn’t buy u class! We hid from those customers!

  • creativecaddell

    Caroline Manzo (red hair), making her daughter work at The Brownstone. Supposedly, The Brownstone (in this recession/depression) is struggling for business, and was up for remortgage and the Manzos aren’t doing so well financially, though they are trying to keep up appearances. This is also the reason why (supposedly) Caroline wants so badly to take off as a celebrity, in order to use that as a way to bring in cash.

    Also, this is my first post to blind gossip. I had to throw in this guess!