Email Triggers Television Cast War

[BuzzFoto] This ensemble cast from a popular television show have been getting along great with one another until the last few weeks. Right now, hardly anyone is speaking to one another unless absolutely required. The contention started when one of the stars accidentally read the email of one of his costars. The email contained notes sent in to an editor regarding a “Tell All” of the antics between the cast members. Once word got around that someone was sharing secrets, lines were drawn and people started choosing sides. Right now, directors and producers are scrambling for ways to get everyone to be civil enough to get through the season. 664

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36 comments to Email Triggers Television Cast War

  • sinamin

    Cast of desperate housewives??

  • keeley123

    Up All Night? Clue “Tell All”?

    • AriiEcho

      I hope not! I love the show and the cast :/

    • leshabe

      I don’t think it’d be Up All Night, it hasn’t been around enough to cause speculation about how the cast interacts, ergo no real draw for a “tell all” quite yet. Besides, the cast seems more mature than that. I’m going with either Glee or Desperate Housewives since there seems to be so many catty people on both!

  • gingersnappped


  • smd1004p

    a tell all would probably be after a shows finale…desperate housewives? mad men?

  • JaymeeSays

    Accidentally on purpose lol. My guess “Jersey Shore” I could see one of them selling out the others in a tell-all.

  • smd1004p

    maybe 30 rock

  • mar1ey

    I don’t know how popular it still is, but there appears to be much to talk about on the “Gossip Girl” set.

    • AriiEcho

      I also think it’s them. Seeing how they also just had a storyline about Dan (Pen Badgley – is that how you write his name??) writing a “Tell All” book about their lifes. Maybe that certain someone got the idea after they filmed the show?? Idk.

      • dee123

        I don’t think it’s GG cause’ it says they have been getting along great TILL this e-mail. There have always been rumbling that the cast is not as close as people think.

  • jujubee

    Modern Family? It’s the only popular TV show with a truly ensemble cast I can think of. Maybe The Office, now that Steve Carrell is gone, but I don’t think people would call it popular anymore.

  • MissOlivia

    First time member! Just to be different I’m think it could be Pretty Little Liars maybe?

  • mocha2009

    Big Bang Theory:)

  • stolidog

    How do you accidently read someone else’s email?
    Anyway, the show is Parenthood, and the tension is brewing because of the affair between Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson, who were the subject of a blind about a month or two ago.

    • bedeilas

      This would make me very sad. I think Parenthood is some of the best acting on television. I’m not familiar with the blind about Bonne Bedeila and Craig T. Nelson?

  • ShennanigansOHoolihan

    What the eff is supposed to be on that second cartoon person’s head??? It reminds me a little too much of when Hannibal opened up that guys cranium and all the grey matter was inside…I MUST know, as BF uses the photo as a clue!

    30 Rock? Parks and Recreation? Modern Family? How I Met Your Mother? I don’t know!

  • smile83

    i think the cast is young, because the picture is a cartoon, so i will go with Glee or PLL

  • luvprue1

    Just for something different. How about “The Vampire Diaries”



  • Hypocritical Tyranny

    Family Guy

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    “The contention started when one of the stars accidentally read the email of one of his costars.”
    *Accidentally* hmm? Interesting.
    Anyway, I wish I knew my television better so I could make an informed guess.

    • Mermaid

      Same. I don’t watch TV at all for … at least a decade. And I used to be a TV addict! I get all my info from the net, movies, and the occasional DVD – but only because Mad Men is brilliant.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Yup. Dexter, Mad Men and Breaking Bad are the only shows I follow and the latter two I no longer watch on tv but wait until the DVD’s are released. This is the only forum that makes me wish I spent more time in front of the set. Le sigh.

      • Sweetie Pie

        Famous People, if you love the shows you listed (my faves, as well, although I am new to Breaking Bad), you would love Homeland. It comes on Showtime immediately after Dexter. It has the best acting by Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin and the most interesting storyline. Just my two cents. :). I am aware that I sound like a promoter of the show now.


    I’ll go with CSI, the original one.

  • tasha j

    Cast of glee???

  • ericad20

    The walking dead!!!

  • LovelyGal22

    American Horror Story? There was a blind a few weeks ago that I thought might have been about Connie Britton.