Besties Couples Are A Little Too Close

[CDAN] This could be very awkward. This pair of celebrity couples are best friends. They hang out all the time. Each member of the celebrity couple is actually a celebrity. One married couple features an A list comedian and the other celebrity couple features an A list television host. So, what happens when the husband of the television host is sleeping with the wife of the A list comedian? Can they still hang out? What about the new project the comedian and the host are working on together? Will that still happen? Do they know? Apparently not yet.

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69 comments to Besties Couples Are A Little Too Close

  • Argyle

    Jerry Seinfeld & Kelly Ripa + spouses?!

  • malkatz

    Is Portia DiRossi bisexual?

  • PoniTayl

    K. Rippa & Consuelo & J. Seinfeld and his wife

  • laxangel

    Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos and Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld

  • DGBigD7

    Kelly Ripa & Jerry Seinfeld

    • KatarinaJ

      Are people reading the blind though? The affair is Mark/Jessica. THe spouses then in turn would be Kelly and Jerry.

  • malkatz

    Ellen is the only host I can think of with a famous spouse… Portia identifies as a lesbian, however. Then again, orientation isn’t set in stone. I have had many “straight” or “gay” friends who later realized they were closer to bisexual.

    Either way, I think/hope I’m way off.

  • tnm0425

    TV Host couple: Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos

    Comedian couple: Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld

    Project: Live! with Kelly? Maybe they were thinking of keeping him permanently?

  • CinderellaKid

    Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld as Couple #1 and Kelly Ripa/Mark Conseulos as Couple #2?

  • arimom11

    Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld

    I’m pretty sure

  • Marina



    Jerry Seinfeld (A list comedian); Jessica Seinfeld (wife), Kelly Ripa (TV host) and Mark Consuelos (husband of TV host)
    The four of them were snapped in a picture at the Baby Buggy 10th Anniversary gala Monday night.

    • fparker

      Jessica Seinfeld is not a celebrity

      • MissFaye

        She is, she’s the author of a famous cookbook that has sold many copies and won awards. She has also appeared on Oprah many times promoting healthy foods to prepare for your family. She’s not as famous as her husband but she’s made enough of a name for herself in the “health food world”.

  • Delta

    Host/Husband: Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos
    Comedian/Wife: Jerry & Jessica Seinfield

  • escape2

    Kelly Ripa and husband, Jerry Seinfeld and wife???????

  • mocha2009

    Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuela

    Jerry Seinfield/Jessica Seinfield

  • sinamin

    Ben Stiller and his wife? Kelly Ripa and her husband?? Seems easy to guess, but I’m drawing a blank.

  • brunettegal804

    Jerry Seinfeld and Kelly Ripa with Jessica and Mark having the affair.

  • keeley123

    I like these guesses but is Jessica Seinfeld really a celebrity? I don’t know if it counts if she is famous for being married to Jerry…the blind says that each member is a celebrity.

  • Tiffany

    The only problem I have with the Ripa/Consuelos + Jerry/Jessica is I’m wondering how Jessica is considered a celebrity (besides by marrying one, of course).

  • JaymeeSays

    I’m with everyone else….Jerry + Jessica & Kelly + Mark. Jerry and Jessica were rumored to have started out as an affair, but then got married later on.

  • anthroMajor

    Kelly Ripa/Mark Conseulos: A list host couple
    Jerry Seinfeld/Jessica Sklar: A list comedian couple
    Mark & Jessica having an affair.

    In 1998, Jessica Sklar dumped her first husband, Eric Nederlander, shortly after their honeymoon for the more wealthy and famous Jerry Seinfeld. Sklar then married Seinfeld in 1999.

    Sklar published a cookbook, “Deceptively Delicious,” and was accused of plagiarizing.

    Sklar sent Oprah Winfrey 21 pairs of expensive high-heeled shoes after appearing on the talk show to promote “her” cookbook.

    I love Kelly Ripa, and hope this BI isn’t true though! If it is, then Mark Conseulos is a dbag and deserves the nasty Ms. Sklar!

  • lh8990

    I agree this sounds like Ripa/Consuelos/Seinfeld, but would Jessica (who had that ‘fake your kids out by putting broccoli in cookies’ cookbook as her claim to fame) risk Seinfeld money for Consuelos money???

    Also…for those of you who follow Kelly Ripa more than you should (me=raising hand)…this might explain why a week or two ago Kelly found a catalog at her home that had the name of Jessica Seinfeld inside. She talked about this on her show when Jerry was guest hosting. Hmmmm…

    • mymysmama

      omg you’re totally right..i hope this isnt true…i always thought that jessica was trash for dumping her husband for greener pastures the minute they got home from their honeymoon…

    • amagod121

      Ooh! That is SO not cool to find at home!

      And maybe Jessica (fake cookbook author) is bored but never really thinks that it would come down to actually losing her husband or his money…although, if she’s leaving her mail in Kelly’s home, it could happen.

      • lh8990

        As much as I don’t want this to be true, as the public humiliation would kill Kelly….Jessica Seinfeld has already proven that she isn’t afraid to switch it up…and as much as I like Jerry Seinfeld, staring into the eyes of Mark Consuelos after a romp in the hay is WAY more interesting than rolling over next to JS.

    • Mermaid

      Oh, also…agree that Jessica Sklar is sneaky & underhanded. Just reprehensible how she stole the cookbook idea & then had her powerful husband rip that poor woman to shreds (via media & law)

      Same for how she dumped her first husband for Jerry.

      And as for the Oprah 21 pairs of shoes….”There are no words, there is just empty cipher Jessica & her s*x & the city mentality” SMH.

    • iammeme

      I was waiting for someone to ask this. I’m sure Mrs. Seinfeld is a lovely gal but why would she risk losing the big bucks?!?! Does not sound like her style. Now, if Mark had Seinfeld type money, than it would be a big old YES!!!!!

  • lh8990

    The only other thought….Kelly Ripa and Mark are also VERY close with Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky…though I have to believe Beth is about a foot taller than Mark Consuelos.

    • Mermaid

      I know this is weird. But Beth seems to rally love Howard Stern. At least for now. Doubt she would do that now. Maybe later tho?

  • stolidog

    The only pairing I could come up with would leave Mark Consuelo sleeping with Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, which seems, unlikely.

  • amagod121

    Saw a recent series of pics of Jerry Seinfeld and his wife – her smile just didn’t reach her eyes. At all. And Jerry looked nervous and like he pasted a smile on. Something just seemed wrong in all of the photos. So I’ll go with the Jerry and wife with Kelly and hubby guesses.

    Too bad because Jerry seems so cool.

  • krimekat

    for those of you who follow Kelly Ripa more than you should (me=raising hand)…this might explain why a week or two ago Kelly found a catalog at her home that had the name of Jessica Seinfeld inside. She talked about this on her show when Jerry was guest hosting. Hmmmm… from lh8990 – so sad!!!

    good catch . . . Love Kelly, hope this is not it but who else fits?

    • lh8990

      What other A list television hosts have a husband who is a celeb? Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Kathie Lee Gifford (oh not AGAIN???!!!!!), Giuliana Rancic (think she’d be a B list and certainly not a candidate for this blind at this point in her life).

      And another A list comedian with a celeb wife? Can’t come up with any off the top of my head…….

  • Stardust

    Yup, sure sounds like the Seinfeld’s and the Consuelo’s. But HOW could Mark want to sleep with Jessica Seinfeld? Ewwww…..

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    Just a what if.. What IF the comedian involved was Larry The Cable Guy. Think on it a while.

    Sorry, can’t scrub that from your brain. Won’t work.

  • GingerNaps

    For something different, how about Larry King sleeping with Roseanne Barr?

  • therock

    I have NO clue but had to comment to ask a question. Do you really think Kelly Ripa and her absolute fineness would sleep with Jerry Sienfeld? There’s not a chance in HELL, if so, I’m packing up and heading to Hollywood this weekend.

    • keeley123

      I don’t think it’s that way – I think it’s Jessica sleeping with Mark. Jerry and Kelly are the victims in this blind.

  • uberkaten

    Seinfeld and Rippa for sure.

  • uberkaten

    Seinfeld and Rippa for sure are the victims, sorry that I was not at all clear in my previous post.

  • MommyPalooza

    This is sad, but I think all the guesses are right. Many times I’ve cringed listening to Kelly “joke” about how her husband wishes she had breasts or doesn’t find her attractive, knowing that it’s probably more true than any of us realize. :(