Famous Family Wants Her Back In The Closet

[NationalEnquirer] What famous family is being torn apart by their differing views on homosexuality? The religious clan claims to be inclu­sive, but an openly gay member of the brood is feeling the heat from one particular relative who thinks she should go back into the closet! Who are they?

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47 comments to Famous Family Wants Her Back In The Closet

  • redheadwriter

    Marie Osmond and her oldest daughter, Jessica.

    • PoniTayl

      I concur! The Osmonds! Good job Redhead@

    • SnugBug

      I think it’s the Osmonds too. They are Mormons.

    • witchmagpie

      I think so too.

    • 4sixx2

      Nice guess, Red Head. I’m with you!

    • AKM75

      I think you’re right about Jessica, but I don’t think the famous member of the family wanting her to go back in the closet is Marie. I think it might be Uncle Donny, or perhaps one of the other brothers, even.

    • amagod121

      Nice job! And Donny always gives me the gay vibe but isn’t out, so maybe he’s the one in favor of closeting?

      • Outlineboy

        Jeez… Donny? Really? Please!

      • GingerNaps

        Outline, I know your position on how many of these stars really must not be gay, but I think Ama and I (among others) must have ordered our gaydar monitors from the same shop. With Donny, my gaydar machine registered so strongly, it’s now broken and has to go in for repairs….

    • Outlineboy

      I kinda like the guess, but do the Osmonds ever claim to be “inclusive”? The Mormon feeling on this issue is plain and clear. Plus, I don’t think the general public really is aware that Marie has a gay daughter… at least not to the point where the family would want her back in the closet for the sake of the family image.

  • kitnkabood


    • MrsPatrickBateman

      That would be amazing!

    • PandoraWolf

      Statistically speaking, one of those kids HAS to be gay, right?

      • iammeme

        Statistically speaking, 2 of those kids have to be gay!!

      • GingerNaps


      • gypjet

        Wrong. Only 1.7% of the population is gay. Google it or read about on huffington post.

      • smoothcriminal

        1.7%? purlease.

        At my highschool there were about 150 people in my year & of those 150, i know of at least 7 people who are now openly gay adults. And there are probably a couple in the closet or that im just not aware of. This was also a country town school.

        Anybody who is truly attuned to the sexuality of others will tell you that 1.7% is just plain wrong.

    • ThinkerBelle

      That was my first though too! I would LOVE for that to happen. With all those kids, the odds are in our favor. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Awwww, Thinker. You’d love for that to happen? Think of the child who’d have to deal with such a serious conflict between her inherent self and her families lack of acceptance. Being gay in our culture can be very difficult (especially in certain parts of our country) and I’d hope that anyone who’d come out to their family and friends would only be received with love and acceptance.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        *Love and reassurance.
        I hate repeating words.

  • Beatrixie

    The only one I could really think of would be the Lohan clan. My guess is Michael wants Lindsay back in the closet.

  • Pinkie

    Dick Cheney.

  • NVgirl

    Kathlyn Beatty

  • salamanca

    The Palin family!

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    How Gingrich Thou Art?

  • riddlemethis


  • Mardy Bum

    The people from Sister Wives?

  • Tallie

    One of the Osmonds.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    I just found an article about Marie Osmond and her daughter Jessica. Marie has publicly supported her daughter and gay marriage. But it’s uncle Donny who doesn’t.


  • GingieSnap

    Definitely the Osmond clan, but it’s Alan who is making the most noise about it all.

    Also heard that since Jessica is adopted that it’s not such a big deal to Marie. Same with her son Michael, who committed suicide (who was also adopted and gay). Has to do with their religion…since the kids were adopted, it’s not “their” referring to the parents, fault.

    • WaitLemmeGuess

      I’m not sure Jessica’s adopted. In the pic I saw, she looks exactly like her mom. Also, it’s not like Mormons to think of adopted kids as not “theirs”. They baptize by proxy, even dead people who were never Mormon!

  • Outlineboy

    How does someone go back in the closet once they’re out? Does that just mean they tone it down?

    • GingerNaps

      This is an excellent question!

    • hazel

      I think it means you live on the outskirts of society like a leper or something, keeping your “shameful, sinful” lifestyle away from “decent folk”.

    • PandoraWolf

      Is there rehab for gayness? Pray away the gay?

      Who knows; the family members need to just get over it. There are plenty of horrible things your child could become, and gay is most certainly not one of them.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Outline, it IS a good question but I’m sure you know the answer. Among other behaviors, don’t act effeminate or butch, don’t tell people you’re gay and don’t hint at it with comments like “my bf/gf” either. What a miserable state of affairs one would have to deal with by being told that one is fundamentally wrong/bad/evil/misguided, etc. And Pandora, I’m with you. As long as one leads a good life (devoid of killing, stealing, harming others and actions of the like) there’s little reason to reject or at least come to terms with your childs nature as human being. Alas though, the guidelines religion instills can, for many, be deeply rooted and held on to regardless of reality.

  • Stardust

    It came out (no pun intended) a few years ago that Marie Osmond’s daughter was gay. Marie was even on a radio talk show about it.

  • CanaryCry

    The Osmonds, all right.

  • redheadwriter

    I do agree that it’s not Marie who wants her daughter back in the closet.

  • dorothy

    One of the Gosselin kids.

  • sweeeeet

    It’s Marie Osmond. Marie’s daughter is lesbian, and Marie is very supportive of that. supposably her deceased son was gay too. The only other celebrity I heard of who had two gay children is Emilio Estevez.

  • timesink

    The Cruises. Except he’s not a she.

  • cataroo

    I’m going with Newt Gingrich! I just read today, that his sister is out and has been saying that she will be voting for President Obama due to her bro’s opposition to gay rights aadvocacy. This is according to the site Bossip.