A Fake Shoulder To Cry On


[BlindGossip] When a star is in trouble, it would be nice to think that their celebrity friends would rush in to help them in their time of need. Perhaps they would provide a shoulder to cry on, or a box of Kleenex to dry their dear friend’s tears, or some sage advice based on their own public stumbles or heartbreaks.

Nah. Sometimes they are just there to take advantage of a photo op set up by the guys or gals who handle them! In this case, it’s one agent who happens to handle both of these celebrities and thought that this was a good opportunity to make both of them look better. The truth is that neither of these celebs has many friends outside of their family. And they really can’t stand each other! So the thought of either one of these people taking more than half a second out of their life to genuinely comfort or help the other is actually quite funny.


It’s Madonna and Demi Moore! Source: BlindGossip

When Demi Moore started coming unhinged on mega-doses of drugs/alcohol/divorce/anorexia/plastic surgery/vanity last year, there was a report that Madonna reached out to help her.

We nearly doubled over laughing. Whaaat? These two women, who have both been around forever, don’t like each other at all. But this is show biz, and they share a powerful talent agency (CAA), so they smile for that once-a-year photo op together at an awards party.

Here’s the story from EOnline:

Madonna wants Demi Moore to know she’s there for her.

A source tells me that Madge contacted Moore shortly after hearing the news of her hospitalization.

I’m told that the singer called Moore, and the conversation apparently wasn’t very long. “Madonna told Demi she was there if she needs anything,” my source said.

Although Madonna and Moore aren’t usually in regular contact, “they’re pretty tight,” the source said.

“Pretty tight?” Uh, no. The two can’t stand each other. But we do  know the source of that story: Madonna’s hardworking publicist. How thoughtful of her to take advantage of Demi’s all-time low to win herself some human points for the Friendless Material Girl!

And Madonna could really use all the human points she can get.  She hasn’t made a lot of female friends over the years, and she’s lost the ones that she did have, so her publicist will grasp at any straw to make it look like she’s not a total friendless bitch.

From Star Magazine:

Madonna is singing the blues these days – because her A-list pals have turned their backs on her!

“Madonna doesn’t really have friends anymore,” a source tells Star. “She used to have a huge group who adored her. But now Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kate Hudson, Fergie and everyone else have dumped her.”

And now it seems like all of Tinseltown is shunning the 53-year-old. Madonna was banned from Stella’s 40th birthday party and dad Paul’s wedding. And her outcast status was again obvious when none of her former friends turned out for the Oct. 23 London premiere of her film W.E.

According to the source, the cold shoulder began when Madonna clashed with BFF Gwyneth over her relationship with the actress’s husband, Coldplay front man Chris Martin.

“Madonna got a little too flirty with Chris, and the tension spilled over to her relationship with Gwyneth… when Gwyneth’s relationship with Madonna soured, so did everyone else’s. She got her friends in their circle to dump her too. And now Madonna’s really lonely because of it.”

We actually think that Demi and Madonna should be friends! After all, they both think that they are Queen of Kabbalah, and they both enjoy red string bracelets, excessive plastic surgery, and marrying and divorcing younger men. Since they have so much in common, it just makes sense for them to cougar-pal around, do each other’s hair, and hit up the DSW Gucci Sale together!

Did you catch the clue “more than half”? More = Moore, Half = Demi

Very few of you got this one right. Bumble was first, and 4sixx2 did a good job expressing doubts about their friendship being genuine. Well done!

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