Mom Brought A Thanksgiving Surprise

[BuzzFoto] This C list film actor from a trilogy has had long-standing problems with his mother. The two have been feuding for years, but have still managed to stay in contact. This last Thanksgiving was the last straw when the family got together and the mother brought home her new boyfriend- the C lister’s best childhood friend. 660

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22 comments to Mom Brought A Thanksgiving Surprise

  • ialwaysgettheseright

    Shia – is that you?

  • Beatrixie

    I would say Sean Astin, and his mother Patty Duke… the boyfriend, I don’t know. I just want to imagine it’s Corey Feldman because that would be absurd and funny.

    At any rate, I read that Patty Duke was diagnosed bipolar (manic depression) when she was 35, and that Sean confirms she directed many ‘freakouts’ toward him when he was growing up. They’ve struggled with reconciliation since his childhood. I have a link to the article that I could share, from ABC News’s website, but I don’t know if I can post links!

  • fireskirt

    Triology actor feuding with mother makes me think Christain Bale, but I don’t think he is C list, so I will go with Sean Astin.

  • LolaVee

    HAS to be Sean Astin. For one thing, not very many big trilogy actors have fallen to C-list, but Sean definitely has. He pretty much just does TV movies mow. Also, his problems with Patty Duke (a manic depressive with multiple suicide attempts) are pretty well known.

    • billjj1980

      Patty Duke has been on medication to successfully treat her bipolar for nearly thirty years. She is an avid spokesperson, traveling all around the country with her husband of 25 years to speak for funds for mental health.

  • Me Again

    Isn’t Patty Duke married?

    Link to Patty Duke bio:

    Duke married her fourth husband, drill sergeant Michael Pearce, in 1986. The couple moved to Hayden, Idaho, and adopted a son, Kevin, who was born in 1988. Pearce became a firefighter. Since her marriage to Pearce, Duke occasionally uses the name “Anna Duke-Pearce” in her writings and other professional work.

    • timesink

      I second this. I met Patty Duke and she is about as down to earth as can be, and pretty darn normal in person. She also seemed to really enjoy her marriage, and is hardly the cougar type. We are very lucky to have her be so open about her illness. She is a woman with great love for humanity to allow the public to see her weaker side so that others can benefit.

  • Katester

    Hayden Christensen?

    • jeannie

      At first I was going to say it can’t be him, he’s Canadian, but I remembered that Canadians DO celebrate Thanksgiving although in October instead of November. So he can’t be ruled out after all.

  • Bubblypoo

    Elijah Wood?

  • apple martini

    Sean Astin and Patty Duke for the son-mother pair.

    • luvprue1

      Patty Duke is married, so I do not think she will bring another guy home for thanksgiving . Her husband would file for divorce.

      I think it’s Christian Bale. He has been feuding with his mother for sometime now.

  • billjj1980

    LOL this is so funny that people think this is Patty Duke and Sean Astin. A friend of mine, knowing I know Patty Duke, emailed me this article, knowing it was not about her.

    I talked to Patty and her husband Mike, of 25 years, on Thanksgiving Day. They had dinner at their home in Idaho and Sean was with his family in Los Angeles.

    Nice try, but keep looking…

  • alcarcalimo2364

    While I don’t think this is Sean Astin, I think this may be someone from LOTR. Despite that movie’s success, none of the younger actors have seemed to emerge as bigger stars than they already were before the movies. Sean Astin dropped off the radar, Viggo has had some critical successes, but no financial successes, and Elijah Wood…well who knows. Does anybody know about Elijah’s relationship with his mother?