Misguided Fun Takes A Bad Turn

[CDAN] What started out as misguided fun has turned into a really precarious situation for this one celebrity couple. She is a sometime model and sometime reality star. He is pretty much an A list movie actor. They have been together for awhile. When they first got together the woman was recovering from a long time c*ke habit which she used to stay thin while modeling. She also used her*in but never told our actor. He has always been open to pot and mushrooms but shied away from harder dr*gs because he relied on his body to get him roles other actors could not get. Body first, acting talent second. Although he has done dram and comedy and action, he is pretty much a one note actor. After a momentous occasion in their life, the couple took some time off to vacation together. They ran into an old friend of the woman and one thing led to another and all three did some c*ke together. Since that point about six months ago, our actor and his significant other have been doing c*ke everyday. He has stopped working out and is focused more on c*ke everyday than any other part of his life. The couple have passed off their child/ren to nannies which they never did before and party every night, all night. Supposedly the woman has also even got back into her*in. Still has not told our actor though.



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