Socialite’s Brother Starting His Own Career

[NewYorkPost] Which younger brother of an infamous socialite appears in a hardc*re gay s*x tape that’s making the rounds in the male modeling world?

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42 comments to Socialite’s Brother Starting His Own Career

  • LadyPiper

    I’m taking a shot at Kate Middleton’s younger brother, James. I don’t know if she would be considered an “infamous socialite”, but she was the first person I thought of.

  • smd1004p

    paris hilton’s brother – also recently arrested for dwi i believe

  • MsPatrickBateman

    Baron Hilton

  • brainy

    Barron Hilton

  • KWDragon

    Conrad Hilton? What would make Conrad Hilton a particularly awful solve for this blind is that he is still underage-17. I cannot think of a lot of “infamous” socialites beyond Paris, but if this blind was referencing Paris, wouldn’t it include “reality star” as well?

    • hotpinkmomma

      What I don’t understand is what is a 17 year old doing with “medical marijuana?” It’s probably just something he said, but what a score if it’s true!

  • Whatzmyname

    Robert Kardashian. Porn runs in the Kuntrashian family.

  • Tracy511

    Barron Hilton

  • Scorpio13

    Conrad Hilton

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    The rumours are that this is Barron Hilton, who’s 22. Conrad is his younger brother and is 17.

  • Tru Tru2

    yeah, I think its Barron but I would love for it to be Rob K. LOL!!

  • NurseRozetta

    Male modeling world- do the Hilton brothers model?

  • NurseRozetta

    Gotta be a kardashian I think he did some modeling in a print campaign last summer.

  • ceetray

    I don’t understand why it’s making it’s way in the male modeling world? Was this person with a male model in the video? Is this person a model himself? Am I blonde or what??

    • Camembert

      That particular clue is oddly specific, which could lead someone to think the younger brother is a model himself. Or, likely, it is a red herring.

      • dee123

        Yeah. I don’t get that clue either. The only MALE model from a famous family i can think of is Patrick Schwarzenegger/Shriver.

        That said, probably one of the Hilton boys.

    • Furfle

      I am just as blonde! Doesn’t make sense. Paris is more of a celebutant than socialite. She doesn’t really rank on the true NY society food chain. Though I can’t think of anyone else that fits. Not sure about the modeling tie in either.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        True but she began as a socialite and the comments that follow ours -namely Mermaid’s and Ginger’s- go into greater detail explaining why Baron may be the correct answer. :)

    • Mermaid

      This is a Hilton. Most likely Baron who has been having a thing with “PC” from NYC Prep. “PC” has interned as a model (LOL!!) so that’s the modeling tie in.

      And Paris is a socialite. A low-end “infamous” (via sex tape & reality show) socialite but a socialite nonetheless.

      • Mermaid

        Also, it’s not just Baron who wants to compete with Paris. “PC”‘s family have apparently cut him off (or are thinking about it) & he wants to make a splash in the modeling/acting worlds so he most likely released that sex tape to gain some exposure a la Paris Hilton & Kim K. He’s not an attractive man. A raunchy gay sex tape is most likely the only way he can get some attention. Which he is most likely counting on launching his career.

      • Mermaid

        If you think about it, the stakes on s*x tapes have gotten much higher (no pun intended). When Parisite released hers, it was straight ahead s*x (I believe – I didn’t see it). Kim K’s involved some golden showers and who knows what else (I didn’t see it either).

        S*x tapes now need to be much more extreme to generate any kind of interest. A gay raunchy hard-core s*x tape by social elites may fit the bill.

        Okay, I’m done. I now need to take a shower.

  • KWDragon

    My biggest problem with the Hilton and Kardashian guesses is that the NY Post made no mention of reality shows or the sex tapes from either celebutard. It just feels like they would have mentioned this if it were from either of these families. As a non-NYer, are there any city socialites that would fit this bill?

    • GingerNaps

      I think this is an excellent question, Professor Dragon (*smiles*). Maybe one reason some of us are guessing Barron H is because he’s been rumored to have been involved for at least 3 years with the NY socialite Peter Carey Peterson, who is the grandson of a Wall St billionaire. Doesn’t exactly answer your question, but it’s why I guessed Barron….

  • Mermaid

    Gotta be a Hilton. Paris HIlton is considered low-end on the socialite scene in NY thus the “infamous” (which references her sex tapes / reality shows) word as opposed to, say, “well-known” or “popular” (words reserved for more high class socialites).

    Also, no EXPLICIT mention of the reality show or sex tape does not exclude Paris at all. The NY Times actually DOES refer to them via the word “infamous”. That’s what’s alluded by that word.

    KarTRASHians are not considered socialites in NY at all. Papa KarTRASHian was a lawyer in LA? Yeah, don’t think that’s too impressive over in NY. Therefore none of that clan would be considered socialites. None.

    Also, Ted C. has a series of blinds on “Slurpa Pop-Off” (rumored to be Paris) and her younger brother “Something Pop-Off”. “Something Pop-Off” is itching to compete with his big sister on the road to infamy and is taking the gay route to do it. That was specifically mentioned in the blind. So it’s a Hilton sibling. Either Barron or Conrad. Most likely the older one who let out the cryptic tweet.

  • breezyfastcoaster

    Baron Hilton!
    3 comments: 1 First time poster, been on the boards for awhile!, 2 that model is fine! and 3 love, love this site!

  • Tia C

    Barron Hilton.

    Kardashians are not “socialites,” they are nouveau riche.

  • Dee Lyter

    Is there a Lohan brother? Just throwing it out there given the family history.

  • MommyPalooza

    What about the Davis’? Brandon Davis? Jason Davis? I hate them both. There’s another brother, Alexander, he’s pretty good looking, it could be him. Thoughts?