Gorgeous Chuck Has A Taste

[EOnline] Charlotte “Chuck” Finger-Dingle is young, über-gorge and has H’wood by the family jewels (metaphorically speakin’, at least).

See, Chuck is still relatively fresh to the scene but she’s managed to nab some of the splashiest flicks served up by the biggest studios and has certainly caught the eye of Tinseltown—and all the eligible bachelors in it too.

But all that steamy hetero chemistry Chuck has onscreen stay strictly in celluloid, ‘cause Chuck has a taste for…

The ladies, of course.

Chuck has sparked her fair share of rumored romances with T-town’s hottest fellas (more than a fair share of which are also members of the Blind Vice Hall of Fame), but when it comes down to whose bed she’s hopping in and out of, Charlotte prefers her lovers strictly chick.

Which isn’t to say Chuck gets lonely during those long months on location.

Oh no, Chuck—with her fashionista figure and cheekbones to kill for—has plenty of ladies lustin’ after her as well and makes sure to pluck only the hottest babe from the crowd to keep her, well, “entertained.”

So while the tabloids plaster their covers with snapshots of Chuck and her ab-tastic male costars, the real juicy scandal is going on behind the scene where CF-D is getting hot and heavy with one lucky gal or another.

And her usual same-sex selection? Women with power—ya know, like directors or producers or any broad who’s calling the shots.

How friggin’ hot is that? Keep it up, Chuck, ‘cause even if you don’t win an Oscar, you’re certainly one of our new fave Vicers.

AND IT AIN’T: Ashley Greene, Lily Collins, Lea Michele

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    • EmeraldCity says

      I think the reference to “family jewels” comes from the movie superbad where her character’s name was Jules…i remember she and jonah hills character making a joke about “family jules” in the film

  1. gypjet says

    CF-D=Cameron Freaking Diaz. High cheek bones, check. Linked to hot guys, check. I don’t think she is “relatively fresh to the scene” though.

  2. Little Tiggi says

    First time poster – Kristin Stewart, Ashely Greene is from Twilight, Lily Collins dated Taylor Lautner from Twilight and is in a Snow White movie, like Kristin, and Lea Michelle was once interviews saying Kristin was hot…. phew!

  3. Doogy Howzer says

    Blake Lively – star of Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds and formerly a beard for Leo DiCaprio

    • leshabe says

      I like the idea of Blake. She’s been on Gossip Girl for a while but is recently getting into movies and is always linked to some actor in Hollywood!

    • PixieNose says

      I guessed Kristen too, and I think the “gorgeous” could be a nod to her most famous character Bella (beautiful).

  4. dumpsterbaby says

    Kristen Stewart.

    Ab-tastic male costars — Pattinson/Lutz/Lautner.
    Ashley Greene is in the Twilight movies with her.
    Lily Collins is also in an upcoming Snow White movie.
    Not sure if the Lea Michele AIA is a clue.

    Hooking up with female directors and producers explains how someone with less acting ability than Channing Tatum has become so famous.

  5. unicornblood says

    hmmm…methinks Kristen Stewart? ‘ab-tastic’ seems to mean the twilight cast, and ‘Chuck’ may be a tip since she’s always wearing chucks. also ‘family jewels’…she just had the vampire baby…but it’s tricky since she’s only ever rumoured to be with r-patz, so who knows…but kstew’s my guess.

    • Pickle says

      That’s exactly who I thought of. The high cheekbones, being linked to a ton of hot guys and she is relatively new to Hollywood.
      Kristen Stewart is already the popular guess for Twyla Babe Sucker (I think I might’ve remembered that wrong but oh well) but I could also see it being JLaw.
      Guess #1 – Olivia Wilde
      Guess #2 – Jennifer Lawrence

  6. Seanx40 says

    Jennifer Lawrence sounds good to me. Amber Heard fits a lot of those clues, at least to me. But she is openly gay.

  7. Mia444 says

    Blake Lively. She has a male name like “Chuck”, she’s certainly a fashionista with good cheekbones, and she’s been linked with all kinds of leading men who I suspect are gay anyway, so it’s a double beard situation, a win-win, if you will.

    • Mia444 says

      Just to hedge my bets, my second guess is Emma Stone, because she’s gotten better film roles than Lively, although I don’t personally find her uber-gorgeous (face or figure). Regardless of who “Chuck” is, I’d lay money that both Stone & Lively are lesbian.

  8. whatahoot says

    Ashley Greene, Lily Collins, and Lea Michele are all vegetarian or vegan. Olivia Wilde is as well AND is slated to have 8 movies coming out within the next 2 years so far…

  9. trinny says

    Olivia Wilde? I know she’s not New to the acting scene but she wasn’t really that known until this past year…

  10. Fabio from Fenway says

    Rooney Mara or Jennifer Lawrence. Both have “cheekbones to die for” and got famous recently by being cast in big studio movies, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for Rooney and X Men and Hunger Games for Jennifer.

  11. doodadoo says

    Emma Roberts
    Family “Jewels”: Her aunt is Julia Roberts, hollywood royalty and a play on the name
    She’s been in a ton of films, most recently Valentine’s Day and Scream 4; both “splashy” and produced by “big studios” but she is definitely still making a name for herself out there.
    Has been linked to Taylor Lautner (who is Ab-tastic) and Chord Overstreet
    AIA: Ashley Greene was in Twilight with Taylor, Lily Collins was a costar of Taylor who was linked to him too and I think she looks similar to Emma, and Lea Michele is in Glee with Chord, Emma’s most recent beau.

    • Rocket McZoom says

      Thought I should add:

      “…has H’wood by the family jewels” Per imdb Blake was born into a showbiz family.

      Also, beard to Leo and Ryan.

      And isn’t “Chuck” the name of a 90210 character?

    • danicajay says

      I remember Ted making it clear though that Strippa Rip-Ya (who is obviously JLO) and Veronica Bee-Stings have never shared a lover (cough ben affleck)

      So either Blake didn’t actually sleep with him like believed or she’s not Veronica Bee-Stings

  12. smile83 says

    i was thinking olivia wilde but the tips and the AND IT AIN’T part sounds that is someone with a young image so i think it is naya rivera (people say she is chiquita on blind vice, so i don’t know if one person can be two blind vice at the same time)

    • Bromance1979 says

      Naya Rivera hasn’t “managed to nab some of the splashiest flicks served up by the biggest studios”. She’s on a hit TV show, but isn’t known outside of Glee.

  13. GG brought me here says

    Emma Stone?

    My only clues though are: fashionista figure (it looks like fashion editors appreciate Emma’s style) and ab-tastic male costar Andrew Garfield for “Spider Man”.

    Hmm ok now that I read it again too little clues to make me sure it’s Emma, plus she didn’t have so many rumoured romances. Also, I don’t know how to link her to Ashley, Lily and Lea. Hmm…..

  14. usadevolved says

    Amanda Seyfried-the woods in the picture references Red Riding Hood. Seemingly coming from nowhere she’s snagged many leading roles and she’s be seen with many of Hollywood’s sexiest hunks.

  15. PghDude says

    Emma Stone? I really hope not. I think the Ab-tastic comment refers to a recently scene with Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love.

  16. dee123 says

    Olivia Wilde.

    Family Jewels = She was married to an Italian Prince
    Ab-tastic costars = She’s in Magic Mike with all those fit guys.

  17. GingerNaps says

    Amanda Seyfried, with the clue ‘uber’ pointing to her German ancestry, and maybe “plaster” referring to the ‘plastics’ of Mean Girls. She’s dated Skarsgard, Dominic Cooper, and Ryan Phillipe ~and she has cheekbones like a lightbulb!

  18. mrslanders says

    I’m going out on a limb to say Emma Stone. Although I think she comes across as being rather nice and sane and such there are a few clues –
    She’s apparently been linked to ‘members of the Blind Vice Hall of Fame’
    There were rumours regarding her and Ryan Gosling, whom she shared the screen with in Crazy, Stupid, Love. In the promos for that film there was an emphasis on Ryan’s body and abs (anyone remember the ‘you look photoshopped’ comment?) which could relate to the ‘Chuck and her ab-tastic male costars’ part.
    Aside from that, she is besties with Taylor Swift, who according to the popular guess seems to be bearding for everyone!!

  19. mrsdarcy says

    I’ll guess Blake Lively. Both her parents are actors, and she’s famously dated Penn Badgley and Leonardo DiCaprio, who both have been assumed “gay” blinds.

  20. para4u says

    Olivia Wilde? She was married to a legit prince which could be a connection to the term “family jewels.”

  21. Tom Paine says

    First thought was Olivia Wilde (the cheekbones reference), but since all the ‘and it ain’ts’ have a ‘lee’ sound in them, it could be Lively.

    But RR doesn’t strike me as gay. I can’t see Alanis bearding that long, and she was truly devastated when he left.

  22. La Llorona says

    I have no idea why, but I keep thinking this is Kristen Stewart because I’ve heard rumors of her being gay before, and she’s in that new Snow White and the Huntsmen movie. I mean, okay, I KNOW for a fact that the Snow White picture isn’t necessarily a clue since this is a Ted Casablanca blind item, but still, I keep thinking this is her. Unless she has a blind vice name that I’m not aware of.

  23. ThinkerBelle says

    When I think Blake I certainly don’t think “fresh.” However, I can’t think of another girl to out.

  24. AdiosContaminos says

    K-Stew? She’s in Twilight with Ashley Greene, Lily Collins is “dating” Taylor Lautner. Not sure how Lea Michelle fits in?

    Also, Kristen is a bit of a fashion darling and has some cheekbones. And of course the name “Chuck” – she’s always wearing some Converse sneakers.

    • apple martini says

      I immediately thought of her sneakers when I saw “Chuck,” so I’m glad I’m not the only one.
      The dual male-female name could also be a reference to the fact that she was pretty androgynous in Panic Room; a lot of people didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl.

  25. KimDealrules says

    Anne Hathaway FTW

    pic looks like the queen she plays in Alice in Wonderland.
    “Fashoinista”-devila wears prada
    “plucked”-her eyebrow were pretty bushy in that princess movie.
    “Oscar”–she hosted last year.

    • mar1ey says

      I thought her at first as well, the photo looks just like her and she is a Hollywood darling. The only problem is that she seems to have steady boyfriends (until they go to jail) and they are not celebrity types or “ab-tastic” Everything else fits her, since she has played a princess as well.

    • NorCalDude says

      Exactly right. I love Anne. She seems genuinely intelligent, sweet, and funny in an industry that is lacking. 😉

      • NorCalDude says

        Oh, cool. Then here’s to hoping he’s a quality guy. She deserves it after that last dirtbag.

    • VeronicaMarsBars says

      I thought this for a while too because she has been in some great films but I think she is engaged to Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons now.

  26. Sleuth says

    Kristen Stewart

    The ain’ts are brunette – so is Kristen
    Ashley Greene – Kristen’s co-star in Twilight
    Ab-tastic costars – Taylor Lautner
    Long months on location – Vancouver on Twilight set

    • Bromance1979 says

      I don’t see David Silver as being a beard. They’ve been together for years and if she were gay, she’d probably be going around the list of hot Hollywood men like Blake, not married to a D-list actor.

  27. Matryoshka says

    Jennifer Lawrence? Due to the not winning an Oscar part. I think she was nominated but didn’t win..

  28. SweetOrchid says

    Maybe Kristen Stewart .. her moms name is Jules and both parents are in film and tv. Also the abbtastic costars being the boys of twilight. She does have some high cheekbones as well. Although the picture makes me think of Ann Hathaway. But I doubt it’s her.

  29. NYCMEL says

    I think I got this one…Emma Stone? When I think “Abtastic” I think of the scene in Crazy, Stupid Love where she asks Ryan Gosling if his abs were painted on…Movies like The Help, Spider-Man, etc and she’s got 5 in total coming out in 2012. First time poster, love your site BG!!

  30. clementineiv says

    Blake Lively already has a vice!
    Definitely a fashion muse… Hmmm.
    Chloe Sevigny? Dakota Fanning?
    Hailee Steinfeld? Zoe Kravitz?

  31. MsOverstreet says

    Fashionista, eligible bachelors, ab-tastic male costars, I’m thinking Blake Lively too. She’s currently “dating” Ryan Reynolds and he’s ridiculously ab-tastic! I’m not sure she has “cheekbones to kill for” though, but since she’s known for her long legs, mentioning that would’ve pretty much given it away.

  32. apple martini says

    KStew? I’m not sure if she has a BV from Ted yet that’s been unofficially “solved.”

    The Ashley Greene thing is a Twilight link, and the Lily Collins “not” could be a nod to Snow White, which Stewart is also playing in a rival production. The “chemistry” on screen could reference BD1’s honeymoon scenes, and of course there’s the transparently PR-based fauxmance with Pattinson.

  33. ClueMeIn says

    Blake Lively is Veronica Bee Stings. I first thought Olivia Wilde, but the AIAs are relatively young(er). The Emma Stone guess isn’t bad. Amber Heard is openly bi. Some of the people mentioned don’t have “cheekbones to kill for”. I don’t think any of the mentioned people have cheekbones to kill for. I know my comment will be way down on the list.

  34. 718mom says

    oh shoot it is KS, she is making the film Snow White Huntsman..I just thought she was so obviously a girls-girl

  35. Megley says

    While Emma Stone has cheekbones to die for, she doesn’t have the sl&t-about-town reputation that good ol’ Blake does.