She Was Secretly Pregnant At Her Wedding

[CDAN] This foreign born B list actress recently said she had never been pregnant with her current A list movie actor husband. While this may be true, she is not 100% sure of that considering she was pregnant when she got married. She just does not know if the father was her husband or the significant other she left to be with her husband. The pregnancy resulted in a misc*rriage.


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9 comments to She Was Secretly Pregnant At Her Wedding

  • maggie may

    Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

    • dee123

      Yep. Can’t really think of anyone else.

    • apple martini

      Agree. I’d still call Weisz B list despite her Oscar. And I seem to remember some pregnancy rumors going around when they got married.

      • apple martini

        “Significant other” also makes sense for Weisz/Craig/Aronofsky, because Weisz and Aronofsky were never married.

      • Lizicia

        But, then again, Weisz and Craig had been publicly a couple since November/December 2010 and they were married in June this year. It takes a lot of time stretching to imagine her being pregnant by Aronofsky in June since she was skinny as ever during that time. She seems to fit the overall description, though, so she went back to Aronofsky sometime in spring? I wish I had a better guess because I can’t really believe this would have happened but who knows.

  • Tracy511

    Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

  • Jasmiola

    Didn’t Rachel Weisz win an Oscar? If so, I would think she’d be considered A-list for sure. Can’t think of anyone else it would be, though…

    • CheshireKitty

      It seems to depend on the site source of the item. CDAN seems to not obey the automatic A for Oscar winners if they’re not high profile. Rachel works and I definitely think it’s her. So sad.

  • Chocolategirl

    Coincidence that the the Telegraph released yesterday an article about Rachel Weisz where she talks about her marriage and the pregnancy rumors? – I don’t think so.

    Whoever made up this BI please wait a few days because it’s too obvious!