Football Player Is Changing His Gay Ways

[BuzzFoto] After years of homophobia, this NFL athlete is deciding to change his ways. He has been inviting gay rights activists to his home for dinner so that he can educate himself on the issues. He is considering ‘coming out’ as a public supporter, but first wants to know how and where to direct his energy. 653

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  1. BirdIsTheWord says

    Ummm… just about every NFL player? I’ll guess Desean Jackson after that radio interview. Been stalkin’ for a while BG. Finally decided to get an account! Love ya.

  2. mocha2009 says

    Former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin. There was an article recently that he’s reaching out to the gay community. His brother was gay and I believe in the media, Michael has made disparaging remarks about the gay community.

  3. fortson says

    Perhaps Terrell Owens. He once made very public comments about QB being gay, known attention monger now unemployed after no team wants him around. Perhaps looking to either resurrect his reputation to jump into sports media gig or got caught being a hypocrite and needs to spin control.

  4. Tracy511 says

    DeSean Jackson? He made quite a stir using gay slurs in an interview a few months ago… It’d probably be good for his image.

    • xphile101 says

      DeSean is too worried about his contract extension (or the next big contract he’s going to sign elsewhere) to do anything nice like this. I like the Tebow guess, but don’t think that would happen due to his religious stance (which is a shame). I’m thinking it’s someone who’s been around a while, but any guess is a shot in the dark because it really could be pretty much any athlete.

  5. redheadwriter says

    Got go with peen boy Brett Favre. After all, he is/was a Packer (and that’s a bear underneath).

    • Ralphie says

      I like this guess. After all the way the blind reads is that the athlete isn’t coming out per se, but will speak out as a gay activist. Not that the athlete himself is coming out.

      Troy Aikman was my other guess.

  6. Divide by Zero says

    No idea about anything NFL related since it’s not big in my country, but yay for someone trying to change their ways and get educated.

  7. whydoireadthis says

    Totally agree redhead – definitely a packer (no pun intended)! Why a bear as receiver…thinking it means something.

  8. therock says

    It’s someone in the NFC, dare I say the NFC North based on the pictures. I also think the guy is retired or near retirement.

  9. malkatz says

    Bravo! It’s great to see that someone can realize they are being bigoted and actively seek tolerance from themselves.

  10. therock says

    Based on the photo of a defensive lineman sacking a QB, I’m going with Michael Strahan. He was in the NFC and he had a weird relationship with another man.

  11. therock says

    The Hall of Fame wide receiver believes that this work matters more than his football career.

    “The last thing I want is to go to God and have him ask, ‘What did you do?’ And I talk about winning Super Bowls and national titles,” Irvin said, according to Out. “I didn’t do anything to make it a better world before I left? All I got is Super Bowls? That would be scary.”

    Irvin would support any athlete who wants to come out.

    Whoever said Michael Irvin is close, but no cigar IMO. I’d be more inclined to thinking Troy Aikman myself, having lived in Dallas for 17 years.

  12. zephyr66 says

    My first thoughts were either Tim Tebow or Kurt Warner. The way the blind reads, it wouldn’t have to be a current player – I think Warner is retired but wouldn’t he still be considered an “NFL athlete”? Both have the reputation for being very religious, and while that doesn’t automatically equal homophobic, it sure does sometimes.

  13. ToadKisser says

    As a huge Bronco fan, I wish I thought it was Tebow. Even when he’s winning games I have a hard time cheering for someone with a sanctimonious agenda based on closed- mindedness and hate.

  14. Juniper says

    Hi BG! Long time fan and follower, first time post!

    Getting my sleuthing skills on this morning, my guess is Reggie Bush!
    Let me explain, why.

    I figured the ‘athlete’ had to be a clue pointing to a player who is extremely well toned (somewhere in the range of an Adrien Peterson in his NFL Fantasy Commercial he did last season, where you see his buff upper body) – otherwise why not just write NFL player?! Linebackers to me, don’t really scream athlete that much.
    Reggie Bush has been nominated twice for Male Athlete of Year BET Awards. And I think we have seen plenty of magazine covers and ads of him showing his chiseled abs.

    Second clue: ‘directing his energy’ I thought maybe a player who is advertising an energy drink. Reggie Bush has endorsed Red Bull and there is plenty of interviews and things he does for them.

    ‘Educating on gay issues': sometime in January 2011 Reggie Bush posted a question on twitter asking whether the phrase “no homo” was offensive to gay people, which started off a discussion on his account. A lot of people criticized him for it. From what I read about it, it seems he didn’t mean to offend anyone by posting it, but was trying to get people’s opinion about it ….educate himself on issues, maybe?

    Now, on the ‘after years of homophobia’ I have not found much on that, but want to say I remember (and yes I am outing myself and my guilty pleasure of watching the Kardashians when I am sick in bed) hearing in an episode one of the sisters saying to Kim about Reggie “remember Reggie hated all the pictures of your gays you have in your home”.

    ‘Changing his ways’ – I thought this has to be something that also makes a reference not only to his possible coming out as public gay rights supporter, but also regarding his game.
    When Reggie played for the NO Saints, he played mainly as 3rd down change of pace running back. While now for the Miami Dolphins, he is getting much more time, and his game has changed which is widely acknowledged among NFL viewers. This season he is more of an every down running back.

    And another thing, I may be wrong about that though, seems to me that for BuzzFoto to be interested in an NFL player that it wouldn’t just be any NFL player, but someone who also has some celebrity connection.

    So going with Reggie Bush.

    Regardless who it is, I think its great and certainly brave in America and a sport like Football, but he has my support.

  15. smokey7 says

    Tim Tebow, definitely. He’s a huge Christian role model and would be the perfect candidate to lead the anti-bullying campaign for the NFL.