No Effing Halloween This Year

[CDAN] This actor is probably a C list. He has definitely had times where he has been a B or B+, but that was when times were good and he was getting some good roles in some very popular movies. Now, he basically is a fringe guy. Movies, television, whatever it takes to earn a buck. If you saw him you would know exactly who he is, but would probably not remember his name. Anyway, going from making a million bucks a year to significantly less than that has transformed him from more of a happy kind of guy to one who goes on some seriously violent rampages. His wife has left him several times, generally to protect their child/ren. Our actor has punched walls, torn down chandeliers, and even took a baseball bat to his refrigerator. His wife considers herself lucky to have only suffered a few bruises here and there, mainly while trying to calm her husband down during one of his rages. His most recent one was on Halloween when he tore down all of the decorations in and outside of the house and even yelled at kids walking down the street that there would be no f*cking Halloween at his house this year.

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