Heidi Klum Would Be Furious

[CDAN] This up and coming B list actress really needs to go to rehab or lay off the booze and whatever else she is taking. Not even out of her teens, the actress is out of control. So out of control that a recent event she was overheard more than once calling this current (so not Heidi Klum) Victoria’s Secret model a n***er lover. Yep, she said it. Several people heard her say it and eventually the model found out and confronted our young actress at the event in front of about ten people and the actress denied saying any such thing. After the model told the actress to grow up, and walked away, the actress then made another snide comment about a/the child of the model and left the event.

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33 comments to Heidi Klum Would Be Furious

  • Spanx101

    Chloe Moretz and Doutzen Kroes

  • rayodeplata

    The child part made me think of Alessandra Ambrosio, people couldn’t stop saying how ugly her baby was.

  • ClueMeIn

    I’m going to to say Chloe Moretz for the up and coming actress. I feel like I hear more about the events she attends, than work that she’s doing. No clue on the model.

  • Mystic

    No clue about the actress but VS is Doutzen Kroes.

  • wykkyd

    I believe it’s time for little, Miss “B” to get an education: little bigots grow up to be big bigots, who’ll eventually bite the hand that feeds ’em. Just ask Mel. Fair warning!

  • Stackhouse

    ChloĆ« Ironic Middle Name Grace Moretz. Something is very wrong with this girl, and I bet it can be traced back to her home. The fact that she is younger than Lindsay was when she started to show visible signs of being a very troubled individual, is quite alarming. “N****r lover” – how rational.

    • glittercoke

      Can I just track back to how she’s “started to show visible signs of being a very troubled individual”… First of all, she’s probably the MOST demure teen girl on the planet, let alone in Hollywood. Secondly, she’s literally working all of the time, and her acting is amazing. Third, are you handling her personally? If not, then you shouldn’t make a presumptuous and completely ridiculous statement as if you are.

  • GingerNaps

    This is simply terrible.

  • CanaryCry

    For something different, I’ll toss in a Fanning sister. I could be wrong, mind.

    I agree that this is a terrible story.

    • Marissa

      I’ll get on board with one of them, just because Chloe Moretz gets guessed for every item with the phrase “young actress”, just like Jon Hamm is a guess for every “handsome actor” item. The Fannings have always seemed a bit stuck up & white bread to me…I could have the wrong impression, but that’s how I see it.

      • Stinkweed

        Funny, I always see the Fannings as normal and decent. Never any shots of the girl’s underwear or stories about them puking in bushes. Dakota even stayed in public school and got to be a homecoming princess (not queen, but princess!).

        I think they are less “stuck up” and more “parents give a crap” than most child actresses. I doubt it’s either of them.

  • dee123

    I’m only 25 & i feel like i’m doubling my age when i say this but:
    Where are the parents? Or do they not care cause’ they have this cash cow daughter?

  • smile83

    chloe moretz.
    any one knows any another yong actress that was at that event? I remember a picture of her on this fashion thing but i can’t find so i don’t know who else was there.

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan

      I posted this earlier, but it didn’t show up. Chloe & Doutzen were both at the CFDA awards recently. Sad if this is Chloe. She’s too young for these issues.

  • karaduff

    Just curious…why does everybody think the model is Doutzen Kroes? Is there a reason?

  • karaduff

    Oh nevermind…I see she has a black husband. The actress must be somebody young so I think CM is a good guess. What mature person would say something like this at a public…even if they thought it? That is pathetic.

  • redtape09

    This better be revealed.

  • CTKJM11

    HELLO BG! 1st time poster here! This is definitely Taylor Momsen. I’ve been seeing alot of her outbursts and interviews lately, and I really don’t believe she things before speaking. Her beliefs are DEF questionable and so is her future career if she keeps this up. Google her.

    Thanks BG!

  • redtape09

    Emma Roberts

  • apple martini

    Is there a good reason for people to pick Chloe Moretz, or is she just convenient? I ask because she’s a popular guess for these sorts of things but I’ve never seen much, if any, evidence that she’d behave this way. So if someone has any proof or anecdotal evidence, please share it.
    What interviews I’ve seen of her, she comes off as pretty well grounded. I think this particular blind points to an older girl (“not even out of her teens” seems like an odd wording for a younger girl).

  • smoothcriminal

    Chelsea Kane?

  • devoncarruthers

    The model s definitely Doutzen. It’s a horrible thing to call someone. It doesn’t matter the colour of someones skin. DK’s hubby’s really, really hot.

    For the actress, I think it’s someone older than CM. Saying “not out of their teens” makes me think it’s someone close to 20, probably around 17-19.

  • aammyy

    well, for another push for CM…she is from atlanta, georgia. and not that racists can’t be born anywhere in the country…some white people from the south still hold their own views regarding race.

  • jacklein

    Kids are off-limits. Always.