Suck It Up And Start Talking

[BlindGossip] When the principal actors of a film do pre-release interviews, they usually talk about the main themes of the movie. Not in this case. Some of the main players of this upcoming film are completely skirting around one of the film’s main topics. We think it’s because it hits a little too close to home. All of the leads – as well as the director – are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Only one of them is out of the closet. We think it would make for much better interviews and much better box office for the film if they would just suck it up and speak openly about the topic… even if they aren’t willing to come out at this point.

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  1. WandaR says

    Too easy! Twilight Breaking Dawn. Director, Bill Condon is out; no one else is willing to be… And “suck” might be a little clue, too.

    • istillhavesarcasm says

      But the blind says: “We think it would make for much better interviews and much better box office for the film…”

      When has Twilight suffered at the box office?

      This is clearly J. Edgar.

    • CatGrant says

      One of the main themes of Twilight is homosexuality/bisexuality?

      I’ve never read it – but I thought it was written by a super religious mormon?

      • Katester says

        The idea is that ALL vampire movies/books/media are secretly about homosexuality, just like all “mutant” or X-Men movies/books/media are as well. I mean, Joss Whedon didn’t write Buffy to be a parable about homosexuality (can only come out as your true self at night, can’t be seen in daylight, must have internal fight with self about true nature…). He wanted to write about the pain of high school. But there are always layers and subtext.

      • CatGrant says

        I understand that certain subjects will lend themselves to subtext — but would you characterize that as a “main topic” in the film? Doesn’t seem like it.

      • Jilliterate says

        There’s a big difference between “text” and “subtext.” That’s where the “sub” comes from. If it’s strictly speculatory (which the subject of homosexuality in the Twilight films is), then it wouldn’t be considered to be one of the “main topics.”


      Totally Twilight that movie couldnt be more gay. They “sparkle” in daylight instead of bursting into flames like really here. Why not make one of them a professional figure skater.

  2. dalstongirl says

    Is this the new clint eastwood film about J Edgar Hoover? I know that stars of the film as will as clint have been down playing the gay rumours about Hoover. ‘Suck it up’ must be a clue , me thinks

  3. TheYellowDart says

    J.Edgar. Dustin Lance Black (the screenwriter) is out. Very juicy if Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, and Ed Westwick are bi/gay…

    • Jane Doe says

      Armie Hammer is married and I just don’t think he’s gay. He was married before hitting hollywood, so it’s not like he was pressured to get a beard of a wife.

      And I don’t think there a more straight person that Clint.

      That said, I could see Leo and Ed playing for both teams.

  4. dee123 says

    I was going to say J. Edgar but it’s already out (no pun intended)
    besides Clint Eastwood? No way.

    For once i haven’t a clue.
    What other movies coming up have a gay theme as “One of the film’s main topics”???

  5. says

    J. Edgar comes to mind, but Clint Eastwood and Naomi Watts…? Whoa! I’ll have to rethink this one. Unless I’ve really missed reading about them.

  6. gingersnappped says

    this feels like j. edgar to me. most of the stars have been subjects of gay BI’s and there were rumors j. edgar himself was gay.

    • Okayeah says

      How is that even possible? The film has to be about homosexuality in order to fit the blind, and Twilight is most definitely NOT. Stephenie Meyer would have a coronary just trying to write something gay.

      • Katester says

        Even though I think this is not about Twilight, please see post above regarding vampire subtext. The idea is all vampire stories have homosexual subtext.

  7. BootsieGee says

    My guess would be Margin Call, a very small movie that is getting good reviews. Stars Kevin Spacey, (in), Zachery Quinto (out), Penn Badgley (in) and Simon Baker (not sure),

      • AllisWells says

        Steve McQueen CBE (born 1969) is a British artist and filmmaker. He is a winner of the Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival, a Turner Prize and BAFTA.

        He is not, “The King of Cool” you are referring to, but he does share the same name.

      • Peace247 says

        Steve is married with a child so that would be pretty crazy to reveal that just for a movie. Plus I have seen Shame twice, and there is more to the film then homosexuality (actually its only a small sector) so the guess is def. wrong

      • AllisWells says

        I have to agree with you! I was just chiming in to clarify that there is a another Steve McQueen and I failed to mentioned that I am actually more supporting the “Twilight-Breaking Dawn” guess as the correct guess for this blind. Certainly, my apologies to all the living Steve McQueen fans who may have misconstrued my comments with this post.

        I also would like to mention that “The KING of Cool” will forever be an ICON. My favorite performance with his body of work is with his role in Papillon, however, I have yet to see his Academy Award nominated performance in the movie “The Sand Pebbles”. I reviewed the Shame synopsis after I posted my comment and I could not find any link to a gay topic.

        Furthermore, I am so not with the whole “J Edgar Guess”. I have a gun in my hand and I only have one thing to say…………………………”Go ahead and make my day”

  8. apple martini says

    Easy, Breaking Dawn.
    Bill Condon is openly gay, so he’s the “one” who’s out.
    I’ll say that Stewart is the lesbian, Pattinson is bisexual and Lautner is gay.
    The main topic is probably something along the lines of heterosexual marriage and procreation and waiting until you’re married to have sex.

  9. miller205 says

    My guess is the movie is “The Three Stooges”. Jane Lynch is listed as a lead and is out of the closet. Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Will Sasso are all in the cast as the Stooges. Sean Hayes is about the most obvious who is still in the closet. The directors are Bobby and Peter Farrelly.

  10. nxpierdo says

    First thought was the Hoover biopic, but I really don’t see eastwood swinging that way. But they have underplayed the gay storyline in the press.

  11. TheLace says

    I am thinking this is obviously the Twlight film – however – i am having problems nailing down the “theme” that they would be having trouble discussing considering their sexuality – anyone have any ideas??!?

    PS – Hey BG – always see you saying hi to people – wanted to get a “hi” for myself =)

  12. NVgirl says

    J Edgar? There have been stories about the CIA telling Clint Eastwood not to go too much into the gay rumors about Edgar. I watched an interview the other day with Clint Eastwood on the Daily Show and he was hardly answering the questions.

    • Syd Wishes says

      Any stories about the FBI (Not CIA, Hoover was head of FBI) pressuring Clint not to go too much into Hoover’s homosexuality are complete fabrications. They’re just added intrigue to get you to see the movie.

  13. chicagogal says

    Obviously, Breaking Dawn the Twilight series.
    Bill Condon the director is openly gay. Kristen S-lesbian, Robert Patterson is bisexual and Taylor L is gay.

  14. julio2 says

    J. Edgar was my first thought. There’s not even been that much press about the movie generally, let alone the theme of him being gay. I thought that was more to do with that theme being controversial than everyone working on the film being gay! I have a hard time thinking of Clint as gay or bisexual though…

  15. cocobeannns says

    Other than the “suck it up” referrence, I really do not see how this can be Twilight. The actors openly talk about the main topics of the movies, and they are already well known since they were books first. They don’t avoid talking about it at press releases.

    My first thought was J. Edgar with Leo.

  16. Yuolala says

    Guys, this is not about Twilight..there are no gay theme there..Twilight is about a vampire who sparkles.

  17. TruthOrDare says

    What the hell is going on? Everyone is supergay. Gay, gayer, gayest everyday. BTW I think it’s “Margin Call” – Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey, and Penn Badgley.

  18. GyThanksGd says

    Unless Clint Eastwood is a 0.0000000001 on the Kinsey scale and that technically counts as bisexual, J. Edgar does not seem viable!
    Plus depending how old this information is, J. Edgar has been released and is no longer upcoming!

    There is no issue with the Twilight cast and director not being straight, but what is the ‘troublesome’ theme?
    Twilight is ‘gay’ in the lame way, not in any truly homoerotic way. Sure Edward and Jakob would be a better pairing than either of them with Bella, but only just.

    It must be another movie that most of us have not taken notice of, because it is not ‘blobkbuster’ material!

  19. apple martini says

    OK, for everyone stumbling over the “theme” that’s causing problems in interviews, I’m going to spell it out.
    Breaking Dawn is largely about settling down, getting married (to a member of the opposite sex), abstaining from sex until marriage, wholesome living, etc.
    So how is Kristen Stewart, for example, going to answer interview questions about her “dream wedding”? “How close is Edward and Bella’s wedding to your ideal wedding?” How is she going to answer hypothetical questions about marriage to a man and having a baby with a man when she’s into girls? Same with Pattinson and Lautner. How is Lautner going to answer questions about how jealousy might have affected him in real life when he isn’t into girls?
    I think people are way, way confused. It’s not that Breaking Dawn has a “gay” theme. Its theme is actually overwhelmingly in support of heterosexual family units, which might be uncomfortable for people who are gay or bisexual to discuss in interviews, especially convincingly (they’re trying to pass themselves off as straight) and without outing themselves.
    THAT is what it’s saying, I think.

    • GyThanksGd says

      A lot of what you said makes some kind of sense, but the Twilight franchise is already doing so well that this lapse in discussion about the ‘heterosexual agenda’ is not going to hurt its boxoffice.

      I cannot be convinced that Clint Eastwood is anything but a one hundred percent fish fan, so J. Edgar is out of the running as well!

      • apple martini says

        It just says “much better box office,” not “good box office at all.” The film in question can already be financially viable; its actors being honest about who they are would only improve its success (in the writer’s opinion; people seem to be skating over the fact that that phrase is an OPINION about the film’s box office if its actors came out, it’s not a FACT).
        The J. Edgar guesses just seem ridiculous to me, namely because it’s already been released and gone through its promotional period.

    • jess89 says

      Except that IS how they’ve been promoting the film for MONTHS now. It’s all weddings, babies, sex. They’re not “skirting” around anything. This doesn’t fit Twilight at all.

  20. Yuolala says

    I think we all need to go back to the drawing board…It’s not twilight or J. Edgar..I doubt Clint Eastwood is gay..we would have years and years of have endless Blinditems and gossip from him like any other closet actor in HW…but there is none..

    Lets see what other movie is coming out..Hmmm…

    • apple martini says

      Why is it not Twilight, again? It has an openly gay director and all three of its leads have been subjects of these sorts of blinds before. As I say above, people are misinterpreting the “theme” thing.
      I agree that it can’t be J. Edgar, namely because it’s no longer in pre-release mode and hasn’t been for weeks. This blind is about a film that seems to be in pre-release now (which Breaking Dawn is), and even makes use of an obvious vampire pun.

      • Yuolala says

        Twilight is a box office success..

        I could kinda see it as J.Edgar because it was only # 5 in the boxoffice

    • Caz1310 says

      ooh I wouldn’t be brave enough to put into print or ask Clint which way he swings. If he doesn’t like the question he’d pull out a gun and offer to “make my day”. I imagine he’d be very closeted and safe from gossip if he was.

  21. cassiek127 says

    This is definitely Twilight: Breaking Dawn. The director, Bill Condon is openly gay. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – has nobody ever thought why they are ‘in a relationship’ and have never confirmed or denied it? One of them is obviously lesbian/bi, and them seeming to be in a relationship definitely adds to the Twilight hype and gets them alot more media coverage. There was also a blind previously about Robert Pattinson being bi for Tom Sturridge, and there have been various other blinds about Taylor Lautner being gay.

    The topic they are skirting around is obviously the sex scene in this film!

  22. dorothea says

    I read somewhere vaguely when Clint E. first came to Hollywood he lived with a man and there were implying he had a homosexual realtionship. Cant recall exactly where I read it but I am sure you can google it. I am going to guess J. Edgar also..

  23. lolocolo says

    PEOPLE! It’s not J. Edgar – that movie is already in theaters. The blind refers to “pre-release interviews” and an “upcoming film”. BG wouldn’t post a blind of her own with the timeline all screwy.

  24. Jullicious says

    Twilight-exhibit A Kristen Stewart Q: Has he at least been your best big-screen kiss? I’ve kissed Robert, Taylor [Lautner] and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways. I’ll just say that Dakota was a great kisser and leave it at that.

  25. ivyleaguer says

    The immortals:
    gay: Kellen Lutz
    gay: Luke Evans
    gay: henry cavill

    who isn’t gay on this film, really?

    • TheOtherIan says

      I forgot to add that I seriously doubt this is J. Edgar. The gay theme is practically all that’s been talked about by the principles and no way Clint is gay or even bi. Though that would be incredibly awesome if he came out and declared is bisexuality! Or, to having some same sex dalliances back in the day. I don’t doubt that Armie Hammer is totally straight too, but Leo? Yeah, he goes both ways for sure.

  26. Katmandu says

    Came here to say Clint Eastwood may have had a gay-for-pay relationship in the early days – see that it’s been mentioned – but I’m mentioning it again, lol!

    • Katester says

      This is why people can get away with saying Clint Eastwood is bi because of something that may have happened 60 (no joke, 60) years ago. I’m serious btw. Yes, I read about that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the late 80s. I’ll be honest: Clint’s personal preferences probably don’t run much outside of women. But being willing, even at one point in one’s life, qualifies.

  27. karlos says

    Word clues such as “skirting the issue” and “suck it up” hint at J. Edgar, with issues of cross-dressing and homosexuality, but it is hard to tie in Clint Eastwood and some of the cast, such as Naomi Watts.

    • karlos says

      Also, “start talking” suggests law enforcement lingo, and the illustration of the closet is like the entrance to an interrogation room.

  28. ClueMeIn says

    “Some of the main players of this upcoming film”

    J. Edgar is already out in theaters. Are people not saying Twilight because of the “box office” part? I first thought Twilight for the exact same reason apple martini explained it.

    • apple martini says

      Yeah, it’s like the box office thing is throwing people for a loop. To which I say, it doesn’t say that the film would need the honesty to be a success. I took it to mean it’d make it MORE of a success. Case in point: How much of a great following could Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner get from the gay community if either any or all of them came out as gay or bisexual? I assumed it meant tapping into a different demographic (one that has a large amount of spending clout), not that the movie would “bomb” if they avoided the topic.

  29. tuxedo says

    The only one that makes sense is J. Edgar but the movie has been released last week how is it upcoming ?

  30. apple martini says

    For goodness sake, people, IT IS NOT J. Edgar. It is NOT an upcoming film. It’s already out and has been out for a week. If you don’t think it’s Twilight, fine. But at least pick a film that fits the “upcoming” criteria, especially if you’re going to nitpick all the other conditions. 😛

    • LolaVee says

      I wouldn’t rule J. Edgar out for that reason. It was only released 4 days ago – so if it took a week or so to get this information, write the blind and post it, then it’s not really out of the question that they could be talking about that movie. If they were talking about a movie that was released a month or more ago, then I’d agree, but this is SO recent.

      The only problem with the J. Edgar guess for me is that I can’t fathom that Clint Eastwood could be gay!


    “even if they aren’t willing to come out at this point” there was a recent blind about a Twighlight star coming out next year after the last installment of the franchise is released.

  32. danneka says

    sounds def like j. edgar but i didn’t know that clint was gay or bi- lol leo still not sure about but everyone thinks he’s bi at least. the other actors i’m not familiar with. twilight could be a possibility too although does it have a gay theme ?

  33. Mermaid says

    It does sound like J. Edgar but it says that ” All of the leads – as well as the director – are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Only one of them is out of the closet.”

    It doesn’t fit. Dustin Lance Black is not the director or a lead. And he’s the only one who is out.

    Leo may as well be, because his serial modelizing just screams gay man to me.

  34. leesa30 says

    This is totally J Edgar. I was watching an interview the other day and I thought to myself, how come Clint Eastwood isn’t mentioning any of Edgar’s sexuality rumor and why it wasn’t addressed in the movie.

  35. momof3 says

    To be different I will guess “We need to talk about Kevin”

    Gay: Ezra Miller
    Lesbian: Tilda Swinton
    Bi: John C. Reilly

  36. jonsmommy408 says

    Tilda has two male partners. I could see her being open to women as well, but she’s not lesbian.

  37. yepimbored says

    “better box office for the film”

    How is this Twilight again? They make enough money in the box office that many movies dream about making.

  38. rimbaud says

    I was thinking J Edgar, too!

    I saw one video of Rob saying “I thought you were going to ask me if I am gay and I didn’t know how to answer that”.. If you are not gay wouldn’t you just answer NO? I certainly believe that Rob and Taylor are gay.

  39. Tom Paine says

    Ok, so after reading all the comments now I’m wondering about that whole “upcoming” thing. What movies are coming out that are getting chatted up? Hunger Games? Girl with a Dragon Tattoo? The Adventures of Tintin?

  40. croboy82 says

    My biggest Problem with all the Twilight guesses is the box office reference. Even if the main actors don’t talk about their own ideas of marriage etc. the movie won’t fail?!

    The blind suggests that it would HELP the box office if they would talk about the main theme in the movie. I just don’t think Twilight needs any help?!

  41. Fabio from Fenway says

    If this is J. Edgar, who is the openly gay castmember? If Dustin Lance Black were being factored in, why wouldn’t it say “all of the leads – including the director and screenwriter – are gay, etc”?

    I don’t know enough about this movie to know if one of the main themes is sexuality, but Immortals could fit… Openly Gay: Luke Evans, Gay: Henry Cavill, Bi: Stephen Dorff, Lesbian: Isabel Lucas (she did date Jake Gyllenhaal) The phrase “skirting around” could be a clue because in the movie the male characters wear skirts.

    Since it says “pre-release interviews” (which insinuates the movie hasn’t come out yet) it could also be Girl With The Dragon Tattoo since Rooney Mara just did that Vogue interview and didn’t discuss her character being a lesbian. Gay: Daniel Craig, Lesbian: Rooney Mara, Bi: David Fincher?

    • GyThanksGd says

      Your ‘Girl with the Dragon Tatoo’ guess seems to fit best so far, at least to me.

      J. Edgar and Immortals have been released already and the potential Twilight issue does not seem to be real and has no boxoffice fears.

  42. TxanGoddess says

    Didn’t notice if anyone else saw this, but it could be “skirting around”=cross dresser=Edgar J Hoover.
    On a totally other note, while I know nothing about the sexuality of any of the principles, my first thought at seeing the words “skirting around” was to think of Marilyn Monroe’s dress being blown up from steam. So, probably totally off, but there’s an upcoming film about her.
    Really think its J Edgar though …