The Disney Girl And The Prince

[CDAN] This former tween television actress on the Mickey Mouse network has been in this space before because she is passed around like candy between hip hop artists. Now though she has been passed to a Saudi prince who had a crush on her during her Mouse days and pays her a fortune to be with him.

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33 comments to The Disney Girl And The Prince

  • stanton

    Well when she older she will have no self worth because she is making money or trying to find love with the wrong people. She is heading for trouble I hope its not Britney

    • akajenb

      This could be Adrienne.

    • ME AGAIN

      If someone is being ‘passed around’ is this consensual or is it more a management ‘obligation’? See, if it is the former then it’s much more different scenario than looking for love in the wrong places.

  • Ralphie

    One of the Cheetah hos? Adrienne Bailon?

  • Faye

    As always, Adrienne Bailon.

  • angela

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the subject of a blind item actually pictured with the post if I’m correct. The blonde on the far right – Adrienne Bailon.

    • DayMan

      thats hayden panettiere. But i agree with the guess.

    • itssunnyoutside

      if I’m correct Adrienne is hispanic and Hayden who is pictured is caucasion… No resemblance but you are probably right about it being her cheetah ho self

  • dingopop

    What’s up with the typo in the very end?

  • Lil Debbull

    But the blind seems to indicate she’s an actress, it didn’t mention singing, which is what Adrienne Bailon primarily is/was.

  • rimbaud

    Adrienne Bailon

  • faboosh

    The blond on the far right is Hayden Panitierre. But I agree w/ you on the Adrienne Bailon guess. I believe she is the one who has been passed around to hip hop artists.

  • ClueMeIn

    I like the main guess so far.

  • bigtexashair

    Makes the most sense. No one else gets passed around by hip hop artists…

  • Crdgz720

    I would agree.. except Adrienne Bailon was a Cheetah Girl, which was a Disney movie…and not a Disney TELEVISION actress like the blind says. What Disney show was Hayden Panettiere on? All the other girls in the picture had their own Disney show.

  • Tru Tru2

    no doubt Adrienne, she has been with a ton of rappers and I’ve been wondering how she eats—since she has nothing going on..


  • itssunnyoutside

    The girl Naturi Naughton who was in Adrienne Bailon’s group 3lw claims she was booted from the group because she would sleep with rappers to help the groups career. Apparently they all did

    • SadieSadie

      She was kicked out by the groups manager who was Kiely Williams (the other girl no one knows who also was a Cheetah Girl) sister Michelle after they had a big food fight at a fast food joint. They were envious of her because she was the only one in 3LW with a great voice, then they decided she was too dark to continue to be lead.

      The story you are referring to stems from the lawsuit Naturi filed against 3LW & co for TRYING to pimp her out. Here’s the link from MTV on the suit and the allegations where she was chastised for not sleeping with a member of Nelly’s group the St Lunatics so 3LW could go on tour with them.

      side note: I always wanted Naturi to do great things after the way they discarded her like it was nothing.

  • Tracy511

    I agree with everyone on Adrienne

  • lindseyann

    I don’t think it’s Adrienne. The blind says, “this former TWEEN television actress,” and to me it sounds like the actress has been on Disney since she was 11/12 years old. Adrienne wasn’t on Disney until ‘Cheetah Girls’ in 2003. She was 20.

    I have no idea who this could be, but I really think that “she is passed around like candy,” is a clue.

    • tatatina

      The “candy” clue I think is a hint to being a Candies spokesperson? Hudgens, maybe? The only other guess I have is of course Demi Lovato, b/c she was into that white “nose candy”, cocaine. However, not sure there were ever rumors of her having been involved with hip hop stars.

  • Lillimere

    Amanda bynes?

  • AlliCat

    Amanda Bynes! I’m with you Lillimere

  • tatatina

    Vanessa Hudgens? The “candy” line has me thinking the girl was probably a Candies spokesmodel…Hudgens was. Also, she was rumored to be a beard for Zefron. So…Hm?

  • FeelGood

    Adrienne Bailon!

  • nothing but the truth

    i came up with this answer while watching disney on demand programs on comcast. the answer is BRENDA STRONG. from zack and cody the suite life she used to date flow rider.