Why He Hangs Out With Anti-Gay People

[Eonline] Sugar-Rod O’Keefe is nothing new in Hollywood. He’s a star who makes a lot of money—and he loves spending it on ho*kers, both male and female. If you only knew how common this story is Tinseltown!

But something even less known than Sugar-Rod’s sexual preference is how anti-gay most of O’Keefe’s professional colleagues are, something Sugar not only doesn’t mind but thrives on:

“He thinks it makes him less of a target for people thinking he’s gay,” said a longtime male ho*ker who’s been paid by O’Keefe for years, “if he hangs out with guys who are telling homophobic jokes.”

Hmmm. Guess this type of sexuality subterfuge makes guys who simply have beards for girlfriends look like down-right simpletons!

“He really does think this helps keeps the heat off him,” added the guy prostitute, who added that Sugar-Rod indeed has a major thing for highly orchestrated sex, i.e., lots of “role playing.”

So, guess it makes sense Mr. O’Keefe (who’s been a top box-office draw at various points in his career) also likes to orchestrate his sexual politics in real life!

Which makes us wonder if those tacky gay jokes O’Keefe’s director has been known to make aren’t also to help get the gay-focus of his star?

You know, in a totally effed up Hollywood kind of way.

And It Ain’t:  Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell

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40 comments to Why He Hangs Out With Anti-Gay People

  • kinibug

    Eddie Murphy ?

    • auntmidgee

      You know, I was thinking this very same thing about Murphy even before this blind. Seems overtly obvious to those of us who are gossip board h*s!

    • mrsjaymack

      Totally. Especially w/ the ho*ker reference. It’s gotta be him.

    • Rock90210

      Well, it’s obvious because of the “director” reference meaning Brett Ratnor’s recent utterance. You don’t need to be on a gossip board to know that.

  • Tracy511

    Eddie Murphy

  • sbgirl

    With the very obvious reference to Brett Ratner, still not sure who this could be besides Eddie Murphy?

    • LooLoo

      Ratner was the producer, not the director.

      • kinibug

        Brett Ratner directed Eddie Murphy in ‘Tower Heist,’ which came out recently . Slightly off topic , I feel Murphy was stupid for dropping out of the oscars – he needed the gig to remind people how funny and talented he actually is .

  • HappilyEverAfter

    I’m going for this as well.

  • LolaVee

    My first thought was Eddie Murphy, but the wording makes it sound like this is somebody who we don’t already have “suspicions” about. Wouldn’t the tranny hooker that he got caught with rule him out?

  • apple martini

    Yeah, Eddie Murphy. The thing about the director almost certainly points to Ratner, and there’ve been rumors about Murphy for a while, if I remember correctly.

  • UncleEntity

    I thought Eddie liked trannies. Not gay guys.

  • twistedme

    I’m joining the concensus, it’s Murphy.

  • callmedave

    O’Keefe’s director seems to be pointing at Brett Ratner, and if the Movie is “Movie 43″, then we have a lot of options, although Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, and Seann William Scott already have BV names according to Ted C.

    Richard Gere perhaps? I get the impression that this is an older guy. Ooh yes, and there’s a scene in the movie Mr Jones where he manically conducts an orchestra – the word “orchestrate” is used twice so looks like a clue…

  • Bubblypoo

    Yep, Eddie Murphy. It’s no secret he’s into chicks with d…. well, you know.

  • wonderone

    I think this points directly to Alec Baldwin. The name “sugar rod” is something you would take “a lick” of, and the last name “O’ Keefe” could be considered Irish. And “orechestrating his sexual politics” could refer to his recent hint at wanting to run for office.

  • DesertGhost

    Eddie Murphy was my first thought and I hadn’t even finished reading it.

  • nywizard08

    It is Eddie Murphy and here is why…

    Murphy is an Irish name, even though Eddie is Black its still an Irish name and my guess is Eddie probably has some Irish in there some ways back, hence the last name, in the Moniker, O’Keefe..

    Sugar-Rod is a good moniker for his “member” as he is reported to be very lar endowed and makes quips about it in his movies, also sugar is a latent clue that i believe references his step-father who worked in a Baskin Robbins (Ted Cascablanca likes subtle hints)

    “His” director is clearly Brett Ratner who has directed many of his movies and who he had dropped out of the Oscars for and is notorious for making sexual and off-color remarks

    And the hooker thing, well both guys and girls make sense, he was married and has many children, so he clearly has been with women. Further, the Tranny incident with him a few years ago goes with the clues well and would make sense if he likes both.

  • sunstamp

    What about Jamie Foxx?

  • Robb Ess

    And Eddie doesn’t just like transgendered hookers, there’s been those rumors about him and singer Johnny Gill for years.

  • justjinx

    I wish people could just be who they are. Imagine a world like that one…hmmmm Having said that I totally understand why they are afraid to show too much. Just so sad…

  • KESfromMA

    Sounds like Eddie Murphy.

    All the other clues mentioned plus:

    The Heat is On…. song from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.

  • NurseRozetta

    Leo DiCaprio

  • stanton

    Ediie. What a jerk. Hollywood show him the door! I stated on my blog years ago If you take away the SHREK FILMS from Eddie’s Resume he has cost Hollywood money in the last 10 years and has cost them fortune!

  • Scorpio13

    For something different Matthew Broderick, even though I think its EM.

  • danneka

    first name came to mind is alec baldwin.

  • ldylkngb

    James Marsden or Hugh Jackman!= X men

  • summer345

    Eddie Murphy was my first guess as well.

  • GingerNaps

    Apparently in the movie ‘Coming to America’ every morning Eddie Murphy’s character is woken up by a live orchestra (good eye, Wonder!).

  • CanaryCry

    Another vote for Eddie Murphy.

  • maggie

    Yup, Eddie Murphy.

  • dee123

    Murphy for me too.

  • SadieSadie

    I call BS. We all know Eddie’s bi but to say most of his friends are homophobes is an outright LIE. I guess the Oscars didn’t take too kindly to Ms Murphy leaving them stuck with the “new and improved” lol Billy Crystal. So now they want to put out these FALSE stories because their feelings are hurt.

    ha ha!

  • FeelGood

    Eddie Murphy