Oscar Guy Married A Transsexual

[CDAN] This one is kind of old Hollywood, because of the actor involved, but it happened not that long ago. This A list actor and winner/nominee of an Academy Award was married to a man. It turns out that our actor fell in love with a transsexual, but did not want anyone to know, so they got married. The transsexual managed to get some fake identification and easily passed for a woman and they were married. After a couple of years, the man legally became a woman. Funny enough though, after the man became a woman our actor was no longer interested and they got divorced.

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    • rayodeplata says

      I think it’s a marriage that didn’t produce any children, or the “pregnancy” was kept quiet from the media to conceal a surrogate or adoption.

  1. Katmandu says

    I’ve been hearing this particular rumour for decades! Marlon Brando sounds logical. Billy Bob Thornton?

  2. Seanx40 says

    “it happened not that long ago.”

    So Brando, and Douglas are out. Brando’s last marriage was in 1962. Douglas has been married since 1954. Plus Brando and Douglas had children with their wives. Brando had kids with anything with a uterus I think.

  3. timesink says

    Well, it’s sort of mean if wrong, and I am really sorry if so, because I know not a thing about the woman, but I was thinking Robert DeNiro. His wife and he did get divorced, but it was not finalized and they renewed their vows, so this may be a stretch. Plus, Grace graces Vogue (except I could easily see that being a great gig for a transexual),

  4. Pinkie says

    Here’s a quote from Tony Curtis:

    “I was 22 when I arrived in Hollywood in 1948. I had more action than Mount Vesuvius; men, women, animals! I loved it too. I participated where I wanted to and didn’t where I didn’t. I’ve always been open about it.” Tony Curtis

  5. sleepless says

    The first person I thought of when I read this was Sylvester Stallone and Bridgette Neilsen. From the first time I ever saw a picture of her she screamed “man” to me. They were married 1985 to 1987 and he’s an Oscar nominee.

    • Syd Wishes says

      Holy smokes! I just googled Sharon Brophy, and there’s a pic on the LIFE mag site of her and RD, dated September, 1, 1989, that looks just like the female in the photo above! The wide-set eyes and all!

    • buttercup says

      Fascinating. The photos I saw of “Sharon Brophy” weren’t absolutely convincing, but then Robert wouldn’t have tried to pull this off with someone who wasn’t!

      And there’s no information on Google (at least a few pages in) on this Sharon Brophy person. Which makes sense if she never actually existed.

      Wow. Awesome.

    • yepimbored says

      I think you got it. She does bear a striking resemblance to the pic above, her hands are HUGE, and she does look to be sporting an Adam’s Apple.

  6. Gossip Maven says

    It is….

    Robert Duval and Sharon Brophy, I would have posted this hours ago but was working.

  7. NVgirl says

    Gossip Maven I think you are right!! There is a time life picture of them on google images, they are sitting at a table and she has the same profile as the guys picture above. Creepy!

  8. Gossip Maven says

    Yes, Sharon Brophy was born a man.

    Duvall always ‘pinged’ a bit to me. Men who date/marry trannies are a special breed.

  9. GingieSnap says

    Not sure who this is, but don’t think it’s Sharon Brophy. I googled pics too and did not see any adam’s apple pic or any pic where she had big hands. Furthermore, Robert Duvall is a pretty short guy (5’8″) and he is much taller than her in pics.

    They were married for almost six years and in an interview he said his 3rd marriage (to Sharon Brophy), ended horribly. She was cheating on him with pool guy and throwing wild parties at the house when he was gone. He had the sheriff remove her from his property.

    Anyway, just throwing in my two cents for what it’s worth. I think the Sharon Brophy guess is not right.

  10. Gossip Maven says

    Gingie, do you work for Robert doing damage control? Too late, dear, because Sharon was born a man, I know what I’m talking about. Trannies cheat, too.

    Your two cents is wrong.