Twilight Guy Is Coming Out

[CDAN] This well known actor from the Twilight franchise is set to come out. He wanted to do it in this round of press tours but is being pressured to wait until the final installment tour.

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  1. Okayeah says

    I find it hard to believe Taylor would come out…who knows? According to Ted C., they’re ALL gay or bi!

    • BoogalooShrimp says

      Actually, if Taylor is the correct answer, it might not be such a bad idea for him to have his big “I’m gay” public announcement moment because it would take the focus away from what a hack he is at his job… πŸ˜›

  2. MsShuffleupagus says

    I know we’re all gonna think its either Robert or Taylor, but I’m voting for the underdog and gonna say Jenny Garth’s husband.

    Btw, I totally thought that dude in the top left corner of the photo was Kristen Stewart.

  3. usadevolved says

    Obviously Taylor-he’s following Dr. Spock’s lead out of the closet and good for them!

  4. TheOtherIan says

    Tay-Tay. This was an older blind, but the franchise wasn’t included. Most ppl guessed it was either Twilight, or Harry Potter. The studio wants to wait until they’ve made their money, and once the franchise is officially over he can do what he wants. I don’t know if many twihards would be really crushed and stay away if Taylor came out, but you never know.

  5. New Belgium says

    Hey, BG! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Gotta go with Jackson Rathbone. The others have too much at stake to come out now, if they ever do.

  6. KatarinaJ says

    why not Robert coming out as BI? In some manners that is cool, so he wouldn’t have as much to lose. Or is admitting you are BI not ‘coming out’ technically?

  7. NM9005 says

    Kellan “Homo neanderthalensis” Lutz. He’s as gay as a clutch purse on Tony night! There were always rumours around him and then that interview were he admitted he found his flatmate through Craigslist. Riiiight, a “flatmate”. That’s the new word for f*buddy. He so dumb…

    Imagine it’s totally somebody else like Jackson Rathbone, haha…

    Lautner would never come out, please he’s Tom Cruise 2.0. He’s a machine and in order to sell he must maintain his heterosexual image. Plus, he just had a meeting with Van Sant and Lance Black and said he wasn’t gay when people started asking questions.

  8. Rafael says

    I’ll say what I always say with these blinds; I’ll believe it when I see it. I doubt we will see any of them come out.

  9. geauxtee says

    According to Ted, Taylor is very into the gay scene in L.A. At the rate he’s going, he’ll be outed eventually. Rob is supposedly only been with Tom.

  10. Yuolala says

    Kellan Lutz

    he had some interesting comments on his sexuality recently.. his preference for gay roommates , how he doesn’t mind if a guy hits on him in a bathtub and all that jazz…

    I know there are straight guys who are totally comfortable around gay men but Kellan’s tone in the interviews were strange…I can’t explained it..but I have a feeling it’s him.

  11. sandybull says

    It’s going to be one of the guys no one cares about at all, like the one who plays Jasper. Or that stupid kid named BooBoo.


    They are all gay. Twilight is that movie about the gay vampires that come to schol in body glitter and do each others makeup right? I havent seen it

  13. redstilettos says

    Could it be worded ‘male’ on purpose to throw people off? If it was worded with female pronouns, it would be obvious. Other than Taylor, Kristen pings my gaydar the loudest, as in off the charts.

  14. mahdi021 says

    TAYLOR LAUNTER, and let me take the time to quote our good friend MichealK over @ Dlisted “If you took Taylor Lautner out of Hollywood, you’d take away 90% of the gay blind items. “

  15. devoncarruthers says

    Everyone is going to have their panties in a wad thinking that it’s Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattison but like all other blinds it’s going to come out that it’s someone less famous. TL has too much to loose if he came out. They are pushing the hell out of this Tom Cruise Jr thing. There is NOTHING wrong if he is, I just don’t think we will hear about it if it he is. RP wouldn’t have as much to lose but I really don’t think he is. If he was, he wouldn’t have tried to hide his relationship with KStew so hard.

    It’s going to either be Kellan Lutz, who cares, or Jackson Rathbone, *insert sad face here*. I’ve got a bit of a quiver for Jackson, but ONLY if he’s not doing weird things with his eyebrows.

    • Jess Jones says

      I actually love when he’s doing weird things with his eyebrows….

      Jackson is my fave of them all either way.

  16. apple martini says

    It could really be any of them, but I’ll say Jackson Rathbone. RPattz and Lautner probably never will (if in fact they are), and Lutz is too big of a meathead.

  17. PlayItAgain says

    The final installment? That means we’ll have to wait for a year to find out, and he could have changed his mind by then.

    I guess it could be Kellan, based on statements he’s made on Twitter and elsewhere. Taylor may be gay, but he’s too new to the business to come out–plus his meathead of a father probably wouldn’t allow it.

    I’m guessing it’s Robert–he seems like he cares less and less about what the Twihards think, and is more ready to live his life. Whether he’s gay or bi–who cares? He’s still hot!

    (Oh, and if Kristen isn’t AT LEAST bi, I’ll be shocked. She pings gayer than a may-pole.)

    • GyThanksGd says

      Let me guess, as soon as you read this blind, you went to the IMDB page for Twilight and picked the most obscure name possible?

      • cocobeannns says

        Damn. Rude much? I highly doubt they’re the only person on this site to look at IMDB, Google, etc.

      • GyThanksGd says

        Why is my comment rude?

        Most people are so ready to think it is one of the main guys, when @elevencats is most likely right in thinking it is someone obscure.

      • eleven cats says

        I didn’t think it was rude, it made me laugh. Gil’s been around a while (“well known”), and he sets off my gaydar.

  18. GyThanksGd says

    If he is “forced” to wait until next year or should I say, be convinced to wait until next, he can probably be convinced to wait indefinitely.

    That is why I was surprised that Zachary Quinto actually came out, though not surprised that he is gay, because his blind said he would wait until after Star Trek 2 and therefore probably wait indefinitely!


    Taylor has nothing but his “sex appeal” to women, at least right now. He has not demonstrated any acting ability, even with his non-Twilight work. So it would be very “risky” of him to come out.

    Robert is building credit outside of Twilight, but…

    If it is neither of these two (or Kristen), would the coming out of any of the other Twilight actors really have an impact on the popularity of the movies?

    Though I am ashamed to admit this, I have been forced to watch the three movies that have been released already, and none of the other men really have noticeable “screen / story presence”.

    If it is Kellan Lutz, I would be ecstatic because I love his body and he has a great personality, at least what he shows to the public!


    But just like HBO guy, possibly Ryan Kwanten, if he does not have the balls to do it soon, it is unlikely to ever happen, at least while it is actually relevant.


    Side Note 1: Lee Pace is in the final film and he is a friend of Zachary.

    Side Note 2: How amusing would it be if it is Kellan, when his Immortals costar Luke Evans has tried to back himself into the closet, even though he was “super” out and proud a decade ago!

  19. Stackhouse says

    What? Considering the fact that Kellan gives me some major gay vibes, Taylor is most certainly gay and Robert is without a doubt bi – it could be any of them. Even Kristen and that other chick who wrote “13” are bi, the whole cast is a gay festival on tour.

    I bet it’s one of the others, who has a celebrity status on a lower level. Whomever it is, good luck to them. It’s a brave move, very impressive.

  20. CheshireKitty says

    Jackson Rathbone is definitely into ladies – I’ve seen irrefutable evidence of him sleeping with a female Twilight fan who’s a friend of a friend. Unless he’s coming out as bi, it’s not him.

    Robert seems too easy, somehow.

    I’m going with Kellan, because Anna-Lynne McCord had a lot to gain from bearding, since she’s such a B* and untalented. Plus, he’s known Ashley Greene for years and not gotten with her? Really? Also, what does he really have going on other than the franchise? Taylor’s got a career growing solid – he’ll wait a bit to out himself.

    • bigtexashair says

      Really? I knew annalynn back when she was waiting tables at saddle ranch and she was nothing but nice! Granted she seems to have a much bigger ego now… It still would be surprising to me

  21. lezgurl79 says

    Everyone in that cast is gay… But, Robert and Taylor won’t come like ever because it would ruin their careers now!

  22. cesar D says

    By how the blind was written, it’s not one of the big stars. Rob, Tay and Kellan are definitely not it.

  23. GollyGee says

    Definitely Lautner, and with all the support of other younger men coming out, I think his handlers will finally allow it.

  24. Mermaid says

    Ted C. thinks ALMOST EVERYONE in Hollywood is gay.

    And Ted C. constantly says that Kellan Lutz is one of the few “totally straight guys” in Hollywood.

    Also, someone who drops gay hints in interviews – so NOT gay IMO – but trying to appeal to the gay demographic who are apparently very loyal. Kellan doesn’t have much of a following with anyone. With his good looks and incredible body, trying for the gay demographic is not a bad strategy.

    If Kellan were truly gay I’d expect him to do the OPPOSITE of dropping gay hints in interviews. Even if he were gay and secretly wanting to come out – I doubt he’d drop hints…but rather say nothing a la Anderson Cooper, Zach Quinto and just show up with his male friends to events.

    For these reasons, I doubt it’s Kellan Lutz.

    And Taylor Lautner – totally seems gay but I agree that I think he’s modeling his career on Mr. Tom Cruise and action movies (which don’t require a lot of talent since poor Taylor doesn’t seem to have any) and to be a gay action star – I don’t think so.

    Though Tom Cruise IMO is a much better actor and could do a lot more than just action movies so I think Tom Cruise should totally come out and that, I believe, will give him a resurgence to his popularity of the kind that would be so great to see. Though I doubt that would ever happen. LOL

    Lainey talks about a “gossip genie” and that’s what would be my gossip wish. In addition to Lilo admitting she gave Herpes to Blake Lively. LOL

    • GyThanksGd says

      I can deal with Kellan Lutz being a cool gay ally, but he would also make a great gay role model.

  25. summer345 says

    For me Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz are gay but I doubt we will see any of them come out. I agree, Rob and Taylor have way too much lose by coming out.

  26. AllisWells says

    One of these young gays from Hollywood has to come out and trail-blaze. It is the only way we will know if we live in a more tolerant society and I am prepared to be challenged in terms of supporting this actor with movie dollars. I will forever applaud the actor who does so and I will faithfully support every theatrical release.

  27. scottyfoldover says

    newbie here…..I’m going to go with Jackson also.

    No straight man can rock a red crushed velvet suit :)

  28. mrsdarcy says

    I’m going with Jackson Rathbone, because he has the least to lose career wise(not quite as big shot status as Taylor Lautner or Rob Pattinson), has had no known popular beards (at least that I’m aware of), and oh yeah…he showed up on the red carpet in a velvet suit, a bold move for a “straight” man.

    pictures of Jackson Rathbone in the ever so lovely, crushed velvet suit at the twilight breaking dawn premiere

  29. GuessWho says

    Heyy BG, a first time poster here! :)

    I thought it was Jackson Rathbone at first, but now I think it is Peter Facinelli. Why did I change my mind? Here it is:

    (Peter hanging out with a very gay friend),,20549869,00.html

    Not that having gay friends means you are gay (maybe in this case it does?). But on the other hand he is married, so I don’t know.