Messy Room Turns Up A Surprise

[BuzzFoto] Which B list actress, who made it big in a film based on a book, is having trouble with her teenaged daughter? She and her daughter have been clashing over the daughter’s messy habits, particularly her messy room. The actress has threatened to throw away all of her daughter’s stuff if she didn’t keep the room clean. As our B-lister was following through with the threat, she found tin foil and straws with white powder in her daughter’s room. She is devastated. 646

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46 comments to Messy Room Turns Up A Surprise

  • nomnom

    robin wright penn?

    • Up the Coast

      That’s a good guess, because of Princess Bride…but her daughter is 20.

      • keeley123

        I think Robin Wright Penn too – it was definitely the role that first introduced her to audiences. And the horse print and swirly things around the frame of the pic make me think of fairy tales, kind of the like the Princess Bride.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Is it Diane Lane? Under the Tuscan Sun is based on a book and it made her a big name at the time. She does have a daughter who’s 18. A bit on the older side of the teen years, but this was the best guess I could come up with!

    • WaitLemmeGuess

      Oh and the posters could be a clue–the horse (for Secretariat) and the one that says “sun.” Okay, I’ve convinced myself. It’s Diane Lane. 😉

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Poor mom! I hope it’s not Diane Lane. I really like her. Of course, I wouldn’t want any mom to go through this but I think it would be particularly tragic if it was her.

    • LolaVee

      I just don’t think this really fits. “Under the Tuscan Sun” was really not Diane Lane’s big break (she was nominated for an Oscar before that movie even came out).

      • WaitLemmeGuess

        It’s all I got. 😛

        Who else remembers the “butt facial” line from the commercial (said by Sandra Oh)?

      • smokey7

        Diane Lane. Her breakout movie that was based on a book was The Outsiders. Her daughter with Christopher Lambert is about 19.

    • Ralphie

      Diane Lane was a child star. She’s been around for years.


    Mia Farrow? Somebbody else has to have a better guess?

  • EvaDiva

    Some of this sounds like Madonna and Lourdes. Just some of this.

    I got nothin’.

    • Seanx40

      Madonna would just be glad her daughter didn’t raid mom’s coke stash.

      • Katmandu

        Now, I take issue with this! Madonna is no actress, and I’ve never heard of her being a doper (though I should know better by now), being an iron willed controlling type – I thought Lourdes was brought up strictly and Madonna wouldn’t put up with such behavior then or now!

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    Kim Basinger? Ireland is 16 and Kim broke through with The Natural.

    • WeRTheSquirrels

      Or I guess you could say Never Say Never Again would be a break through role but, I remember The Natural first. Both were books, regardless.

    • Up the Coast

      I like your guess! Ireland has grown up around alot of stress/mess :(

    • ZigZagZoey

      Well, her father infamously called her a little “pig” too!
      Somehow it seems like they would have put that in the blind somehow.
      But I’m thinking this is correct!

    • WaitLemmeGuess

      I like this guess better than mine. There was that big scandal about Alec Baldwin leaving her a ranty/curse-laden voicemail, calling her a “pig” over and over. :( That could be why “messy” is mentioned so much. Also, he was one of the voices in the SpongeBob movie.

  • lillee007

    Diane Lane was in S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders – one of her first roles.

  • Sugar Cookie

    You could also say she “Made it big” with her Oscar win for LA confidential, which was based on a book as well.

  • marialovesmakeup

    Michelle Pfeiffer big break was Scarface which was a book before 2 moives were made.

    Daughter Claudia Rose born 1993. Not sure if she is B-list though??

  • twistedme

    How about Uma Thurman? She’s B-ish for me, and her breakthrough role was Cecile in Dangerous Liaisons, a movie adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos’ book. She also has a 13 years old daughter, Maya, born in 1998.

  • Dana5570

    I’m going with Diane Lane, with The Outsiders as the book and movie. Her daughter was born in 1993, which makes her 18.

  • Caz1310

    Poor Diane if this is her. She’s got enough on her plate with her husband….now troubles with her daughter?

  • laili6

    Every once and a while I feel like a blind item is none of my business, and I get that feeling from this one. It’s a terrible thing to have to deal with.

  • Outlineboy

    Can’t see it being Diane Lane. She’s been known since she was a teenager herself. She didn’t really make it big with one film… more of a steady rise.

  • KatarinaJ

    Could this be at all related to the other blind about a teenager who had a fling with her Daddy actor’s A list friend….? Girl being troubled? Those guesses through were Sarandon and/or Kyra Sedgwick for the mom of the seduced teen. BULL DURHAM was a famous book first but I don’t think Susan Sarandon is B do you? Kyra was in BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY which was a book but the movie was far bigger and while she was Ron/Tom Cruise’s gf in that, was that anything that made her big? May have been a ‘got her noticed’ role though.

    • PandoraWolf

      I agree. The other blind mentions alcoholism; addictions often go hand in hand. And being in a relationship at 16 with a much older man (whether “consensual” or not)could cause these types of issues.

      Susan Sarandon was in Rocky Horror long before Bull Durham, so I am still feeling Kyra & Kevin’s daughter as the girl. Any public rifts between Kevin and ???????? lately?

      • KatarinaJ

        But I think her MAINSTREAM appeal really catapulted with BD. The more I look though, doesn’t Sarandon only have sons with Tim Robbins and her daughter is WELL of age and an actress in her own right.

  • Katmandu

    Many many films are based on books. I’m thinking this is a rather popular widely read book, “So-and-So is starring in the film version of the beloved bestseller.”

  • ninetynine

    Is that a red bong on top of the tv?

  • PandoraWolf

    Now that I look closer, I wish we could click on the picture and enlarge it since there might be a LOT of clues there…good call on the bong ; )

  • invisiblejane12

    Hi BG! First post :)

    Diane Lane was in one of the biggest mini series of all time, Lonesome Dove, which was based on a book. The horse in the pic might be a clue…! Just guessing :)

  • Scarlett

    Double click on the image and it should enlarge. Those might be doves in the window.

  • dee123

    Like the Robin Right Penn guess.

  • lindylu

    There is a “K” on the bag in the lower left side of picture. Does anyone have a daughter with a name that begins with a K?

  • marsha

    I would go with Kim B’ and her daughter Ireland. If you look at a close up of the Rock poster there are clovers on it….. Ireland? Plus the girl looks a bit like her and is 16 a teenager instead of 18 or 20 of the other guesses. Those ages are more considered as an adult.

    But then there are so MANY objects in the photo that fits Diane Lane.

  • marsha

    Although i would think that Kim and Diane are more of A listers.
    Can someone give me a small group listing of A,B,C and D listers?

  • Tracy511

    I like the Kim guesses