Pay Off The Fling

[CDAN] This A list R&B/Pop singer is married. She believes in her vows and has been said here several times, her husband who is also a musician does not. She thinks he has finally straightened out. Well, he probably will be after he takes care of paying off his latest fling. Apparently she managed to get photos of the musician in some very compromising positions.

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50 comments to Pay Off The Fling

  • tnm0425

    Alicia Keyes, girl, you know you can’t make a ho into a housewife!

  • Brooklynite R

    Alist r&b singer= Beyonce

    Musician= Jay-Z

    Fling= Draya Michelle ( some pics of her with a man that resembles Jay-Z hit the net)

    I like the Alicia Keys guess

  • Brooklynite R

    First Time poser

  • Faye

    Beyonce? Who else is R&B/Pop other than her and Rihanna who isn’t married?

  • TruthOrDare

    Alicia Keys and her hubby I think. But I wish it were Beyonce and Jay Z. It would be so much fun. Fake baby bump and mistresses on the side.

  • cocobeannns

    I thought of Bey/Jay right away, but I really can’t bring myself to believe he’s straight. Is he? I thought they had an arrangement?

    • Ralphie

      I think that’s part of the clue! Straightened out… hints at his going both ways?

      • ME AGAIN

        This!! Jay Z was apparently living with his ‘room mate’, the very pretty Larry Johnson for some years before he bearded up, I mean married Beyonce. Many black gossip blogs picked up on he and Larry’s close relationship years ago.

  • ClueMeIn

    It’s either Alicia or Beyonce. My first thought was Alicia when I read it, but the line, “and has been said here several times” makes me think Beyonce. Does that mean the person has been in a blind several times?

  • gingersnappped

    my first thought was beyonce and jay z, but i think i like the alicia keys swizz beatz guess… i feel like swizz being a rapper and producer falls more into the musician category, and jay being a rapper and a business man would be more of a mogul.

  • EvaDiva

    I LOVE both the Alicia and Beyonce guesses. I briefly thought of Mary J. Blige who occasionally makes the pop charts, but her hubby is an exec and not a musician. Alicia is probably more “B formerly A” these days, so I’ll get on the Beyonce train!

  • LolaVee

    I’m kind of surprised nobody said Mariah and Nick. Alicia Keys does seem like a good guess, but I’m not convinced she still belongs in the “A” category.

  • CurlEgirl

    Would I consider JayZ a “musician” or a rapper…??

    Alicia Keys and Beeker FTW!

  • cocobeannns

    Gotta go with Alicia Keys, based on there being rumors of his cheating before.

  • Tru Tru2

    Draya and J-Z??? yeah right–that bird couldn’t eat his leftovers, PLEASE stop upping that bird.

    I’d most def say Alica Sleaze, her husband is a hound dog, he will not change, period.

  • Tru Tru2

    Jay Z woud never go behind Chris Brown’s scraps..

    the reason she neglected her kid and left him w/tv dinners and a filthy house is because…she was following Chris Brown on tour and she was the butt of alot of jokes–after he started to tire of her and his relatives hated her.

    she’s trash

  • Kenyay

    Maraiah Caery and Nick Cannon, said their vows several times.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Sounds like Alicia. Rumors that Swizz cheats like crazy have been around pretty much since they got together.

  • mahdi021

    Alicia Keys was the first name that poped in my mind.

  • CrossingTheLine

    Katy Perry & Russell Brand. They’re heading to India to “reconnect” and he’s tweeting about how not to believe the gossip…

    While he’s an actor, he is also a musician so it does fit.

    Sorry Katy, but looks like sex-addict rehab didn’t work for him.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Katy Perry is in NO way an R&B artist.

      • CrossingTheLine

        Katy Perry performed with Snoop Dog (which would hit R&B) and is most definitely a Pop artist.

        And this is written by CDAN…hardly a stretch for them. It’ll probably be revealed to be Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

  • dee123

    Alicia Keys was the 1st name that came to mind.

  • birdyellen

    Jay Z and Beyonce, he has always had girls on the side. A friend works for one of his businesses for years, and they’ve all seen it. But with the baby on the way, I’m sure she wants to keep a lid on this because the PR would be humiliating.

    • Caz1310

      on board with this. It would hardly be a blind gossip piece if Alicia’s man was cheating on her. considering his history it would be expected. Beyonce needs to maintain a harmonious marriage for PR purposes because her songs are all seemingly about female would indeed be humiliating for her if Jay’s history was out in the mainstream media. Hence the baby and the payoffs over the years.

  • pat362

    I don’t think this could be Alicia because if vows were all that important to her then she wouldn’t have stolen another woman’s husband by starting to date Swizz. Of course poetic justice could be playing a hand here and giving her exactly what she deserves. If you take her out of the equation then that doesn’t leave too many other posibilities so I’ll say Beyoncรฉ.

  • HappilyEverAfter

    First time poster. Newest BG addict. I just wanna say it’s SO NICE to see a site online where the fellow posters are not ripping each other to shreds. Love you guys! :)

  • yepimbored

    This is probably Beyonce. Alicia Keys does not do pop.

  • karaduff

    Wait so…help me out here…Swizz has a rep of cheating? Why is Alicia with him then? Does he have a great personality? He’s definitely not much to look at! Ugh! If men cheat on beautiful women like Alicia and Beyonce what hope do the rest of us have? sigh.

  • MyCatLovesTV

    Even beautiful women can pick scum. If you pick only because a man is hot, is rich, has connections…all the things that don’t matter in the true scheme of things, you might end up with a cold bed and a broken heart. Even if you look like Beyonce.

  • ThisIKnow

    Hi BG! First time poster, long time stalker! I’m surprised BG’s never commented on the fact that Alicia Keys was only linked to Swizz after her gay rumors really began taking off. Literally days after pics of her and a female friend getting cozy on vacay hit the web, she was suddenly linked to Swizz…the first man she’d ever been linked to. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about this.

    • ME AGAIN

      Yes, you are right. It is interesting how our learned friends here have not mentioned Alicia’s sexuality. She prior to Swizz and the baby had a wee tendency of mentioning those pesky rumors without even being asked during interviews. Coupled with the nasty innernet rumors that suggested she was a stone butch before the fame and the stylists got her.

  • CurlEgirl

    Actually Alicia was linked to her partner in Crucial Keys…can’t think of his name. I agree not too mention the Yaht photos of her and Queen Latifah and her ex-girlfriend that is hooked up with Kelly Roland…but that’s a whole other BI! LOL!