From Dirt Poor To Living Large

[NationalEnquirer] This New York-born R&B diva went from dirt poor to living large, but she’s now worried about her dwindling bank account. The Grammy-winner is desperate for another hit album so she can get her life back on track! Who is she?

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      • akajenb says

        Mary she grew up in Yonkers, the dangerous side of town.She had a bad relationship with KC, plus she had substance abuse problems.Add prostitution to the list, hope she didn’t went back to using drugs she is a great singer.

    • cocobeannns says

      Dwindling bank account and life back on track, huh? Mariah Carey’s net worth is over $500 million.

      • schadenfreddy says

        I’m with you Cocobeannns. I think that Mariah couldn’t survive 10 minutes with a dwindling bank account. Nick better WERK!

      • LolaVee says

        So many of these celebs spend money like it’s going out of style… it’s not unusual for them to bounce back and forth between wealth and financial ruin. Elton John filed for bankruptcy in 2002!

        (I do think it’s probably Mary J. Blige, but I think Mariah is probably careless with her $$$)

      • cocobeannns says

        I think alot of them do too, but I don’t see her being one of them. She grew up very poor, so it would seem to me that she would be smarter about her finances. JMO.


        Well for morning sickness she DID put loose diamonds on her belly. Per Goopys wisdom.

  1. schadenfreddy says

    Mary J Blige:

    -From Bronx, NY
    -Listed as one of VH1’s 2011 “divas”
    -scheduled to release an album Nov. 2011
    -In talks to host the BBC version of The Voice (this makes me think that mamma needs some exposure and $$)

    I hope that her album blows up! MJB is crazy talented and has overcome a ton of adversity to become the success that she is. She inspires me, and she deserves all of the success that comes her way.

  2. amagod121 says

    I’m wondering why this singer’s bank account is dwindling? Too much excess? Poor management of the money? Bad investments? Illness? I don’t know whether to feel badly for her or to just roll my eyes.

    That being said, probably Mary J. Blige.

  3. Tru Tru2 says

    Mary J or Alicia Keys–her hubby has no money–she had to pay off his tax bill in the millions.

    folks are not feeling Ms. Keys, like they used to..

    AND Mary’s husband will not stay out of the strip clubs and oogling at younger women. After taking care of his ex wife and his kids for YEARS on Mary’s money–I’m sure most of the $$ is slowing going away.

  4. thingzfallapart says

    Ok I had to create an account just to post this…It’s Ashanti the picture even looks like her. I’m sorry I just don’t see this being MJB could be but I doubt it.

  5. meowingloudly says

    Lil Kim is broke! Why else would she go to the juggalo gathering? Isn’t that gig reserved for broke desperate x clubs? Like Tila tequila and vanilla ice?


    I hope to God this is not the queen that is MJB. Has an album due for release, but her fans go way back(been a fan for 18 years)and with her loyal fans alone she’s selling records all day long. Also praying that the recent rumours about her having drug issues again are not true but if so with that and her man I can see HER hard earned money dropping.

    If the pic is a clue then this is not Mary. I actually don’t have an idea who it could be.


    The dirt poor and living large line makes me think of b.i.g hence we get lil kim who is a grammy winner but she would be classed as a rapper not rnb.


    Oh! posted a comment about MJB went straight up on the BG site then added another comment regarding the living large comment and lil kim, it went to moderation.

  9. karaduff says

    awww…poor Mary K. She has come so far. I hope she can keep it together and not backslide into her old lifestyle.

  10. lezgurl79 says

    Ashanti. She has nothing going on now. But, I don’t know if she started dirt poor tho.

    This isn’t Mary J because she still has cash coming in and her hands in a few different pots other than singing…. She has her own record label, commercial endorsements, a line of sunglasses, films etc etc etc. Mary J is even branching out into acting now!

  11. cataroo says

    I don’t think it’s Mary J. because she has been releasing music steadily for the last few years even though they may not be huge money makers.

    And she as an all time best selling perfume on like HSN or QVC.

    No other guess though.

  12. heelsoverhead says

    My first guess was Alicia Keys. I’ve heard more about her personal endeavors than her professional ones for awhile now.