The Secret Diet

[National Enquirer] Which Grammy-winning singer is getting weight-loss tips from another weight-challenged Grammy winner—without her knowledge? Diva #1 is working closely with an ex of Diva # 2, and he’s spilling all of his former lover’s secret diet and exercise tips! Who are they?

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27 comments to The Secret Diet


    Christina Aguilare for Diva 1. Diva 2 Janet Jackson always yoyo diets?

  • ASBO5ive

    Christina Aguilera and…?

  • cookiepie1

    I’m thinking of Jennifer Hudson. I’m not sure she got all that weight loss just from weight watchers. I don’t think it’s Christina since she seems to have gained weight and not lose it.

  • heytherenow

    Diva #1: Mariah Carey (post-baby weight loss)
    Diva #2: Janet Jackson (wrote a weight loss book, but obviously keeps secrets)
    Diva #2’s ex: Jermaine Dupri

    Photo of Mariah and Jermaine working on their new album:

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      love this guess! i would’ve said Xtina but she seems to be too much of a hot mess right now to be trying to lose weight.

    • dee123

      Ooh! I like this guess.

    • Rednfreckled

      You nailed it. Mariah is most certainly a diva. She gained so much weight from the fertility treatments and then the pregnancy added on more. It’s obvious she had a C-Section and probably a tummy tuck at the same time (Yes, this is how most stars get their flat tummy’s back and then they tattoo over the scar). Janet’s had children too but she had some ribs removed to make her belly flatter. People do some crazy stuff to lose weight. on a sidenote, I definitely believe Jennifer Hudson had gastric bypass or “a little extra help” losing the weight besides WW.

      • Arcadia

        @ Rednfreckled When did JJ have children? I’ve heard rumors of one child.

      • Rednfreckled

        Well apparently she’s had 2 children with her ex husband James Debarge. The daughter went to her older sister and the son was sent to Norway. Anyways, this is all speculation, but I believe it because I remember seeing pics of her pregnant in the 80’s.

      • EaterOfWorlds

        This is a myth that they have a tummy tuck the day of birth. Most women need to lose weight after birth to get to the weight they want to be when you have the tummy tuck. Mariah obviously had to lose weight, and she’s still not as thin as she wants to be so the surgeons aren’t going to tell her to have a tuck done until she’s done losing.

        Besides not doing a tuck when the patient still has weight to lose, women who have milk production going on also produce hormones that continue to stretch out the skin. You wait until you’re done with nursing, and if you don’t plan to nurse you still have to wait until your milk production dries up.

        You can’t even tell how much skin you need to cut off the day of birth. Women are so swollen and stretched out, they need to lose the extra fluid and see how far their skin goes back to normal before they get it cut off. Otherwise, too much can be cut or it can be cut in a shape that doesn’t compliment the body when the swelling goes down and the skin shrinks back a bit.

        Plus, most women don’t want to have to avoid picking up their babies for the first 14 days of recovery, as that is a prime bonding time for mother and child/ren.

        Lastly, the actual tuck surgery, so close on the heels of a serious abdominal surgery (the c-section) puts a mother at undue risk, and no surgeon is going to put their patient at serious health risk when it’s not needed.

        It’s just ridiculous overall to think these women are having tummy tucks the day they give birth.

      • Rednfreckled

        Thanks for that tidbit, but I guess the doctor who did my friend’s C-section is crazy for asking her if she wanted a tummy tuck right there right after they took her baby out. Anyways, All I’ll say is I know what I know and whoever chooses to believe it can and I won’t go into too much detail on this site because it is a public site and I’m not trying to say too much, though I think I already have…

      • nomnom

        I know someone who had a baby tuck. it can’t be that uncommon, although I agree that it ‘don’t make no sense’. cutting open at the scar to do a tuck later on is dangerous for the same reasons that each successive c-section is more dangerous.

  • wfreshie

    but jennifer is married , she doesn’t have an ex does she??

  • wfreshie

    oh. you meant jennifer as the 1 one in the blind

  • yepimbored

    Jennifer Hudson as Diva 1 and Jermaine Dupri as Diva 2’s ex.

  • jaa1169

    diva #1–jordin sparks
    diva #2–jennifer hudson
    ex–kerry rhodes

  • stolidog

    Aretha Franklin and Barbara Streisand

  • Redsnapper

    Jennifer Huson could have easily lost the weight
    on WW. She is young and motivated-snap whe
    You are that age.

  • gippercat

    That picture looks an awful lot like Kelly Clarkson!