The Bus Dash

[CDAN] It has been awhile since I have had a kindness to report, but I think the wait was worthwhile. This is a great one. This one involves an actress who I had no idea was capable of such great lengths of kindness. She mostly stays out of the limelight. She has had a nice career as a model and actress, but it has never been spectacular, although she can look pretty spectacular at times. I think her name puts her higher on the list than she otherwise would be. That and her choices for significant others who have been B list actors. She is probably a C+, but with all the bonus points is a B-.

Anyway, the other day, our actress was with her child/ren and had just put said child/ren into the car when a woman approached her. At first the actress thought the woman wanted an autograph and when it was obvious the actress was not recognized by the woman she thought it was someone about to ask her for money. Wrong on both counts. The woman had just got off a bus about five minutes earlier. In her haste to get off the bus she had left behind her purse. A big purse filled with what she called her “life.”

She had no car and no phone and had no way of catching up with the bus. Other people had apparently blown her off and not done anything to help. Our actress agreed to help in a second. She got the woman in the car while they started to follow the path of the bus. At the same time the actress handed her cell phone over to the woman who then tried to call and have the transit authority tell the bus driver what had happened and to watch for her purse. After about ten minutes of serious traffic the pair caught up to a bus on the route who had stopped. The actress literally pulled in front of the bus so it could not move while the woman got out and ran to the bus driver and to look for her purse. Wrong bus. Plus, the bus driver was not willing to help the woman by radioing anyone because he had no idea what bus it was and all he wanted was for the actress to move her car so he could keep going. Back in the car they went and this time there was no traffic and after another 5 or 6 minutes they caught up with another bus. The actress pulled the same trick as before and the woman jumped out and ran to the bus driver who saw the woman and held up the purse. Someone had seen the woman get off the bus and leave behind her purse and handed it to the driver. The woman would not stop shaking or crying or hugging the bus driver. When she finally got off the bus and returned to the actresses’ car, the woman expected to just be told to catch a bus back to where she began, but the actress laughed and instead took the woman home. The woman still has no idea who the actress is.

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63 comments to The Bus Dash

  • CinderellaKid

    I’m guessing Rebecca Romijn … but whoever it was, what a class act!

  • EastSideGirl

    No idea but that’s awesome.

  • meowingloudly

    This is a good deed to the woman..but it’s hardly a good deed to everyone else on the road that day, the people on the bus, and the bus drivers.
    If anyone else pulled a stunt like that they could be in big trouble.
    She’s lucky she didn’t cause an axcident!

  • dani948

    Yeah, but it’s still nice to hear of one person going above and beyond to help another, especially in this day and age. Also it’s nice that the woman who approached the actress wasn’t scamming on her. Being approached by a stranger who claims to have been “stranded and needs a few bucks to catch the next bus” or something is a classic scammer panhandling technique, so it could make a person leary when approached by a stranger near a transportation center claiming unfortunate circumstances. But this woman was truly in a bind, and the actress really went that extra mile to help her out. Score one point for humanity! 😀

  • Arcadia

    I LOVE this story!

  • ClueMeIn

    Does the lady still have no idea who the actress is? I have no clue who this is.

  • JunebugGirl

    Rebecca Romijn?

  • lookiehere

    It’s really nice that this actress/model/human being took the time out of her day to help a stranger in need. She is A+ for that.

    Admittedly though, I agree with Meowing that chasing a bus and then pulling her car in front of the bus with CHILDREN IN THE BACKSEAT is a movie chase stunt better left in the theaters.

  • prrlikekitty

    while it was a nice deed.. it was insanely dangerous especially to put a stranger in your car with your children..

    • FzFzFz

      Thank you! I’d want to help, but I wouldn’t voluntarily let a stranger that approached me in a parking lot in my car with my kids.

      Maybe if I saw the woman get off of the bus and then react like you would if you left your purse on it. Otherwise it sounds like the perfect setup to be carjacked.

      • redstilettos

        Agree. While it’s nice to do a good deed, you don’t know this person isn’t about to carjack you–not to mention while your kids are with you.

    • malkatz

      Unless one of the bus drivers were filled in on the rest of the story, not really buying it.

  • Marina

    Great uplifting and motivational story! Could read something like this all day long! IMMD but have no clue who the actress is.

  • Outlineboy

    Wait a sec… If the woman has no idea who the actress was, how did this story get out and with such detail? Did the actress relate it to someone? And if so, how true is it?

    What am I missing?

    • Layale

      This is exactly what I was wondering!

    • FzFzFz

      I only read the ones from C.D. & N. for entertainment purposes. They’re so preposterous, so detailed, so private, and there are so many of them about so many different celebrities, there is literally no way, in my mind, that they are legit.

      • Outlineboy

        Is CDAN the one who usually has the blinds about how someone is cheating but the cheater’s significant other has no idea, etc. And then has all these details about what everyone involved is thinking?

        I never buy those. We should question the validity of these things more often.

      • FzFzFz

        That’s the one. The best part? This is what the disclaimer says at the foot of his website:

        “Crazy Days and Nights is a gossip site. The site publishes rumors, conjecture, and fiction. In addition to accurately reported information, certain situations, characters and events portrayed in the Blog are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies; the Blog’s proprietor does not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site’s content.”

        The guy is a celeb blogger with a wild imagination, not some Hollywood insider.

      • raslebol

        i often defended Enty about the truthfullness about what he writes but since several times i know he lied(his report on Galliano’s lawsuit or DSK’s trials are totally inaccurate) or some blind items only are a rip off of the news(one example:why wasn’t there any rumor about Craig/Weisz during their filming set but only after since they’re together) or untrue ( his story about Portman dropping her baby’s daddy after the Oscar)
        even Lainey isn’t a hollywood insider

    • CindyBman

      @ Outlineboy and @ RedPeggy, My thoughts exactly! I hate being so cynical; but who was the source for this? It doesn’t sound like the actress (from her description) would be the type to “leak” this story herself. And if the purse lady didn’t know who the actress was… and maybe the people on the bus recognized her but how would they know all the details leading up to this? Hmmmm…

    • ClueMeIn

      I’m agreeing with everyone here. This is…..puzzling.

    • malkatz

      My immediate reaction.

      • malkatz

        Unless one of the bus drivers were filled in on the rest of the story, not really buying it. (Sorry, wrote this in the wrong thread.)

    • iknowww

      totally agree! it makes no sense.

    • Stinkweed

      And who puts a complete stranger in the car with their children? Especially someone who’s generally recognizable? I call BS.

    • somethingoriginal

      Yup want to know the same

  • RedPeggy

    I hate to be ‘that person’ – but if the woman helped had no idea who the actress was, and no one else was in the car to witness it all – then how did this story come out? The actress herself?

  • RedPeggy

    Oops, Outline Boy’s comment wasn’t there before! Glad to see there were several others thinking it.

  • tkw1955

    Nice story. I also wondered who leaked it. I love, love, love, that someone on the bus saw the lady leave her purse and gave it to the driver. That’s the really nice part.

  • EaterOfWorlds

    Easy, the woman probably told her friends what happened. One of those friends relayed it to CDAN.

    As for having a stranger in your car with kids, sometimes people just ring true. My husband once picked up a woman with three kids off the side of the road. It was raining, flash flooding was happening, and they were in a long underpass that was filling fast with water. Sure, that woman technically endangered her kids by getting into a car with a strange man. But she measured her risks and made a valid choice, just like this woman did.

    • Okayeah

      It’s nice to know we’re not all so jaded that we wouldn’t help someone in obvious distress. You made my day!

    • malkatz

      If she doesn’t know who the actress is, how would the friends, who weren’t there, know?

    • greeneyesaremine

      Good point. Perhaps the woman told a friend who then said “wow, from your description it sounds like it could be…” – and then the woman might say “I still don’t know who [insert name] is, but it was very nice of her to help me!”

  • dee123

    Milla Jovovich?

  • stolidog

    IF this story is legit, it can’t be Rebecca Romijn…the clue says this:

    “She has had a nice career as a model and actress, but it has never been spectacular”….Rebecca was an AA Supermodel.

  • mrkitty

    Liv Tyler ?

  • PoniTayl

    Mrs Peacock on Interstate OO with the Range Rover; This is a good thing, come on, let us admire her for her good deed! (Unless her agent planted this…BOO-Agents)

  • somanyfeelings

    First time posting. This story restored my faith in humanity so much! Definitely think it’s Rebecca Romijn. Cheers.

  • Mermaid

    Whether this is true or not is beside the point (for me).

    What others said: putting people in danger (including kids in the back seat) for a woman who forgot her *purse* on a bus that contained her *life*. Really.

    Lady, don’t carry your *life* in your *purse*.

    But if you do, you call the transit authority, tell them what bus you were on and where and what time and the transit authority contacts the driver FOR YOU while he is on the road. This isn’t the 1950s. There is a sophisticated communication system in place in case of emergencies. Emergencies such as…oh, I don’t know….a hijacking??!! If they can handle a hijacking, they can handle a forgotten purse with someone’s *life* in it. SMH

    Same thing happened to me once, but on a subway in Toronto (though my *life* wasn’t in my bag). I called the transit commission and they got hold of it and told me where to go and pick it up.

    On a somewhat related note, I was once strolling through a park (in broad daylight) and this big huge guy (over 6 ft tall) bumped into me (a petite 5’5″ woman) while he was running and carrying a purse. He looked high on drugs. He said “excuse me” (polite!) and kept on running.

    5 minutes later, a little old lady started screaming at me WHY didn’t I stop him as he had stolen her purse. WHAT is wrong with me, etc. LOL. Yeah, like I would risk my life for her purse which contained, what, a few bucks? Or maybe her *life*. What is wrong with you, lady? If you are frail & alone and some huge guy high on drugs wants your purse, you GIVE it to him.

    This is not an “act of kindness”, it’s an act of stupidity masquerading as an act of kindness. If it’s true, that is.

  • raslebol

    sorry but never a mum alone with her kids won’t take a stranger in her car to pursue a bus

  • zanestone

    I am taking the use of spectacular as a big clue and going with
    Teri Hatcher

  • jokerjim65

    I could easily see the actress/model tell a friend after the fact and then that person spilled the beans. I think if it were the agent/manager, they would try to make it obvious to get brownie points. Although, the lady most certainly deserves major kudos.

    • Stinkweed

      I can easily see the actress/models people completely making this up. No kudos from me if it’s real. It’s stupid to put a complete stranger in your car, especially when your kids are with you.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    The part about it being dangerous, maybe it was an older woman (60, 70 years old or older). I trust older women for the most part :) And for the part about how the story got out maybe the bus driver or a passenger on the bus recognized the actress/model. I’m just guessing here. This does sound like Rebecca Romijn.