Talk Show Host Calls Giada A Queen

[CDAN] Here is a conversation last week that an A list talk show host had with his/her staff about booking someone.

The talk show host and some producers were were in a light production meeting just going over the upcoming schedule. The talk show host mentioned that they want more general guests on the show and to cut back on other parts of the show. The host was also open to having cooking segments come in. One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together. The host pondered the suggestion but said nothing. The one of the other producers said.

Producer: Just make sure to keep Giada away from the band.

Host: Laughs

Producer who suggested it: What?

Host: You know!

Producer who suggested it: Know what? Oh, because of the John Mayer thing? That was made up by Star Magazine.

At that point the talk show host started talking about how the producer was clueless about what Giada’s deal is and that it is way more than rumors. Apparently Giada would confide in a stylist who also styled the talk show host and was not shy about spilling what was spilled to him which basically included that Giada often would use the excuse of “production meetings” to go meet with guys. The talk show host then called Giada a word that begins with an s and rhymes with mutt.

The producer who suggested her then asked, “so she is out then?”

The talk show host then replied, “who else do you have besides the blowj*b queen?”

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49 comments to Talk Show Host Calls Giada A Queen

  • Arcadia

    Wendy Williams

    • luvprue1

      I agree. It either Wendy William,or Chelsea (Handler) Lately. It sound like something one of them would say.

  • acerbicnymph

    Anderson Cooper?

    • Arcadia

      Actually, I like your guess. Wendy has cooking segments on her show but not often. Anderson is trying to go in a different direction so I could see him introducing cooking segments.

    • Mermaid

      I like this guess. I can so see Anderson Cooper acting like that as well. Poor Giada.

      • Hawgtied

        I don’t get the poor Giada. If she did it, boo on her for supposedly confiding/bragging to a stylist. If it isn’t her, her husband and family are on her side and the gossip just keeps her relevant. Either way, Giada is getting paid.

      • Mermaid

        LOL. I didn’t know Giada was married. Don’t really follow her. Cute face though. I said “poor Giada” since I didn’t know she was married and it sucks to be caught because of your big mouth on something like that (LOL @ what I wrote).

        Anywho .. if she’s married maybe she did and said that specifically because she wants to BE caught. Or maybe they have an open marriage. Ugh, can’t stand cheaters.

    • La Llorona

      Lol Anderson isn’t an A List Talk Show host, at least not yet, he’s at most a B- list talk show host right now and an A++ List Newsreporter, so I’m afraid that’s a no.

  • AnnieC

    I have no idea, but that is juicy!

  • USED2B718

    I wouldn’t consider Wendy Williams A-list, now Ellen,that’s A-list.

  • Rednfreckled

    Rachel Ray lol Giada is a mess lol

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      I second this guess. The sentence in the clue “One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together.” Two famous chefs cooking together on tv would be far more interesting than watching Giada cook with just an ordinary talk show host. Been there, seen that…many times.

      With that said, Giada bores me. I’d definitely tune in to see Paula Deen throw down with Gordon Ramsay…food, fists, and F-words!

    • Stinkweed

      With her husband’s well-known fetishes, I doubt RR would open her mouth about anyone else’s sexual predilections.

  • SweetOrchid

    I love the food network, but every time Giada would come on I always got this really phoney feeling from her. And I bet she isn’t as nice and chipper as she acts like on tv. And I’m sure this is soooo true about her.
    I wonder if the talk show host is Rosie O’donnell? Since she just came out with a new show.

  • Ralphie

    Conan? Has to be someone with a band as part of the talk show!

  • PoniTayl

    09/23/11 she was on Live with jimmy Kimmell….

  • ImThinking

    Chelsea Handler.

  • apple martini

    I’ll say Ellen although I love whoever it is.

  • La Llorona

    At first I thought it was Rachel Ray. There’s no specification on whether this is a late night talk show host or a daytime talk show host, which opens the field to mean it could be anyone. Still, I’m stumped. I’m sticking with my first guess 😛

    • Pooperscooper

      I’m joining the RR guess for two reasons. Firstly the comment that a producer said “because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together.” Two cooks together would a good thing. And sadly the second reason is we women tend to throw that s word that rhymes with mutt at each other more than men do.


    I was thinking Jimmy Fallon and Giada too

  • Elizabethstylist

    Most definitely Rachel Ray!

  • PandoraWolf

    I always thought Giada looked like a bobble head. This blind — if true — brings so much more meaning to that now.

    My guess as to the host: Rosie.

  • countesslurkula

    Sounds like Letterman or Fallon to me. Who else has a band worth sleeping with?

  • cocobeannns

    No way this is Rachel Ray. For one, she cooks in every episode of her show. So the whole, “open to having cooking segments” does not fit. And as much as I like her, she doesn’t seem like the type to let another woman steal her thunder like that.

    This seems like a talk show that sometimes does cooking segments, like The View or Anderson Cooper, etc.

  • justplainawesome

    Why would Rachel Ray have someone else come on her show to cook? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • QnsNYC

    Yes Rachel Ray. Most telling clue: “One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together.”

    This fits for Rachel since there is an outside connection between her and Giada. The shared stylist is likely from the Food Network.

  • cincinnatikate

    Didnt kelly ripa and Giada have words the last time Giada was on Kelly and Regis–Kelly refused to be on stage with her because of weight issues…. its a past blind, I am positive.

    • jonzjane

      Actually I think that was Nigela Lawson as she is full-figured. I saw that episode and it was all really weird. As I recall (if it was true) Nigella heard Kelly making fun of her weight prior to air time and Nigella refused to do the segment with her.

      However, that being said I do think the answer to this blind is Kelly Ripa.

  • Arcadia

    Question? Does Rachel Ray have a band on her daytime talk show? The bi sounds like someone who would be open to cooking segments. RR cooks all the time. I must admit everyone has compelling insight. That’s why I love you guys :)

  • dorothy

    Rachel Maddow

  • amagod121

    Piers Morgan. He has bands come in and play on the show fairly often so “the band” could be a reference to the band that was on that night. Maybe he and Giadi had a thing going in the past, hence the talk that it’d be nice to have the two of them together. And he’s beyatchy. And this sounds more like a man than a woman speaking to me.

    If not Piers, Anderson is my second guess. Though I still hear the beyatchy tones of Piers on this one more than Anderson.

  • danixo

    Well is it safe 2 assume that whoever it is has a band on their show….I’m guessing 1)ellen or 2)rosie…..

  • obladioblada

    I’m going with Anderson Cooper