Singer Is Getting A Divorce

[Downfront2] This popular Singer/Reality Star is in the process of divorcing her husband, a Musician. There have been reports that she is dating a younger man, but she is keeping quiet because she doesn’t want to pay alimony to her husband.

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20 comments to Singer Is Getting A Divorce

  • Marina

    Toni “Cougar” Braxton

  • dwnc03

    “Unbreak my heart” Toni Braxton

    • Arcadia

      “Un-break my heart
      Say you’ll love me again
      Undo this hurt you caused
      When you walked out the door …”

      I love this song and your reference of it is stuck in my head, LOL.

  • Arcadia

    Toni Braxton divorcing Keri Lewis of Mint Condition. I’m a big Toni Braxton fan!

  • itssunnyoutside

    I agree this has to be Toni Braxton. She’s the first person to pop in my mind after reading this because she’s the only one who fits

  • cindyl

    I thought Toni and Keri were already divorced.

  • abefroman

    JLo!! 1st time poster, by the way… long time fan! I love this site!

  • Curious Kiwi

    I’m thinking this could also be Jennifer Lopez.

  • FenPhen

    Why does Downfront2 always do that odd capitalization thing?

  • Rednfreckled

    Toni Braxton who is seperated, but not divorced from Keri of Mint Condition. He quit the band just to be home with her and their autistic son and she does something like this. Oh and the new boy toy is that Terrance J guy from BET’s 106 & Park

  • SallytheSnoop

    “her” autistic son? You mean THEIR autistic son. He left the group to become a big time producer, which didn’t quite work out the way he imagined. Oh well, who to blame, who to blame? Also, Toni has custody of their children and has filed for bankruptcy a few times. I highly doubt she’ll be obligated to pay Keri alimony.

    • Rednfreckled

      Obviously you didn’t read close enough because I did say THEIR. I have a B.A. in English, so I think I know a thing or two about word placement. It is what it is, Toni isn’t paying my bills so I could give a crap, just putting the truth out there.

  • mimignyc

    Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Bradley Cooper.