Let’s Blame January Jones For The Split

[CDAN] I would subtitle this one, “Serves A Cheater Right.” This B- list movie actor recently called it quits with his wife. Well, more accurately, she called it quits with him. It turns out the wife was 100% convinced that our actor was the father of January Jones’ baby. She could not be dissuaded. Well, while checking out her husband, she never did find out for sure if he is the father, but she did find out that he has been messing around with a whole bunch of other people that she had been totally blind about. So, called him out on it and kicked him out.

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73 comments to Let’s Blame January Jones For The Split

  • keeley123

    Claudia Schiffer?

  • nanc

    Her husband is a director, matthew vaughn

  • julio2

    Well, she dated Ashton Kutcher several years ago…

  • easter

    James Marsden

  • onebyone

    Mardsen was the first person who came to mind too, especially due to them not mentionning his wife as being too much of a celebrity.

  • MizNico

    If Marsden were in the new X-Men movie I’d totally see it being him, is there any other link to JJ for him? Otherwise I’m not convinced, but wouldn’t be surprised.

  • sawyer319

    I’m thinking this is James McAvoy. Although I still believe JJ baby daddy is Vaughn.

    • redtape09

      OMG! James and his wife are splitting??

    • apple martini

      McAvoy and Duff aren’t divorcing and if they are, I haven’t seen anything about it.

      • MizNico

        I’d cry real tears if they were to separate. I remember watching them together in Shameless years ago and their chemistry was undeniable. One couple I truly hope go the distance.

        Still think VV is the father, so sleazy. I love Mad Men, but I’ve came to terms with the fact that JJ is a very naughty girl.

      • sawyer319

        I haven’t seen anything about them divorcing either, but that doesnt mean they couldn’t be. The blind doesn’t specify if the split has been announced to the public or not.

  • fiendy

    Sad if it is James Marsden.

  • acerbicnymph

    I kinda thought the fact that January named her son Xander was a big hint that that was the dad. I go with Marsden.

    • Katester

      A big hint that who was the dad? Let me put this together….
      James Marsden, in the X-Men universe Scott Summers… no link to a Xander
      Matthew Vaughn…. no visible link to a Xander
      Are you implying that this is Skarsgaard? Or Nicholas Brendan from Buffy?

      I am confuzzled.

      • algernon

        Um… Jones was in a movie with a guy named Xander Berkeley. I’m sooo surprised that when she revealed the name of her kid, not many red flags went up.

        But I’m with Katester. I don’t see the Xander/Marsden connection. I hope its not Marsden. I adore that guy.

        Still on the Ashton train though I get that this BI doesn’t exactly reveal the actual father just another possibility.

      • acerbicnymph

        I was refering to Xander Berkeley…my bad for being obtuse.

      • Katester

        It’s all good. But have you *seen* Xander Berkeley? I’m guessing it’s not him for the baby daddy. And I’m also guessing that the baby daddy and the answer to this blind are two different people.

      • LolaVee

        I think the fact that she named him Xander is probably a pretty clear sign that the father is NOT Xander Berkeley. She’s raising the kid without any relationship or help from the father. Why would she choose to give him his name?

      • lindseyann

        I got it!
        Alexander Skarsgard…
        Straw Dogs…
        James Marsden!

        I doubt that January Jones is this clever, though… Maybe she just named him Xander because she liked the name?

      • Alllie

        maybe she named him after Xandir P. Wifflebottom, I loved him in “Drawn Together”! haaaaaa

      • apple martini

        I think it’s just Xander = X = X-Men. But like I said below, if that’s the logic behind the name and it’s a nod to the father, it’s likelier to be a nod to Vaughn than to Marsden.

      • iammeme

        Totally agree with this. If she doesn’t want to address who the dad is publicly why would she name her kid after him??

      • LolaVee

        I appreciate the imagination, but I think to assume that January Jones used a secret code when she named her child is a stretch.

      • apple martini

        I didn’t say I agree that it’s a “secret code.” I don’t really. People just seemed confused about HOW it could be construed that way, and I explained it. That’s it.

    • apple martini

      Xander could also be a hint that it’s Vaughn, too, you know …

  • dee123

    Marsden. Sad. I thought he was one of the good guys.

  • Marina

    And notice how it says “people”, not “women” – does that mean there were men as well? Should be Marsden.

  • danixo

    Awwwwi was thinking just 2bdifferent bobby flay! Maybe the bi says movie actor because saying tv chef would be all too obvious!! But imma newbie so what do i know?? **shrug**

  • ClueMeIn

    Yeah. Marsden was my first guess, but like outlineboy said, nothing has been confirmed.

  • CatGrant

    I don’t think Demi was blind to the cheating – and I think this hot tub girl is probably the reason for the split, not Jones. Too public now.

    The blind doesn’t say he IS the dad – just that she was convinced he was. So, sadly, I’ll go with Marsden. I think the “blind to” was a nod to him playing Cyclops in Xmen.

    Also – I think Vaughn is in fact the dad.

  • Katester

    Would Marsden and his wife also be the couple where the wife was clueless and thought he would never cheat? Just a thought. And unfortunately I think that this blind refers to him but that he is (Maury pauses thoughtfully) NOT the father of Jones’ baby (screaming ensues).

  • lindseyann

    I first thought about Jason Sudeikis. They dated July 2010 to January 2011. She gave birth in September of 2011. He could’ve knocked her up at the end of their relationship?

    Though, the internet says that Jason and his wife divorced in 2010, that would’ve been well before her even announcing her pregnancy. So… nevermind…

  • Scorpio13

    Damn that William Shatner :)!

  • lyrelove

    I’m going to guess it is Ashton/Demi because it says “Serves ‘A’ Cheater Right”…. A being capitalized as the clue.

    Although I still think it could be anyone.

  • rita leeds

    Marsden and Jones have never worked together. If this is him then it sounds like Jones’s pregnancy was just a trigger for his wife’s paranoia over his faithfulness, not that he was ever actually involved with Jones.

  • apple martini

    Does anyone have any evidence for Marsden other than the fact that he and his wife are divorcing? Anything to connect the two of them? They were both in X-Men films but not together. I don’t see why everyone is so sure it’s him.
    And I think most people suspect that Matthew Vaughn is the father.

  • Deadman

    Time for January to put her awful rep & past behind. She needs to change her name to February…

    • amagod121

      Ha ha, Deadman but then she wouldn’t sound so stripper-ish!!

    • amagod121

      I don’t know about it being Ashton. Demi and he looked pretty chummy right up until the week before their wedding anniversary, and wasn’t January’s child born a few months ago? And, as far as we know, they haven’t officially called it quits yet.

      But Ashton DOES like him those blondes!

    • GingerNaps

      Deadman: ‘Like.’

  • lilylover

    good one Deadman!


    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber!!

  • busyizzah

    Kevin Bacon

  • ImThinking

    Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter

  • 718mom

    the Ashton guess seems spot on.

  • Mermaid

    I highly doubt this is Ashton. Ashton & January dated a while back, before he was married, when she was a model trying to break into acting. She had some not very nice things to say about him ….how he told her she would never make it in acting, etc. She doesn’t remember him fondly. I highly doubt Ashton is the father of her child.

  • Mermaid

    Marsden is the guess that best sits with me. There are some grumblings that his divorce is due to him perhaps being the father of Jan Jones’ baby…perhaps coming from the wife.

    I think Marsden is the person this blind is talking about but I don’t think Marsden is the father of Jan Jones’ baby. Vaughn is my guess for that – definitely. Vaughn is married to Schiffer – January looks like her. Same thing with that Bobby Flan character – he’s married to Stephanie March – a dead ringer for January.

    Seems like these guys really like their blondes….just younger and fresher every few years.

  • sweetangelz77

    James Marsden!