Behind The Scenes With Wifey And Cheating Hubby

[BlindGossip] He’s been cheating on Wifey since before they were even married, so no one – including Wifey – should be surprised that he continued after they got married. While there’s been lots of media coverage of the public information, here’s what’s really going on behind the scenes of this celebrity couple:

  1. Don’t read too much into those reports of the couple acting like they are trying to work things out. These appearances are staged so that Wifey can say that she desperately tried to keep the marriage together through faith and prayer and counseling. She is determined to come out of this looking like the good guy.
  2. Wifey has already hired a divorce attorney.
  3. Wifey also has a history of extra-marital activities. However, since she played by the rules and kept her affairs quiet and private, they probably won’t play a part in this split.
  4. No matter how intense the scrutiny gets for Hubby, he just can’t control his urges. In fact, he spent time with his mistress this past week.
  5. Wifey has been compiling lots of evidence of Hubby’s extracurricular activities. The best evidence is coming from one of his former mistresses. Yes, there is a sex tape!  When you think about it, it’s really quite ironic. Live by the hidden camera, die by the hidden camera…


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